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Anastasia AU

A long while back, this idea of having an Anastasia au came to mind. It’s one of my favorite movies and I’ve been wanting to come up with an au for a long time. There are still some things I’m trying to work out plot-wise. I might make more for this au if anyone likes it. 

Anastasia pendant--search is over

Attention fellow Anastasia fans–so, I go hunting for “the pendant” pretty regularly. 

And you’re not gonna believe this, but after the unreliable Vanessa Kate disappeared for like, two years, ClaimYourself on Etsy came through with…this.

So yeah. “The necklace”, the collector thing that costs a minimum of $200 per if you look for the book set, is now available. At a price your wallet can take. 


“I suppose every lonely girl would hope she’s a princess” 💛 I love this wonderful, beautiful movie so so much ❤️ So many memories of me always watching it as a kid and playing with my Anya doll, Puka plush and little plastic jewellery box of her music box which I wish I kept! Everything about this movie is so perfect from Anastasia herself to the soundtrack, Anastasia was a girl all alone who found her happy ending “I see a skinny little nobody with no past and no future…I’ll be Anya the orphan forever” and I’ll always look to her for inspiration no matter how old I am, as dark as the world may get sometimes I have these movies to help me through it all 💖 #One day I WILL own my own Anastasia music box and forever in Paris necklace!!

anonymous asked:

hello! can you please recommend some retellings (of fairytales, myths, legends, historical events etc.)

Hello anon,

We do have quite a few retellings that we’ve read collectively among ourselves, and so here’s a list!



Historical events

We hope this helps and happy reading!

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