Broken Scene // Playlist

New Americana - Halsey // She’s Kinda Hot - 5 Seconds of Summer // Kids In The Dark - All Time Low // Teenagers - My Chemical Romance // This Is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco // Celebrity Status - Marianas Trench // Basket Case - Green Day // The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy // Here’s To The Zero - Marianas Trench // All I Want - A Day To Remember // Always Dirty, Never Clean - Anarbor // Social Casualty - 5 Seconds Of Summer // Ain’t It Fun - Paramore // Perfect - Simple Plan // Outlines - All Time Low // Thanks For Nothing - The Downtown Fiction // I’m Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance // Hold On Till May - Pierce The Veil // Save Me A Spark - Sleeping With Sirens // Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots // Bad Reputation - Joan Jett // Minority - Green Day // Come As You Are - Nirvana // 

Overall message for this playlist: You’ll be alright, you’ll be okay, fuck what people think. You do you and you is all you need. 

I’ll be adding more periodically…

I Don't Love You Anymore
  • I Don't Love You Anymore
  • Anarbor
  • Burnout

Anarbor - I Don’t Love You Anymore

Can you tell that I’m afraid?
I don’t wanna live this way,
Destroying your anatomy
You bring out the worst in me
Woah, oh, oh

If this is love, then fuck it
I don’t want it anymore
If this is love, then fuck it
I was better off before
If this is love, then fuck it
Lose the battle, win the war
I don’t love you anymore

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  • all time low
  • the amity affliction
  • anarbor
  • attila
  • being as an ocean
  • blink 182
  • bring me the horizon
  • citizen
  • city lights
  • counterparts
  • crown the empire
  • dangerkids
  • a day to remember
  • defeater
  • the early november
  • the front bottoms
  • front porch step
  • handguns
  • issues
  • knuckle puck
  • la dispute
  • major league
  • modern baseball
  • neck deep
  • the neighbourhood
  • new found glory
  • northlane
  • panic at the disco
  • pierce the veil
  • real friends
  • state champs
  • the story so far
  • suicide silence
  • sum 41
  • touche amore
  • the wonder years
  • worthwhile

Warped Tour West Palm Beach by NicoleStephens on Flickr.

The signs as songs stuck in my head (referring to people I know)

Aries: Afraid - The Neighbourhood

Taurus: Craving - James Bay

Gemini: I Don’t Love You Anymore - Anarbor

Cancer: Roman Holiday - Halsey

Leo: Ride -Twenty One Pilots

Virgo: I Hate You So Much - Anarbor

Libra: Untouched - The Veronicas

Scorpio: New Americana - Halsey

Sagittarius: Holy Ground - Taylor Swift

Capricorn: New Romantics - Taylor Swift

Aquarius: Trees -Twenty One Pilots

Pisces: Fourth Of July - Fall Out Boy