The wife of Fingolfin, mother of Fingon, Turgon, Aredhel, and Argon. 

three headcanons that came up when painting this: 

1. She and feanor grew up together, and the rivalry between them is almost worst than that between Feanor and Fingolfin. 

2. She’s the elvish equivalent of a lawyer, and a total badass 

3. After the departure of the Noldor, she holds the remaining elves in Tirion together with the force of her will alone, and even after Finarfin returns and takes up the throne, she is considered one the most important and influential noldo in tirion

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Anonymous asked: “hi! i am rereading the silmarillion after many years and i’m having some trouble with the noldorin royal family’s relationships. do you know a chart that shows who was on especially good terms with who and who disliked who? or if it interests you can you talk a bit about it? i love your blog!

Oh boy, Anon, you said the magic words: Noldor and chart. So have four! First a family tree to help keep the relations straight. Then a chart showing members of the family described by Tolkien as being on especially friendly or unfriendly terms. Then a chart showing everyone’s reaction to the Oath of Feanor, and finally one showing the lineup for the departure of the Noldor from Valinor.

If you’d like to read more about the Noldorin royal family and their complicated relationships, I’ve got plenty more posts for you:

some physical appearance headcanons

- caranthir with perpetual scruffy face-fluff because he’s always trying to grow a beard but can’t quite make it happen

- nerdanel with just. an absurd amount of freckles. an absurd amount. ambarussa, too.

- tuor who has no sense of which colours actually match. he’d look like a fucking clown if idril didn’t insist on picking out his clothes

- fingon and anairë whose hair is the poofiest of poofy when it isn’t constrained in a zillion braids. anairë occasionally embraces the chaos and goes natural, but the only people who’ve ever seen fingon’s beauteous afro are the ones who live with him and have witnessed him fighting with—ahem, taming it.

- whereas canonically glorfindel is described as tall, ecthelion is on the shorter side for an elf. imagine rog’s surprise when this wiry little motherfucker trounces him in training

- haleth and her super expressive, kind of bushy eyebrows. they really add to that “don’t you dare” face she makes at caranthir so often


aaaaand some more sketches for silmladyweek, Idril again <3 and Anairë

Pretty elf women! The wives of the children of Finwë: Nerdanel, wife of Fëanor; Anairë, wife of Fingolfin; and Eärwen, wife of Finarfin. I really love how they all turned out.

Here’s an updated family tree. I think the 3rd generation is going to go vertical from oldest to youngest because otherwise it’ll just get even more horizontal.

External image

The Sons of Fëanor are next. I’ve never really sat down and thought about what they’d look like very much (shirking my silm fan duties) so it’ll be interesting to just jump into drawing them.