A headline will grab our attention and get us talking. But, will it make us think?
We are bombarded with information from lots of sources. Sometimes it’s hard to separate fact from opinion. What can we do to develop our own perspective? Ask Amy!


JIMMY: […] Tina Fey was on our show earlier in the week, your buddy Tina, and said it was drunk mom night.
AMY: It was. We got a little wild.
JIMMY: Drunk moms night out.
AMY: It was kind of crazy. It was super fun because you did such an amazing job. And it was such a great night.
JIMMY: Thank you for helping me with that, by the way.
AMY: Oh, it was my pleasure. But, I think I had the most gangsta move of the night though. ‘cause I broke my little toe.
JIMMY: What is going on? I can’t believe this happened.
AMY: Okay just picture this: 3 week old, first night out, Emmys, so exciting, cut to us all dancing on the banquette which is a fancy word for table bench, booth, and I ran over to say hi to somebody and I hit my toe on the end of the table and I immediately leaned in and was like: “Hey, you guys I broke my toe”. And it was like 4 AM. So, I had to go to the airport the next day to fly back to my children and I was walking through the airport like this. Whatever, I mean, that’s how I roll. It’s not a party unless you break something.