Facing the Reality

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Thank you knucklesjunior-sidekick for sharing this with me! :D

Sonic woke up to the feeling of soft linen underneath him, and a thick blanket resting over his form. Sonic kicked off this very blanket, finding it awfully hot. He tried to open his eyes, only to realize he couldn’t see a single thing. Reaching up to his face, he soon discovered a bandaged had been blocking his vision. Before he could unravel the bandage wrapped around his head, someone else in the room beat him to it. Sonic glanced in the direction where this being came approached his bedside, all he saw was blackness, and vaguely even make out a figure of this very person. 

Confused, he rubbed at his eyes - which burned painfully when doing so. Once the burning finally subsided, he blinked.

He thought this was all a dream.

What else could it have been? He would wake up in a few minutes and then witness the smiles on his friend’s faces. An overwhelming feeling of doubt weighed heavily upon his mind. 

Maybe he was lying to himself, after all. 


For the next hour alone in the room, Sonic continuously waved his hand in front of his face. He vaguely even saw the shape of his hand before him. Sonic frowned and let his hand dropped at his side, the sound of footsteps alerted him that someone had entered the room. “Hey, turning on the lights will ya’?” He glanced around the room, trying his best to find the source of the sound. With the sound of machines humming, beeping, and other obnoxious noises within the hospital was quite overwhelming for Sonic. 

There was a pause and then, Sonic felt a hand touch his arm. Spooking him, slightly. “Sweetie, the lights are already on.” The nurse spoke up, looking at the distraught hedgehog in sympathy. How could she confirm what he desperately wanted to deny? That he was indeed blind. 

His dull, and bloodshot gaze widened in fear as he glanced around the room again, trying at his best ability to find the source of light but to no prevail. Sonic covered his eyes and shook his head. It’s one thing to lose the ability to walk - or in his case, run at supersonic speeds. But going blind? Would his blindness cause him to intervene in running. Surely it would be insane to run at his rate of his speed… blindly. He could get himself killed if he wasn’t able to watch whatever dangers that were before him. 

Quite frankly, Sonic thought it might’ve been better if he was dead instead…

Would his adventures really end here? He wasn’t sure.

From here on, what would happen in the upcoming weeks, months, and even years? 

Helpless for the rest of his life? That very word was never in his vocabulary until just now. 

He would no longer be able to carry the burdens of the world, or more importantly his loved ones. In fact, he felt like he would become a burden.


This wasn’t like Sonic at all to brood over what may be ahead of him whenever he was able to leave this hospital. With a heavy sigh, Sonic relaxed in his bed and tried to catch some sleep to clear his head. There was only the sound of movement from the nurse in the room from time to time, and soft humming of the machines that he was hooked to, and the patient next door who had his or her t.v’s volume up really high. Despite how distracting it had been, Sonic was able to fall asleep. 

Images of the most recent fight with Eggman begun to play in his mind. It was a struggle to piece everything together for what had happened, resulting in his blindness; yet what he could remember was enough to answer his question. He could manage to recall this gross purple-colored gas that his nemesis had used on Sonic. His eyes had burned upon contact, until everything went black as he fell unconscious.

Sonic assumed his friends had took care of Eggman, and then rushed Sonic to the hospital. 

The sound of familiar voices suddenly woke him up from his slumber. As he became far more conscious of his surroundings, he could make out that all of his friends had came for a visit. A familiar presence of a certain pink hedgehog, caused him to stir and open his eyes. As expected, Amy was close by and holding tightly on to his hand. 

Perhaps it was just by memory, or his imagination… but Sonic could have sworn he could see Amy’s gorgeous set of quills, and styled bangs that occasionally blocked her eyes. No doubt after the incident Sonic had gotten himself in she would be in an emotional mess. He could imagine how her quills was unkempt, and her eyes were red from shedding tears. Sonic desperately wanted to comfort her right now. Turning to face what looked like Amy’s silhouette he reached out to touch her quills. 

Amy jumped in surprise to realize Sonic was conscious. His hand traveled from her quills to rest on her cheek, Sonic discovered that he had been right all along. She had been crying. His hand lingered there, and slowly his dull gaze locked with her own. It ached his heart that he couldn’t actually see her beautiful jade eyes, yet the memory was enough to provide what he had lost. “I’m still kickin’ Ames, no need for those tears, you hear me?” 

She leaned into his gentle touch, and gave his hand a squeeze before nodding. “N-no more, crying. I swear.” A weak smile graced her features as their eyes refused to break their connection. Despite how things would be different from now on, it would never cause the relationship they shared to wither whatsoever. With the love they had for each other, perhaps life would be less of a burden and Sonic wouldn’t feel so helpless as he had assumed earlier.


*shouts from the rooftops* WRITER’S BLOCK YOU WILL NOT CONQUER ME

I was planning on releasing a new character design today but I think I need to tinker with him a bit more before releasing, so today I’m gonna post the SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD in a compilation shot so you can see their heights and how they look together in a group!

Knuckles - The bruiser who carries the weight of his tribal duties while looking to bridge the new world with the old!  The oldest member of the group, who relies on instinct to protect himself and his allies.

Sonic - The lovable hero who treats every day as a new journey to learn about himself and the world around him at breakneck speeds!  The one who comes through in a clutch, he acts first, and thinks later.

Tails - The prodigy who thinks the world of his friends turned family, and would do anything to keep them safe with gifts made from his intellect.  The youngest member of the group who knows and values the efforts the gang takes to protect him.  

Amy - The unofficial leader of the group who makes the impossible happen with planning and execution against all odds.  The one who harbors the weight of what’s yet to come to prove her merit against all who think otherwise.

See you with some new art tomorrow!



ソニックまとめ By ツキカゲ on Pixiv

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more Sonic Skyline thingie!

now i drew all the Sonic gang (well not all. but i mean these 4)  

each one has a sort of own color asigned.. i shoosed to not overuse the red…. because Sonic already wears red..

so for Tails i shoosed green,  Amy wears pink  and as for knux he is red, so i shoosed  purple just like his eyes.

Tails’ tails are wing shaped.. he is a little guardian angel don’t you think? XD

Knux’ spikes are kinda missbelled XD though his clothing .. ehh.. i’m not sure.. looks kinda villainish.. so maybe i will change it.. :D maybe the shoes..

aaand i still need to work on Eggman :D .

i don’t pretend to make a comic.. this is just a little AU ..

where the cities are on the sky, and Sonic has the ability to run over the clouds at a great speed  (inspired on the Greek messenger god Hermes)