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Amnesia in a stadium vs at a small gig


(watch in HD) the only video i care about right now


Amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer

Amnesia just came on my radio,and I got a little too excited that when I moved, I slammed my head against the wall and now I’m making some weird sound that is like half laughing and half sobbing, which accurately depicts what this damn band does to me.

Nice to meet you. |starter @letsshootawall

Another great day on Baker Street: good moods all around, Emma out to get the groceries for a dinner she was forced into by her fiancé— none other than the famous consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, the love of her life; he’d better be, she would say, they were to be married soon. On her walk back to 221B, Emma felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. So, one hand holding the groceries and the other holding her phone, she proceeded on her way back to start dinner, glancing at the lit up screen and smiling at the words from her fiancé. As she crossed the street, Sherlock peered out to her with a smile and watched her cross the street… however she was still looking down at her phone and replying to his text. For once, Emma’s guard was let down when she was in public, as she was usually on high alert, but the text brought her focus to Sherlock… instead of the oncoming car. The only thing she heard before impact was the screeching of tires and a familiar voice screaming her name.