I would like to thank the Broadway actors who are performing on the Today show this week. Some of us might not take in or just forget that they perform at the 8-9 time period and that they are wake and arrive at NBC hours before to warm up, rehearse, and get “notes” from the crew at the Today Show. Although they won’t probably read this. I am mentally thanking them, so I and many others can see an amazing Broadway number.

okay but seriously guys ANASTASIA. it’s like they shoved all the best romantic tropes into a movie less than two hours long and did it flawlessly I can’t:

  • the perfectly executed arc from initial dislike –> begrudging respect (“if we live through this, remind me to thank you”) –> inconvenient attraction (“maybe we should stop” / “we have stopped”) –> genuine affection –> realizing you care about the other person so much their happiness is now worth more than your own –> choosing them as your found family
  • the bickering is top notch with her sticking out her tongue and him not seeing it and “men are babies” and even when they’re hurtling towards death in the loose rail car they’re still sniping at each other these nerds
  • he shields her with his body when they blow up the train cars, and she shields him with hers when rasputin dies
  • he doesn’t tell her that he knows she’s the princess because then he’d have to tell her how he knows, and he doesn’t want her to feel like she owes him anything
  • he doesn’t want the money!!!!
  • the way her grandma recognizes how much she loves him and makes it clear that there are no hard feelings, that she still has this family even if she decides to pursue her found family
  • THE SPINNY KISS ON THE BOAT AT THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Its opening day on Broadway for Anastasia:The Musical so here’s a video of our royal daughters pre-show ritual!


With the sun in my eyes you were gone
But I knew even then
In a crowd of thousands I’d find you again 


ANASTASIA - Show clips