B99 + Apartment AU: in which Jake, Charles, Rosa, and Amy live together while attending the police academy.

  • They technically see each other every day at training, but they all still try to hang out together once a week. (Usually movie nights, occasionally game nights, sometimes with alcohol, always in pajamas.) 
  • Charles offers to make dinner for all of them some time during their first week together. – He makes a dish involving bull testicles and is never allowed to cook for them again. (He’s still allowed to make hot cocoa though, which Jake asks for every time he comes home with a bruise.) 
  • Amy dies a little on the inside every morning Jake sleepily pads into the kitchen, hair still messed up from sleep and voice still a bit hoarse. 
  • The smoke alarm goes off almost every time Amy attempts to cook something. 
  • The number of times Amy has thought about just walking over to Jake’s room and kissing him senseless is  r i d i c u l o u s.
  • Rosa has at least three extra locks on her door, and none of the others have seen the inside of her room. (After catching Gina sneak out of there the morning after their graduation, Jake bribes her into telling him exactly how it looks like.) 
  • Jake somehow manages to leave various articles of clothing everywhere, and this annoys Amy to no end. (Partly because each rumpled shirt just makes her think about what it would feel like to tear his clothes off herself.)
  • Amy puts a calendar on their fridge and implements a cleaning schedule, with the chores all divvied up between the four of them. Jake complains very loudly about this at first but later has a ton of fun dancing around their living room while vacuuming and scream-singing Taylor Swift songs.
  • Charles regularly helps Rosa with her texting game. (Amy tries to contribute at some point, but her offer to proofread messages is quickly shot down.) 
  • From her room, Amy hears the door slamming closed followed by the sound of muffled voices and giggling. She peaks her head out a bit, and her stomach lurches when she catches a blur of bodies making their way toward Jake’s room. She crashes at Kylie’s that night because the walls in their apartment are thin, and she doesn’t want to hear a thing. (It’s a drunken one night stand that doesn’t come to anything because the girl’s apparently in law school studying to be a defense attorney.) 
  • Charles and Rosa do yoga together on Sunday mornings. They try to get Jake and Amy into it, but Jake just makes a joke out of everything, and Amy becomes weirdly competitive about it. 
  • Jake once woke everyone up at an ungodly hour because he had been watching a nature documentary and yelling over the grossness of live births. He since then has been banned from watching nature documentaries past midnight. 
  • Every so often (more and more frequently as time passes), Jake and Amy find themselves sitting on the floor of their living room way past 2 am, just talking and laughing. (Charles and Rosa can hear them from their rooms, but neither of them say anything about it.)  
  • Through the wall between their rooms, Rosa can hear Amy creepily singing songs before each big test/evaluation at the academy. The third time this happens, Rosa knocks on Amy’s door and stays with her until she’s calmed down. (”You’ll do great. Stop stressing, dum-dum.”)
  • Jake runs out of shampoo and doesn’t want to dig through Charles’ erotic shampooing kit, so he sneaks into the girls’ bathroom and steals a bit from the first bottle he sees. (Turns out it’s Amy’s, and it drives him nuts that he smells like her the whole day. Amy somehow doesn’t notice, but Rosa threatens to castrate him if he ever enters their bathroom again.) 
  • Charles likes to blast show tunes while doing chores or cooking large meals (or doing anything, really). They’ve all had front row seats to his renditions of choice songs from Oliver, Annie, and Cats. 
  • Amy’s usually pretty neat, so Rosa is shocked to enter her room to find nuts all over the floor… and on her shirt, and in her hair, and somehow on her bed a few feet away. (”Jake said I couldn’t catch any of these with my mouth, so I’m just-” “Don’t care. Call me if you grab each other’s asses.”) 
  • Jake’s been thinking of asking Amy out for ages, but he’s too afraid of the potential fallout. Both Charles and Rosa try to talk him into doing something about his feelings.
  • Amy once catches Jake coming out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around his waist. Needless to say, all work was forgotten that evening, and she had to take a long shower herself. 
  • It’s during one of their 3 am heart-to-heart convos that Jake and Amy finally kiss, and they don’t end up sleeping until the sun starts to rise. When Amy comes out of Jake’s room close to lunch time (donning one of his checkered shirts, because her pajama top is nowhere to be found), she finds a spread of various aphrodisiacs (courtesy of Charles) and a box of condoms (courtesy of Rosa) on their dining table. 

Shout out to @peraltiagoisland, @elsaclack, @dogworldchampion, @stardustsantiago, and @tiadorable for letting me yell about this AU and helping me come up with these headcanons!!!!!!!!

Christmas Secrets

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request: Could you do a Teamiplier one with fem!reader that’s Tyler’s sister and she went to LA to visit him on Christmas and she was secretly dating Ethan and Tyler finds out and he’s just like ‘as long as my Christmas present isn’t a niece or nephew I don’t care’

Summary:Fem!Reader goes to visit big brother Tyler + teamiplier but no one knows about Ethan being her boyfriend! Secrets secrets secrets…

A/N: Hello all! It’s 1am for me! This was fun to write! I love writing teamiplier! Italics signify a character’s inner monologue + silent, conversations through stares! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1805, this was originally only like 1100 words but then I realized it was teamiplier and not just tyler and ethan lol

Request some more! I’ve got my hands quite full right now, so it might take a while, but I’ll get to them!

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littlegreenwomen  asked:

headcanons re: jake and amy's cooking habits? how on earth do those two survive?????


  • We know from canon (3x12) that Amy likes to follow recipes because they’re just like following instructions!! 
  • Charles gives them one of the best, most basic recipe books as one of his many housewarming presents. (He tells them no kitchen is complete without a copy of this bad boy, but tbh he just cares about Jake’s overall health and would rather not eventually receive a phone call about an impromptu ER visit for accidental poisoning.)
  • The first chance she gets, Amy takes a crack at making mac and cheese. (It seems simple enough, and also she’s 100% sure Jake would eat anything that belongs on a kid’s menu.) 
  • While she does love following instructions, she still struggles super hard at differentiating salt from baking soda from other white powder-y substances. 
  • The mac and cheese turns out TERRIBLE because she uses confectioner’s sugar instead of flour. (The consistency is all wrong, and - “No, Jake, you’re not supposed to like it. This wasn’t meant to be dessert for dinner. Stop eating that! Let’s just order pizza.”
  • Jake has a lightbulb moment halfway through his bowl of sweet mac and cheese, and he runs off to grab Amy’s precious label maker. 
  • Amy’s confused, but she helps him figure out how to use it, and he proceeds to label all the condiments and basic ingredients in their fridge/pantry. He adds extra “NOT TO BE SUBSTITUTED WITH …” labels to each thing just to make the point super clear. (He also makes an “Amy’s Boyfriend” label for himself and sticks it on his forehead. Amy tries to scold him for being wasteful, but she can’t fight the grin spreading on her face.)
  • Her success rate in the kitchen actually does improve with the new label system, and her next batch of mac and cheese is pretty darn decent.
  • Of course, Jake has to go and dust his bowl with a generous helping of powdered sugar just for laughs. 
Les Amis Dinner Party

My sister asked for enjoltaire fluff and because I’m still practicing writing them it turned into a Les Amis cooking & banter session:

It’s 5 PM and even though the dinner party isn’t until eight Bahorel’s kitchen is full of people. It’s Jehan’s dinner party, not Bahorel’s. But since Jehan lives in student housing they are hosting at Bahorel’s, because he has an entire house to himself. (It’s still not entirely clear to his friends how that happened though). The reason the kitchen is full of people is because Jehan wanted to make it a Proper Dinner and recruited Feuilly, Courfeyrac, Cosette and Bahorel to help cook. But then Marius came with Cosette and Combeferre came with Courfeyrac and Enjolras came with Combeferre and Grantaire showed up too and now almost two thirds of the guests are already present.

“It’s not as much fun this way,” Jehan sighs while cutting vegetables. “Now the food isn’t going to be a surprise.”

“We’d sit somewhere else,” Grantaire grins. “But it’s hardly our fault Bahorel doesn’t have a living room.”

“This is the living room,” Bahorel corrects, handing Courfeyrac a bunch of rosemary.

Technically that was true. The kitchen was enormous, but only because it used to be a rather small kitchen and a reasonably sized living room. At some point Bahorel had decided he wanted a bigger kitchen and had knocked out the wall. That was all his friends knew about it. One week there was a wall, the next there wasn’t.

“We’ll be impressed by the food either way,” Combeferre says. “Seeing something’s creation doesn’t make it any less impressive.”

Jehan smiles appreciatively at that.

“Or we could just not pay attention,” Grantaire grins. “I’m sure I can find something interesting to focus on.” He drapes himself across Enjolras’ lap and gazes up into his eyes. “Yup,” he says. “I have totally forgotten what food even is.”

Enjolras pulls a face, but keeps looking down at him and Grantaire gasps: “So that’s where the blue of the sky went! I’m going to report you to the p-”

He is cut off by Enjolras resting the book he’s still holding on his face.

Jehan groans. “Montparnasse is just going to leave, isn’t he?” they sigh. “Éponine promised to get him through the door, but he’s just going to climb out of a window or something.”

There is a round of snickers and Enjolras opens his mouth to reply, but Grantaire says with mock indignation: “Jehan, are you asking me to change who I am for the approval of others?”

Jehan spins around again, looking genuinely hurt. “I would never-” Then they see Grantaire’s grin and turn away with a grumble.

Enjolras nudges Grantaire, who reluctantly sits up. “We know tonight is important for you, Jehan,” Enjolras says seriously. “And we’ll keep the PDA to a minimum.”

“Unnaceptable!” Grantaire cries, throwing back his head and Courfeyrac nearly drops an entire onion in the quiche mix Feuilly is making.

“Jeez!” he starts.

Enjolras rolls his eyes. “R, would you calm down for a-”

“My affections will not be tamed!” Grantaire shouts and he lunges at Enjolras, hugging him so tight round the waist that Enjolras falls flat on his back on the couch.

“Well, that backfired,” Cosette observes casually.

Enjolras is half-heartedly trying to fight Grantaire, but he is a lot stronger, even if he’s half a head shorter.

Bahorel chuckles over his pot of tajine. “Maybe if you’ll let them get it out of their system now they won’t be so bad later,” he suggests.

“When has that ever worked?” Jehan sighs.

“Never,” Bahorel shrugs. “But there’s a first time for everything.”

“I promise,” Grantaire says, emerging victorious with Enjolras firmly in his arms. “That as soon as Montparnasse walks through that door my behaviour shall be strictly PG13.”

“That,” Enjolras says, slightly out of breath. “Is a really depressing promise to make, because it would give you a much wider range of acceptable actions if I were a woman.”

“Damn…” Grantaire grins. “You may have found the one and only loophole to make my bisexual ass regret that you’re not a girl.”

“Whatever,” Jehan laughs. “I’ll just tie Parnasse to his chair or something.”

“As long as you’re careful,” Bahorel grins. “You know they have special tape for that sort of thing right?”

Jehan blinks and then turns bright red. “Not like that!” they squeak.

Bahorel laughs so loud Feuilly makes ‘dial it back’ motions at him and he almost does, but then Marius suddenly chokes on thin air because he just caught on and Bahorel drops his spoon with laughter. Courfeyrac pats Jehan’s arm affectionately while Cosette waits for Marious to make eye contact with her and winks. Marius’ face is now exactly as red as his hair.

lovelycraters  asked:

prompt: jake and amy scene -but 100 WORDS OR LESS -no cheating. GO!

Panting in the early-morning light, Jake Peralta leaps on the couch. Before he can begin to catch his breath after sprinting away from Amy’s probably-poisonous eggs, his girlfri–no, his fiancee, as of 7:09PM last night - is diving on top. Her hair’s a mess - a combination of bedhead and exercise have left flyaways framing her radiant face like a crown. Jake’s never seen anything prettier.

He sits up to kiss her. She leans in, and his last thought before their lips meet is the earth-shattering realization that he gets to do this every morning for the rest of his life.

anonymous asked:

hello! I really enjoy your blog & your writing & ur different opinions about things! I was wondering, if it's not that much of a bother if you could write a platonic!shadamy u know them being rlly close pals with a bit of sonamy on the side! Have a great day 💖

Aww, thank you so much! I love discussions and just sharing in our love for the same things~ Anytime my friend! :Db

Now precious anon, for your viewing pleasure, I give to you..


Your Platonic!Shadamy


“Ow! Err… twigs!” Amy tried to make her way through the brush, trying to keep up with tracking down Sonic and the team before she spotted a familiar looking silhouette in the distance.

She gasped, excited as ever as her quills went slightly up in her moment of stressful release. “I did it! Oh, finally! Son-!”

She took off after the image before finally seeing the figure move into the light.

She blinked her eyes, studying the black and red before it clicked in her mind.

“…dow?” she stepped back, unsure at first if she should make her presence known. She withdrew her arms back to herself and put them together up by the collar of her dress, turning slightly as if to leave the setting should he spot her presence there.

“But…” she re-positioned herself towards him, lowering an arm down to peek out and spy on him a moment. “What would he be doing way out here?”

After seeing something flash in the sky, a few fumes of flaming jetpack engines landing next to Shadow, she realized he may be working with Eggman; she noticed the robot’s familiar appearance too.

“Metal!” she placed her hands over her mouth, listening…

After misinterpreting the one-way conversation, Amy jumped out, determined to accuse Shadow of foul play, before Metal used her distraction to attack him.

Seeing Shadow not able to put up much of a struggle, different to how she usually viewed him, she suddenly realized something was horrible wrong with Shadow, and immediately jumped into the fray.

“Hyah!” She slammed her hammer against his metallic skull as Metal was about to pierce a powerful claw down on Shadow.

He stumbled up to his knee, having been knocked down on his back, eye squinted shut and arm limp as he held it to it’s side.

“Why… are you helping me?”

Amy stood, protectively, in front of Shadow as Metal Sonic shook his head, looking like he meant business and even ticked that she interfered.

“Because. Something’s wrong. You were getting beaten up out there.” Amy stated her observations, but didn’t look back at him.

Metal, in his rage, shook his metallic fingers around in front of him, threatening her to make a move as she held her hammer back, as if a baseball player ready for the ball…

“I was wrong about you, Shadow. And this is me admitting my faults and trying to make up for it!”

Metal came bursting out towards her.

That’s when she saw it.

Her eyes widened as she noticed Metal Sonic having a strange yellow glowing aura she hadn’t seen before, something so faint, you had to be close up to see.

As she lowered her hammer a moment, she saw his engine carrying Shadow’s limiters.

She deduced then that some sort of theft must have happened, and Metal Sonic was being powered by the limiters, meaning that Shadow must have used up all his ‘ultimate power’ and couldn’t recharge at his usual fast rate of recovery without storing some of his power back first.

She lowered her head down with a quick glare.

“That’s not fair!” She cried out, and dodged the claw strike, as she raised her hammer again.

“No one likes playing dirty!”

She slammed her hammer into his back, then continued to wham Metal Sonic down as he flinched on the ground, his body being impaled into the rocks below him, before they shattered under the raw power of her slamming Piko Piko Hammer.

“That’s enough.”

Shadow rose up, as Amy suddenly snapped out of her ‘destroy the annoyingly stupid robot that vaguely reminded her of Sonic and past traumas’ before looking up curiously at Shadow.


He walked over, kneeling down, he threw his hand back.

“Wait… you’re not gonna-” Amy held out a hand, before screeching as she saw his hand dive into the spiraling engine of Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic whirled in a frenzy of sounds and noises, while Shadow’s eyebrows twitched vigorously at the pain of his hand being shredded before grabbing his limiters, and yanking it out.

His teeth were so gritted together that he felt a hardness in his jaw ache at just moving them apart to breathe aloud.

He put the limiters on, his chest moving up and down at the amount of effort and pain endured, before looking down at Metal Sonic.

“I appreciate the concern…” he then turned to Amy, seeing she really did a number on Metal Sonic for him.

“But I have business elsewhere.” he turned away from her, walking off…

Before he collapsed, a slight and fainted cry of exhaustion catching upon the wind that made Amy race towards him.


As he went down, he heard her voice in the background, before feeling a strong but almost … gentle pair of arms hoist him up.

He opened his eyes into a squint, looking over and seeing Amy having wrapped an arm around her shoulder, and her other arm carried him by the waist.

“What… do you think… erk… you’re doing?” Shadow spoke through the pain and exhaustion.

“I’m helping a friend, don’t you have one of those?” she squinted an eye down, realizing he wasn’t as light as she hoped for, and continued to move on, smiling. “Heh, if Sonic was here, he would do the same!”

Shadow wondered about that, examining her expression and realizing it was the same as that annoying blue hedgehogs.

He turned away, dipping his head down and trying his best to alleviate some of the weight.


When Shadow awoke, he smelled a delicious odor of sorts that had stirred him alive.

With his limiters now prohibiting some of his power from being exposed, it was able to be converted and used for healing instead of mass destruction.

He felt his hand, and noticed as he brought it up in surprise that it had been bandaged, and was nicely and neatly taken care of.

He looked over to see that he was lying on a bed of leaves, and to his left- Amy was cooking over a fire she had constructed.

She heard something rustling and turned, smiling kindly to Shadow.

“Oh, good! You’re up and alive!”

He groaned, leaning up before reaching to his stomach.

Another moment of surprise that made him blink twice.

He looked down at his stomach, “I.. Feel little to no pain…”

He saw that his stomach was full of smashed up, gooey substance covered with leaves… and squished a little between his fingers, looking at it closely.

“Hand-made ointment. I’m pretty good with mixing things together.” she winked, “Good cooks make good nurses too!” she chimed, before bringing him over something in a bowl. “Here. It’s good for survival after a fierce pummeling like that… ah! I mean-! Y-you totally could have taken him under the right circumstances!” She took one hand and waved it rapidly, trying to erase from the very air around her the moment of her slip up, not wanting to offend him.

He simply reached over and grabbed the bowl from her, ignoring her words and taking a sip of the soup.

“Ah.” he moved away, his tongue being slightly burnt.

“Careful!” Amy moved forward, crawling a bit to be at eye-level before happily blowing on the bowl.

He watched her enact the kind gesture with a sense of gentle elegance before opening her eyes and smiling back at him. “You don’t eat a lot of hot foods, do you Shadow?”

He frowned deeply, before testing the smell over his nose, feeling the steam had died down a bit and then took another sip.

Just the right temperature.

“What are you doing all the way out here, anyway?” Amy leaned back, but smiled as she saw him taking his time to slurp the nutritious meal.

He pulled the bowl away and looked down, “Metal Sonic had stolen my limiters… I was simply retrieving what was mine.” He then side-glanced to her, still keeping a rather cold demeanor, but to Amy, he seemed to be showing a much more softer side.

“And you? What would Sonic be doing here. Looking for Eggman, I presume?”

“Emhmm! Guess you got me there! I’m tracking Sonic and the others down. But I’ve…” she looked around where they were, before looking a bit embarrassed as she returned to addressing Shadow. “I may have lost a step or two…”

She sweat dropped, closing her eyes and smiling sheepishly.

He ‘hmph’d, as if expecting half as much from her, making her pout as he closed his eyes and continued this meal.

“I never asked for your conveniences.”

“You never ask for anything.” Amy pouted, before smiling warmly to him again. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t help out a friend in need.”

He looked up at her as she rose to her feet. “Friend?”

She reached down and took his bowl with both hands, before turning to him with a beautiful smile of mercy, “Everyone deserves one.” she winked, and then took the bowl, walking off.

He watched her go, suddenly dipping his head and giving a concealed closed-eyed smile, before returning to a neutral frown as he arose.

Amy turned then, “Where are you going now?”

“Your blue hero is probably worried about you.” he folded his arms, giving her a look before closing his eyes again, avoiding her gaze by dipping his head and then looking behind him.

“I suppose it’s only fair to return such kindnesses with one of my own.”

“Shadow? Being kind?” Amy sarcastically put a finger to her cheek, looking up at the sky as if she spoke that in complete innocent.

He twitched with an anger mark.

“I could leave you to struggle with the night-life horrors of this foreign land.” he glared up at her, almost threatening her to stop making fun of him.

“Woah, woah, hey now! Take a joke with a sense of humor, why don’t ya…” she patted the air to try and calm him down, but he noticed too much of Sonic in her, and resented it.

At least she was more tolerable… however…

He held up a hand to his bandaged one, looking down at it’s orderly fashion, done with much care and diligence.

“I’ll happily take your offer, Shadow.”

He looked up then, almost as if being pleasantly surprised she would.

But why wouldn’t she? It was logical to take the advantage of his request.

She put out the fire, dancing a moment as the flame caught to her boot she was using to stomp it out. After watching her flail a moment and then scratch the back of her head, being clumsy, he immediately wondered how she could make it on her own.

‘Now I see…’ Shadow thought, stretching his mouth to the side of his muzzle to frown, observing her as she came closer. ‘This is why Sonic continues to keep her close by… easier to protect that way. She seems to need a lot of care at times… though,-’

He offered her his arms, and she positioned herself so he could lift her up, bridal style.

‘I suppose it makes up for itself… when she returns such kindnesses.’

He looked forward, and skated off like a jet!

(No real ‘direct sonamy’ but I hope it was enough to keep you smiling how Shadow can have a soft spot for a kind gesture xD)

*’No wonder Sonic keeps you close by.’ He relaxed his eyes, seeming annoyed as he kept his arms folded. ‘You’re high maintenance.’ XDDDD LOLOLOLOL

When you walked into the room just then, it’s like the sun came out.

Sooooo, I wrote a little domestic Jake & Amy something. Thank you @elsaclack for the boost of confidence. Enjoy!

Jake fumbles around in his jean pockets, looking for his keys. He takes them out and opens the front door to his and Amy’s apartment. He walks in, puts his satchel bag and leather jacket on the coat hangers, and walks over to where Amy is lying down on the couch. He walks over, gives her a kiss and says jokingly, “Hey, we said we were going to watch Jeopardy together tonight!”

Amy chuckles and replies, “I know! Sorry babe, but you took so long at the precinct I couldn’t wait any longer”
Jake smirks at his girlfriends apologeticness, strolls over to the kitchen and pulls two beers for him and Amy out of the normal size fridge (because Amy refused to get a mini fridge) and asks “Do you want takeaway tonight or do you want me to cook something?” Amy walks over to where Jake is and leans on the counter facing him,

“How about we get pizza from Sal’s?” she offers

“Yes, definitely. Beer?” Jake says as Amy takes the beer out of his hand and gives him a sweet smile.

“Sure,” Amy replies “I’ll ring them, same as usual?”

“Yep, meat supreme as always, buuuuut because you started Jeopardy without me I’m going extra on the jalapenos so you won’t dare to kiss me after that!” Jake jokes with a mischievous smile.

A couple of hours later the pizzas have arrived and been demolished by the pair, with Jake secretly picking bits of cheese of Amy’s pizza when she wasn’t looking. They’re now snuggled up on the couch, watching their favourite show, Breaking Bad. Amy’s legs draped over Jake’s, her head resting on Jake’s broad shoulder. Jake’s arm wrapped around her for comfort, stroking her ombre hair every so often.

“I love you Ames and these chill nights we have are amazing.”

“Aw, I love you too.” Amy responded with a heartfelt kiss, and with that, the night went on.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you write about Lumiere throwing Plumette a surprise birthday party for her? Thanks!

it’s been a year since the curse blacked out the sun, and the castle is gloomy. grime catches on the windows.

lumiere clears a spot—it’s hard to wipe the windows down when one doesn’t wear soft silks, anymore, but he tries, and leaves a few scratches where his sleeve drew on the glass. He can just see out. Snow, still. And yet he knows it cannot still be the cold, dead winter.

No. Impossible. Because it’s Plumette’s birthday.

And this is shameful. The palace is silent. On her birthday! When there should be streamers, buckets of orchids, a fine carpet and fine wine to match. On Plumette’s birthday.

He is in the kitchen in seconds. His strides don’t take him far, now, but he has a newfound ability to ricochet around; though where his hands were now feel heavy, covered in wax and fire, at least he has a degree of lightness. He bounces up to Cuisinier.

“What’s cooking, mon ami?”

“Beef stew. With gruel.“

“Not anymore,” says Lumiere. Mysteriously, all the pots on Cuisiner’s surface have tipped onto the floor. “Use your cavernous insides to bake us a cake, Cuisiner! We need frosting—cupcakes—those little delicate macarons, you know the ones.”

The chef wishes he had eyes to roll out of his head. “And why is that, ‘mon ami’? You wish to waste all our sugar and sweets on dishes the prince can’t eat?”

Non! For shame. For Plumette, of course, you know how she loves sweet pastel candies! Vanilla frosting, I think, with caramelized sugar—”

“Lumiere. Lumiere. She can’t eat any of it.”

“She can’t—what are you—oh.” The flames dim. “Oh.”

“Yes. Now if you don’t mind, I have a beef stew to make for the master.”

Cuisiner deposits Lumiere on the ground, and he wanders off.

What kind of birthday would this be?! No cake. No frosting. No pastel sweets to stuff and stuff. Pity; Lumiere can barely remember what a macaron tastes like, now. His candles light and glow against the shadows of the palace walls.

Fine. No frosting. But a party, at least! A little light for these damp halls. Why, he hasn’t lost it entirely—he can’t have lost it entirely—

That night, the Beast goes to bed in silence. Lumiere wishes him goodnight, as always, and draws the curtains shut. It’s strange; Adam could swear Lumiere seems more in a hurry to leave him than usual. Hmph. His beastly face must be scaring away even his friends, now.

But the beast snores, and Lumiere runs. He told Plumette to meet him in the ballroom; or at least, the north-east corner. The ballroom seemed so huge now, it was safest to pick clear spots for meetings. He runs and bounces down the steps.

Plumette is there. She turns when he comes in. Her eyes wide, her feathers fluffed, still as lovely as ever; more lovely, even, because she still loves him, despite this metal shape and metal clank and his inability to get anybody to make him frosting. He runs to her side.

“Plumette! Plumette—it’s an emergency—extremely urgent, it just happened—”

“Oh no!” Plumette is following him in a moment, flying beside him to the north west corner. “What has happened? Is someone broken?? Lumiere, what—oh.”

He draws aside the curtains. He couldn’t clean the whole ballroom, not from the mighty height of 16 inches; but he could clean this corner, and he had gone beyond cleaning it—he had bedazzled it, covering every surface with frozen ivy leaves, still glittering with ice, and setting candles everywhere. In a space that would have barely held Plumette’s smallest petticoat as a human, the staff rejoice.

“Happy birthday, dear,” says Mrs. Potts. Chip bobs forward, nudging along a small box. “We couldn’t go shopping in Paris, like we had planned, to buy you all your present, but we did manage something. We bought this….we bought this before.”

“Yes, just a little nod of our affection,” ponders Cogsworth, in the corner. He sounds pretentious. He always does that when he’s about to sneeze—he really hates sneezing, now; it makes all his chimes go off.

Cadenza plays a little tune. He barely knows any of the staff, but he takes what joy he can. Chapeau pulls out his fiddle and accompanies it; Cadenza perks up a bit, and lightens the tune.

Plumette is shaking from happiness and surprise, but she opens the box. Lumiere’s face is close to hers.

“Do you like it, mon amour?” he whispers. “Is it all right?”

A bracelet lies in the box, glittering with all the happiness from earlier days. Or it would be a bracelet, if she was still human. It would slide off her wrist, now. If she had wrists. The melancholy draws close around the gathering; the candles almost go out, and the ice shines bright in the dark.

But Plumette beams. “A necklace!” she cries. “And just the right size!”

She slips it around her bird’s neck, and turns this way and that for the company. Mrs. Potts, steaming slightly, chuckles deep. Cogsworth sneezes, but doesn’t frown. Lumiere’s fire has never hit so high a light; why, he’s not even a candelabra anymore—he’s a sparkler, practically, light bouncing off every surface, shots of flame that he’s desperately trying to keep from her feather.

“You are so beautiful,” he says, and his golden face is dear to her. “May I have this dance?”

She’s dainty and perfect; somewhere deep inside her, an ankle she doesn’t have twitches, waltzes. “You may, ma cherie.”

They dance the night away. The ivy melts in the heat, glows green and bright. Mrs. Potts sings old songs. And as the moon shines on the winter palace, for a few hours there is warm, soft joy.


Imagine Jake and Amy coming to work together every morning (which they were definitely doing almost every morning even before they moved in together) after they ate breakfast at home or grabbed something on the way

Imagine them hosting thanksgiving dinners together for the squad and Amy makes Jake cook and he makes a really good meal that convinces the squad to go to their apartment for thanksgiving every year

Imagine them planning their work shifts so they are always at work at the same time bc home feels empty and not at all like home when the other isn’t around. They also purposely come into work together even when one of them isn’t on duty just so that they can be together

Imagine the location and time stamp changing from “Amy’s Apartment” to “Jake And Amy’s Apartment”