Hook had a dreamcatcher? But those take dark magic to make and magic in general to use– so where did he get it from? Not Zelena or she would totally have made snide remarks to Emma/Regina, Regina and the EQ were busy with each other, and Gold was busy playing *poof* tag with his son off-screen.

Did Hook grab an extra one from Emma’s Garage O’ Dreamcatchers? Because if so, boy does Emma have a lot of nerve to complain about Hook using them considering her hijinks in S5.

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“Honey, can you move some of your dark magic doodads from the garage? I want to keelhaul my dinghy”

Is the “707 is in love with MC in every route” theory still a thing? Because when I read it all I could think was Amnesia, so…here it is. 

(This took longer than expected… It was supposed to be a sketch, I don’t know what happened)

EDIT: Since I’ve read many comments about this…
Warning: Spoilers for Toma’s route in Amnesia: Memories ahead (and a bit for Jumin and Unknown? idk)

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Here it is folks! The cover for my first fanfic, My Name is Helga. And no. There are no two Helgas, just one. I forgot to mention that the story is similiar to the Hey Arnold episode, “Beaned,” the one where Helga had amnesia, but mine’s much more different. What if that episode didn’t exist? Will Helga ever get her memories back? How are her classmates going to react? Is Arnold accepted this new Helga? Let me remind you guys again: My Name is Helga will be publish this May at so stay tuned!. :D 

The Signs as Amnesia: Memories Characters
  • Aries: Shin
  • Taurus: Orion
  • Gemini: Ikki
  • Cancer: Toma
  • Leo: Mine
  • Virgo: Kent
  • Libra: Heroine
  • Scorpio: Rika
  • Sagittarius: Sawa
  • Capricorn: Waka
  • Aquarius: Ukyo
  • Pisces: Nhil
While You Were Sleeping AU

Character A has been in a coma for several years, and upon waking up, they’re astonished with how much the world has changed. Character B is one of Character A’s old friends, and they feel responsible to help integrate Character A back into the modern world…especially since Character B is reponsible for Character A’s coma.



Why did nobody tell me this existed! 

i’ve seen a lot of fics where shinichi hates pda and kaito pretty much clings to him 24/7. and, idk, i just don’t subscribe to that hc. i imagine it’s more just casual possessiveness. probs not a ton of public kissing or anything, but arms around waists and shoulders, hand holding. and then in front of friends you get shinichi w/ his head on kaito’s shoulder bc he just can’t be bothered to sit up and stay awake, legs thrown over each other’s laps and feet tucked under the other’s thighs, sometimes kisses on the cheek or forehead, kaito coming up behind shinichi and wrapping his arms around his waist and propping his chin on shinichi’s shoulder. and oh my god do not get me started on all the casual sexual references and throwaway comments about their sex life. 

Status Update

The problem with non-approved mods is that didn’t always work the way they’re intended. With regular upgrades and very irregular mod improvements, it’s a wonder most of Bumblebee’s mods work at all. That doesn’t stop Bumblebee from using them, of course. Sometimes more than necessary. It’s no fault but his own that he let his file encryption mod run even when he had doubts of how compatible it was. It was one of his older mods, after all. He just hadn’t found another bot he trusted enough to code a new one.

It still worked. It encrypted all those pesky memories Bumblebee didn’t really enjoy reliving. It also decided to encrypt everything else in his memory banks, filing them in strange parts of his CPU, locked and coded and utterly unattainable.

Wipe away everything else, and you’re left with a frame with basic Autobot programming – the same thing every ‘Bot comes off the assembly line with. It’s not a memory file, so the mod had left it untouched. And when the minibot comes online after a particularly long recharge cycle, the only thing running through his processor is: Designation: Bumblebee. Function: Autobot.