Amorphophallus titanum


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Photos every 20 min.
Left: Yesterday (8/23), 9:10 a.m. through 4:50 p.m.
Center: Yesterday, 5:10 p.m. through 12:50 a.m. today (8/24).
Right: Today, 1:10 a.m. through 8:50 a.m.

The Corpse Flower, though in the process of closing, is still GORGEOUS and people are flocking in to see it. SO COOL.

[9/3 update: The Corpse Flower closed over a week ago.]

soon to be in bloom
titan arum (carrion flower) in the botanical garden bonn, germany
they expect it to open between 15th and 19th june


Hey so check it out: remember the Corpse Flower that bloomed at The Huntington back in August? This is what the fruit looks like now.

And earlier today, a couple of folks in our botanical division began extracting seeds. Pics soon. First, though, please take a moment to revel in the beauty of this moment of this crazy plant’s life cycle. It’s kind of amazing.

Look back through pics and gifs from earlier stages of its life here:


The titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum) bloomed at the Copenhagen Botanical Garden this tuesday (top four pictures) and is now slowing closing thursday (bottom picture). The huge “bread loaf” structure (spadix) is for sending out a powerful smell of rotten flesh which attracts insects that pollinate the tiny flowers hidden at the bottom of the spadix, as seen in the third and fourth picture. It’s the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world (the largest branched is the talipot palm and the largest single flower is Rafflesia arnoldii) but this individual is “only” 1,60 m while the world record is 3,11 m. 

In another day or two the whole thing is going to wilt and collapse and the corm hidden in the soil is going to gather resources for the next bloom, hopefully in a few years, maybe 15, maybe never.

I was working in the greenhouse and let me tell you, pasty scandinavians are not made for +30 C temperatures with a humidity of +80%.  


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Botany is fun

My Ceropegia woodii or chain of hearts blooms often, much to my appreciation! They belong to my favorite flowering plant family, Apocynaceae, which also contains corpse flower or carrion flowers in the Stapelia genus. Also called a corpse flower but in a different family is Amorphophallus titanum, Aracae (the Greek etymology of which is giant misshapen phallus). The huge spathe and spadix inflorescence of A. titanum  smells like- you guessed it- rotting meat, attracting flies and carrion beetles as pollinators. For the curious, I detect no smells from my friend C. woodii. 


The blooming of an Amorphophallus titanum (AKA corpse flower AKA titan arum) at The Huntington Library last week inspired me!

If you think humans jump through a lot of hoops just to reproduce, check out this plant. It waits 7-10 years, storing up starch in a giant tuber, just so it can bloom for a single day. Then it pretends to be a hunk of rotting meat to attract insect pollinators. Then, months later, it switches tactics to a produce a sweet fruit so birds will disperse it’s seeds.

If you have never smelled a titan arum but for some odd reason you would like to … you are in … luck? Scientists have identified the exact malodorous chemicals that come off these strange flowers to attract pollinators - so you can create the scent at home!*

*please, for your own sake, don’t try this at home.

Be glad tumblr isn’t scratch & sniff (yet?)—one of our Amorphophallus titanum specimens (aka corpse flower, stinky plant, titan arum) is getting ready to bloom! We’ll be posting daily pics on our instagram and website, sending out updates via twitter, and rounding out the fun with some goodies here on tumblr. Best guess right now is that it’ll bloom sometime this coming week. It’s on view in the Conservatory now through the big stink.

caption: Image from volume 117 (January 1891) of Curtis’ Botanical Magazine, in The Huntington’s holdings. GIFed by The Huntington.

8/27 update: It bloomed, it smelled weird, it closed up. Be sure to check out the rest of our posts featuring all sorts of photos and timelapse gifs of the process. It was way cool.