This is Aurora’s Castle in the Efteling, a themepark inspired by Grimms fairytales. It is located in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands, so if you ever want to visit the Netherlands, and yes we are bigger than only Amsterdam! Visit this themepark, you will enjoy the nature and the fairytales.


(Before you say anything, i know my phone is awful at taking pictures in the dark okay? :D)

But OH MY GOD! I just got back home from the “Ready Player 3” show in Amsterdam and it was fucking amazing! Had so much fun!

You guys were awesome and I wished it never ended! Thank you for making my day!



Thank for the amazing evening!

You guys (especially @therealjacksepticeye) mean the world to me!
Can’t say this enough.
You helped me through hard time these last 3 years.

I actually screamed and shouted with the public and I never do that because I have anxiety!
So also big thanks for everbody in the crowd!
Hope you liked Amsterdam and come back soon!
Save travels to the other city’s and have fun there too!

(btw I was the small girl on row 3 with the Sam cap)