Sander Side Ships

Prinxiety is the angstiest and it is where it all started

Logicality is the purest but can be angsty at times *cough*MovingOn*cough*

Analogical is the nerdiest in the cutest way

Royality is the sweetest, most fluffy, sunshiney thing ever

Moxiety is so gosh darn precious and loving and just, you can just feel SO MUCH LOVE.

Logince is a bit complicated but it somehow works. It’s the perfect love/hate relationship.

LAMP is just ONE HUGE CUDDLE PILE of fluff and rainbows and sunshine and hearts and everything good in this world. (Except when it gets angsty, IT GETS ANGSTY)

I love all the ships.

(This is all of course my opinion and everyone can have their own views regarding the different ships)