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Is it dangerous to publicly be an anarchist? Is it something that means I should be going above my usual levels of online security to hide?

It depends on what you mean by “dangerous.” You’re not likely to have a SWAT team kick down your door because you posted “anarchism is good” online, but you should still take precautions - just like how you should always mask up for any radical demonstration even if no laws are technically being broken. Not necessarily due to “danger” (though there is some amount of that, especially if you’re making real plans for real actions), but also because it’s just good praxis to not let your data be sold for profit. No one buying your browsing history is using it for anything good

The good news is, beefing up your security is generally not that hard. Just using Tor is a big step in the right direction, especially if you change some of your website choices too. You should also consider switching to Linux, which helps not only because it’s an open-source OS, but also because you’ll start using all the other open-source software designed for it. PureOS is a distro designed specifically for security if you want to take an extra step toward that, but something more user-friendly like Mint is fine too

As for your phone, Orbot and Orfox let you use Tor on mobile, and you can switch your messaging to the well-known Signal or the more obscure (but better, imo, since it’s decentralized) GNU Ring. Purism has developed a privacy-focused phone too, if you want to fully take the plunge, but if you can’t spare 600 bucks you can just get Ubuntu Touch instead (like I’m about to). Switching your phone’s OS is a bit more of a sacrifice (on desktop it only really affects gaming, and a lot of the time not even that), since most mobile apps don’t have support for those systems and the alternatives are a bit lacking, but for me since I do most of my phone stuff through the web anyway I don’t mind

Hope this helps! I’m kind of in the middle of doing this myself (except I’ve been using Linux for 4 years), so if you need help lmk and I’ll try to talk you through whatever problems you have

here i go the fuck again with

Classism in the left

I cant believe i have to even say this but using leftist groups traditionally run by blue collar folks (like militant trade unions, leftist ultra groups or motorcycle clubs, etc) as your personal security team against cops or fash who have a better workout schedule than you; but not letting them have a say in anything important or strategic is


Equally, looking down on efforts of organizing by working class communities for working class communities because they may not live up to your ideological standards and may be reluctant to call themselves communist, even if their actions do more for communism than you ever will (im talking church activism, tenant unions, cooperative workplaces, neighborhood initiatives, etc) is

equally fucking classist

Working class communities live the struggle the academic left likes to talk about so much. and im tired of seeing a bunch of college kids ordering people around who have experience and know how to handle themselves. The next one telling me i need an intellectual vanguard im coming after with a fucking pitchfork. Fucking stop.

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is ecosia an okay browser?

(You mean search engine, right? I can’t find a browser they’ve released…)

I definitely like the concept - and that may be worth using it for anyway! - but if you’re focused on privacy, it’s iffy. The page says that they don’t sell your data and have no third-party trackers (though notice they don’t say there’s no tracking going on at all, like DuckDuckGo does), so theoretically it’s better than just using Google, but it’s not open-source so there’s no reliable way to confirm that

A rule of thumb is never put too much trust into closed software. Since the code isn’t just out there for anyone to look through, at best your assurance is the handful of people who were given permission to look through it and tell people it’s secure. But there’s no guarantee that they weren’t paid off, or didn’t miss something, or didn’t look the other way from the backdoor because someone assured them it’d “only be used to stop criminals” or something. And that’s if they’ve even had security experts look through it - sometimes it’s just the word of a programmer is a good resource for software that will respect your privacy. Their page on search engines doesn’t mention Ecosia, sadly, but has several good alternatives. I use DDG personally, and it also comes default on Tor so you know there’s a level of trust in it

Would like to again remind everybody that, as a history grad student specializing in US history, the Left really is literally bigger in the United States right now than it has been in 100 years and people need to stop underestimating how big of a deal that is. DSA has over 50,000 members now and it is growing at a rapid pace. Self-declared socialists are going to the US House of Representatives. Anarchists occupied ICE facilities all over the country. There is a massive prison strike going on.

This is big. There is absolutely no reason to be defeatist.

We winning the long game here

I think the radical left - especially those of us who don’t believe in the concept of money - need to stop being pulled into the trap of talking about money. “Do we have enough money to house everyone, and where will that money come from?” is a very difficult question, rife with statistics and high-level economics, and even a well-educated leftist with facts to back them up won’t be able to stop onlookers from becoming confused with the minutiae, the talking points, the distractions, and the misinformation, and ultimately being unconvinced

“Do we have enough houses to house everyone?” is a simple, undeniable, resounding yes. No one can pretend that we don’t. “But we have to have empty houses and houseless people because The Economy” is quickly revealed as an absurd position to anyone who gives a shit about human beings

“Money” is a societal construct that stands in for labor and resources. Go directly to the labor and resources instead and you’ll always find an abundance ready to comfortably furnish the entire human race