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If you're still taking prompts. What if Neil gets a concussion and starts mixing up his languages? I love your writing!

(thank you so much! I had so much fun writing this honestly also HEY apparently language based confusion post head trauma like.. doesn’t happen lmao but lets suspend our disbelief y'all)

It’s USC’s new “problem player” who does it.

There’s a scrimmage for the ball in the last quarter, and Neil ends up bodychecked into plexiglass head-first. His helmet goes loose and bounces away before he hits the floor.

Neil’s 5’3” against the backliner’s 6’5” is like pitting an axe against the base of a tree. Neil’s legs quiver like wind through leaves, and then he’s cut down.

Andrew watches the whole thing unravel, the wind-up and the swing and the bounce. Neil topples onto his back with the brutality of a drop from a moving car, and he doesn’t get back up. There’s an awkward minute of shouting and buzzers and repetitive shrugging from the backliner. Andrew leaves goal just as Jeremy crosses the court to jab a finger in his teammate’s chest.

“We do not fight dirty like that! Jesus Christ Trent, If we’d taken that point from them the win would mean what?”

“Nothing,” the backliner replies glumly, eyes down. Andrew takes it as a prime opportunity to punch him across the jaw with his whole weight behind it.

The guy goes reeling, holding his face and looking down at Andrew with slack jawed disbelief — doubtless surprised to find someone half his size had just loosened a few teeth.

Andrew feels Kevin at his back, and Jeremy steadies Trent by the shoulder as he levels eyes at him. “Can’t we be civil for one game?”

Kevin shrugs, sickeningly sheepish. “You’re in fox territory.”

“How could I forget,” Jeremy says, eyes rolling. He says something else but Andrew’s already turning to find Neil, his unchecked injury like an oven left on - the niggling, panicking doubt of it.

Jean’s crouched at Neil’s side, speaking quietly and firmly with his eyebrows yanked together like pursestrings.

“Get away from him,” Andrew says, dizzy with anger. All the times Neil has defended Jean and the things he’d let Riko do surface and clash in Andrew’s head.

Jean looks up, unconcerned with Andrew’s warning. “Something is wrong.”

Andrew puts himself between Jean and Neil, stepping right where Jean’s hands are splayed out on the floor so that he recoils. He leans over Neil and watches his open eyes, the frost of confusion on them.

“Get up.”

Neil finds him, like he’s squinting through smoke. “Je ne peux pas.”

Andrew grabs his shoulders, unamused. “Try again.”

“It was something else a minute ago. Something slavic?” Jean says. Andrew ignores him.

“Andrew,” Neil says urgently, eyes bloodshot and unfixed. “Je suis fatigué.”

“Don’t sleep,” Andrew warns. He pulls Neil to his chest and drags him upright by his armpits.

“Look, I’m sorry,” Trent calls from a few feet away, his team congregating behind him like disappointed parents.

“We’re benching him for the next couple of games,” Jeremy adds seriously. “You deserve better.”

“You touch what’s mine again and you lose a hand,” Andrew says airily.

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Hetalia Fanfictions:

Alrighty. So there’s 84 of y’all here now and, since I am still a weeb, I assume that a majority of y’all like Hetalia. SOOOooo, have some fanfictions that need love. (Please check them out. I know irl is more important, but i think they still deserve some lovin’)

Twinsanity by WitchOfDarkness13 Shenanigans with the NA Bros

Not Your Average Fairy Tale by PurplePatchwork RusAme based on the Princess and the Frog. Fluffy and funny for a wonderful, lighthearted read.

Edge of the World by Vaecordia Dark!America. Dark!Russia. Dark!RusAme. Obviously, darker with mentions to war, MAD, etc.

American Sleepover by SkittleBarf Lighthearted, fluffy RusAme

Star Spangled Border by EgyptianRatScrew (Don’t think it’s finished but…) Statetalia, murder mystery, angst

Russian Cursive is Bullshit by Mizuni-no-neko Fluffy and domestic for all RusAme shippers*

Pillowtalk by fengbi USUK fluff + President. No mention of current events though

Words Left Unsaid by Shepherd-of-the-stars GerAme getting together story + neko!Germany

The Real Me by United States of Awesomness Very Dark!America. TW for violence and manipulation

Promised to Me by Daughter Of The Revolution Historical RusAme, GerAme. From beginning to end (of the world)

All of Our Sins by Terminally Introverted Spamano. The Italy Bros’ adventure with a corrupt church

Flowers of Red, White, and Blue by EgyptianRatScrew America has gone missing due to a case of amnesia. Much more interesting than what this little blurb makes it seem.

The New America by PurpleLuna98 America in the future. unfortunately unfinished.

A Taste of Payback by TomatoAmor Mexico”s story as Spain’s colony. Either ends on the worst cliffhanger or (more probable) unfinished. Regardless, still wonderfully executed

Saddle Bum by hoshiko2kokoro USUK reviving their breaking relationship

Deadly Double by addie-cake Russia’s placement of the world as a chessboard

Manifest Destiny by Phoenix-Fire Power nations decide to give America the cold shoulder until he gets his act together.

Issues by Monamourz Romerica. America has abandonment issues that Romano must learn to deal with

Brothers Under the Sun by Audinale55 WWII veteran’s adventures to reunite with America. USUK

Isolation by Well Groomed Goldfish Dystopian future based in America

The Burdens We Bear by Salmagundi Mpreg. US Civil War. Angst

That was long. I’m sorry. Bolded fics are the ones that I think are the best of this bunch. Please reblog so others can see. Maybe the other cornchips in this fandom can give these SO talented authors some love.

title: yesterday’s just a memory, tomorrow is never what it’s supposed to be

rating: t

word count: 2k1

summary: It’s not every day someone you know gets kicked in the head and forgets a couple of years of their life or modern AU amnesia fic.

a/n: I was checking my dash the other day and @hurricanedancer​ reblogged  this amazing post and mentioned in the tags wanting a fic. I was already planning to write something for Cassian Andor Appreciation Week (Favourite Relationship(s)) and this inspired me so I combined both. No such thing as too many RebelCaptain fics, right? Anyway hope you enjoy it :)

(I wrote the fic, but Bob Dylan wrote the title.)

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Underwater City: Unveiling The Secrets At The Bottom Of Fuxian Lake

A mystery lies scattered on the unexplored bottom of Fuxian Lake, stretching out through Chengjiang County, Jiangchuan County and Huaning County in Yunnan Province, about 60 kilometers to Kunming City, China. The lake is rising 1,720 meters above sea level and encompassing 212 square kilometers of land.

The deepest part of the lake descends 157 meters; the Fuxian Lake is the second deepest freshwater lake in China.

One day, Geng Wei, a specialized diver, accidentally found a strange phenomenon under the lake, in form of stone materials including flagstones and stone strips with thick moss above them, could be seen.

According to an ancient local legend, a city-like silhouette under the lake from the nearby mountains can be clearly seen on a fine, calm day. To find out if there is something hidden in the calm waters of the lake, a Chinese submarine archaeology team stationed in Fuxian Lake carried on surveys and with advanced use of detectors, discovered lots of blocks scattered on the lake bottom, stones that formed a wall seen on a sonar display along with various flagstones.

High stairs appeared in front of them and flagstones covered with moss seemed to reveal an ancient sunken city. The team members found the scope of the site under Fuxian Lake was extremely big, and the traces of construction were everywhere along with earthenware.

Could the underwater site be the ancient city of Yuyuan, which disappeared mysteriously many hundreds of years ago?

Was the site under the lake the city recorded in The Book of Han (Hanshu), a classic Chinese historical writing covering the history of the Western Han Dynasty, 206 BCE-9 CE, that once recorded that Yuyuan City was north of Fuxian Lake?

After several days of observation, sonar scans and analyses, experts estimated the scope of the area is between 2.4 square kilometers to 2.7 square kilometers, and the site was possibly from the Warring States (475-221 BC) to the Eastern Han Dynasty. However, in order to find a more exact time, they had to find a subject that could be used for carbon 14 testing.

Additionally as reported, eight main buildings were found all under the water, including a round, colosseum-like building with a 37 meter wide base and a gap to the northeast and two large high buildings with floors, similar to the Mayan pyramids.
One of the large, high buildings has three floors, a 60 meter wide base and lots of small steps linking the floors. Another is even larger, with a 63 meter wide base standing five floors (totally 21 meters high).
A 300 meter long and 5 to 7 meter wide rock road connects the two buildings.

Carbon-14 dating of some shells attached to blocks they were 1750 years old, which means the site sunk during the Han period. However in the Tang Dynasty, there were still records about Yuyuan City remaining on land.

Therefore, the lost city was not Yuyuan, but rather the ancient unidentified structure of the under-lake construction, could represent the remains of the ancient Dian Country – a country with a high level of civilization that after 86 BC – mysteriously disappeared.

Fuxian Lake is a very large body of water – is still unexplored, so various legends have prevailed for more than 1,000 years and unfortunately their credibility cannot be confirmed.

According to one story mentioned in “Cheng Jang Fu Zhi”, a book in the region of Emperor Daoguang, a horse-like animal lived in the lake. Its body was pure white with red spots on its back. Sometimes it rapidly flew out of the water.
Was this strange animal perhaps a vehicle which modern ufologists today call – uso (unidentified submerged object)?


We are a race with amnesia. There is so much out there forgotten, unfortunately. There were amazing civilizations here from every single cultural groupings. Humanity has a history untold as of yet.

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Happy ending to the angst?

should i give it to you?  yeah, sure, i will, lol. but, we need more angst before i give all y’alls fluff.  i’m also gonna make a cut so that i don’t load up your dash, lol.


Nico had been able to come home a week after the crash.  Jason was the only one with him since both Percy and Will had gone home to their mothers.  Nico didn’t know what happened, and was suffering severe amnesia, much to Jason’s disliking.

Nico: Hey, Jason…?

Jason: Yeah, Neeks?

Nico walked out of one of the back bedrooms curiously, peering around the hall to Jason, who sat on the couch doing his homework.  Jason had talked to Percy over the phone earlier that day, who was planning on coming home later that evening.  Will, he wasn’t quite sure when he wanted to come home.

Nico: Why are there two bedrooms when we share a bed?

Nico and Jason had been sharing a bed for a few days and his amnesia hadn’t been so hot, making remembering things too tough.  Jason had tried to explain where and who Percy and Will were but, Nico wasn’t retaining his memory very well.

Jason: Remember, we live with Percy and Will.  They’re not here but, Percy’ll be back tonight.

Nico: Well…  Can we talk?

Jason: Sure, Nico.  Come sit with me.

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Tbh I didn't mind the amnesia plot as much i thought i would. The thing that pissed me of the most is that they killed haylijah for the abusive crap. I mean i don't even mind their ending considering that since they ended them now Julie won't have a chance to make them toxic af the way she made all tvd ships but her explanation of killing them off will always piss me off

Hey well, apparently Daniel was asked about that and didn’t comment because he’s in the dark about the political stances behind it. But I know in addition to him being boggled by the amnesia plot, hes been wanting more from the writers and expects the writers to fix a few things. He also mentions that Season 5 may be their last. He lurks on us guys online. He is for the most part with the fandom on this. *sips tea*

I’m not mad at that plot either, maybe for the first time we wont see such a tortured, mistreated Elijah. I’m here for that as an Elijah stan. I love Haylijah, I love too many ships for my own good, I’m never mad at the fact it ended, like everyone knew eventually something was gonna happen. The way it happened I’m still a little salty about- but more importantly the shitty excuse JP and Carina were using to back it up as a valid reason. Making out that the most selfless character on the show suddenly became a woman beater? Nah. Misrepresentation at its finest. 

Do I think Elijah is a violent man? Yes, it’s the very core of his being.

Do I think he is an abusive man? or if he’s an abusive partner? Nope. 

None of his past relationships demonstrated that- and we’ve seen him in love with this girl and done nothing but love and respect her wishes. 

I could go into the whole Hayley ‘going into his mind without his consent’ and ‘knowing the possibilities of what lay behind that door’, and ‘pointing out the fact that this version of Elijah was in his earlier days and he hadn’t mastered control yet’, or even the fact that equally ‘when Hayley turned Hybrid she went on murderous rampages, even decapitating a guy’ and that she’s just as bad…. buuuuut… let’s not, lmao.

The plot idea was great, I think the topic has to be talked about, but also on a show where the core foundation of the universe you’ve created is birthed from ruin and destruction and violence? Maybe not your best call… or move or choice of characters to use to display this plot. Nope, nope. nope.

I’ve been watching your shows since the very beginning Jules. I’ve grown up with your writing style and themes, I’m not a teenager anymore, I’m a grown ass 21 year old woman with a house, some cats, a business, bills, a handsome fiance and going through fertility treatment so I can start a family. I’m grown Julie. I’m insulted that you think I’m that stupid as a viewer not to decipher your bull.

But then again it’s not the first time her writing has been painfully flawed, from abuse to misrepresentation of POC characters on her shows, romanticizing violence and encouraging unhealthy habits in the minds of the younger demographic.

But anyway, thats another story, lmao. 

I’m here for good written stories, as a writer that’s my main objective, I dont care whether they make me happy or sad, the purpose is to make me feel something, and tell. the. damn. story. regardless.

What I’m not here for is letting your personal bias get in the way of that and poorly tie in a storyline for a political statement. It caused negative uproar for a reason, and it was because the whole fandom smelt the shit stench too.

But anyway, Daniel Gillies is a babe. <3

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Hiya! i see a lot of amnesia on tv as a plot devise. and i admit, it is an attractive plot devise. Is it realistic to have a character forget memories of themselves and recent events but remember things like, oh i don't know, arithmatic and how to read and write and who the monarch of england is? how could a patient with amnesia be written more realistically?

If “amnesia” as it is written by TV writers everywhere were to never ever ever show up again ever in the history of writing, I would be a very happy Scripty indeed. In fact, “Amnesia!” as a trope can go to make itself a lighter-fluid smoothie and accidentally light the match while it’s looking in the blender to see if it’s done.

I’m going to differentiate amnesia–a loss of memory after physical trauma–from “Amnesia!”, which is code for TV-bullshit-fake-plot-device memory loss.

I think the best way to frame this is that amnesia is a symptom of brain damage, whereas “Amnesia!” is a symptom of shitty writing.

Amnesia has two basic forms: anterograde and retrograde. Anterograde amnesia affects making new memories, while retrograde amnesia affects memories from the past. These can include memories of events, or people, or both. It can include loss of skills. But it almost never degrades someone’s ability to remember who they are, which is one big way that amnesia differs from “Amnesia!”.

Amnesia from trauma is also almost never isolated. That means that there are other neurological symptoms going on at the same time: gross motor dysfunction, foggy thinking, dizziness, forgetfulness, headaches, visual disturbances, balance issues, nausea and vomiting, something in addition to their memory impairment.

Amnesia!”, on the other hand, is a loss of identity and ONLY of identity. Characters typically forget who they are, without forgetting  how to talk, tie their shoes, shave their pretty pretty face, apply their TV makeup, etc. They can drive cars. They never have any other symptoms of brain damage, because that’s inconvenient for plot purposes. And symptoms always magically resolve by the end of the episode or, in absolute worst case scenario, the two-part series.

There are several reasons while this trope bothers me so much. One is that real people, in the real world, suffer amnestic issues–especially anterograde amnesia–as a component of brain injury, and live with those issues for years. Writing about their issues as though they’ll magically go away is frankly insulting to the community of those living with TBI and NTBI.

Another is that “Amnesia!” is simply bad writing. Characters are the ones who need to drive plot. Plot should be used as a way to talk about characters, not the other way around. “Amnesia!”, much like a coma,  is used as a way to sideline a character without harming them or killing them. It’s a diversion. It basically presses the pause button on a character.

Now, all of this is with a caveat: psychological trauma can produce brief episodes of this kind of amnesia, wherein a person forgets who they are–basically because, on some level, they want to forget. It’s an opportunity to process. But I still think it should be off the table for writers.

It’s sloppy. It’s lazy. And I believe that you–that all of you–are better writers than that.

Thanks for writing in, and for listening to me vent.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Is the “707 is in love with MC in every route” theory still a thing? Because when I read it all I could think was Amnesia, so…here it is. 

(This took longer than expected… It was supposed to be a sketch, I don’t know what happened)

EDIT: Since I’ve read many comments about this…
Warning: Spoilers for Toma’s route in Amnesia: Memories ahead (and a bit for Jumin and Unknown? idk)

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Why did nobody tell me this existed! 



Yeah! You know it just? I wish people were more like that??

And tbh I’m not even sure how functional we are (which is why I’m thinking OSDD, but not DID because not much/no amnesia it seems?) but honestly I can see where people could/would be jealous of others and thus attack, especially if they’re saying that their headmates didn’t come from trauma. But that’s.. Not really an excuse, especially if that attacking means saying someone’s existence/experience is fake :v

I really just, wish people would calm down and leave others be mostly sggdvutchhxvh