The Promises We Kept | Bucky Barnes

Summary: bucky x reader where reader is in the avengers tower on tony’s orders just like wanda (during civil war) and when steve and sam “capture” bucky they ask Clint to get her (reader) so she can finally go meet her best friend (cause reader and bucky were best friends in the 40’s and the reader was with steve when he got froze so she’s also from the 40’s) and once they meet they confess their feelings towards each other kinda like the “i didn’t say it back” stydia scene from teen wolf.

Words: 1468

I rarely get Bucky requests but when I do- it makes my day.

Your last memory of you best friend was one that seemed straight out of a film. He showed up at your door only an hour before he was due to leave for a mission with America’s hero.

“What if you don’t come back Buck?” You whisper, tightening your arms which were firmly wrapped around his neck.

I’m coming home doll, don’t you worry” He’d assured you. A part of you believed it, the larger part new that that wasn’t definite. Bucky couldn’t promise anything- heck he could come home in a box, lifeless.

He moved out of your grasp, though your arms hung loosely from his neck and his rested on your hips. The moment was intimate, but the thought of him leaving was looming over you like a rain cloud or a bad smell.

“Wait for me” His eyes go from your eyes to your mouth and it doesn’t take a genius to work out what he’s hinting at. You’d heard from friends that this moment was one unlike any other. Of course you hadn’t believed them until now.

In an instant, Bucky’s lips were on yours. The kiss wasn’t long or sloppy, just quick. Though it was filled with both need and desperation.

“I love you, Y/N. If I don’t come home, remember that I love you”

“Come home soldier” The words were on the tip of your tongue, begging for release but you just couldn’t.

You loved him, your heart ached for him. Of course watching Bucky walk away broke your heart in two, but who were you to stop him from doing something so extraordinary.

You promised Bucky you would wait for him, and that you did.

You had to hear it from Steve, both your and Bucky’s other third that the hopeful soldier didn’t make it, falling off of the side of the train mid mission and plummeting to his death.

You hoped he died straight away, but you always feared that he may have suffered through a period of immense pain before hand.

Of course you refused to believed it at first. You waited weeks for him to show up at your door where you’d give him a light smack to the chest and scold him for not coming back sooner before launching yourself into his worn arms, muttering those three words you hadn’t said back before he left.

Of course you refused to believed it at first. You waited weeks for him to show up at your door where you’d give him a light smack to the chest and scold him for not coming back sooner before launching yourself into his worn arms, muttering those three words you hadn’t said back before he left.

But he never came. You were grieving both the deaths of Bucky and Steve while dealing with the regret of never telling Bucky what he meant to you. The supposed death of your best friends almost killed you, draining most signs of life and turning you into somebody others didn’t recognise.

Your time with HYDRA was all a blur. You remembered nothing except the fact that you were given intense training and a few others ‘gifts’. Apparently being best friends with Captain America made you a strong target. You weren’t there long enough to turn completely insane thanks to the help of Peggy and her team, but still enough to be affected by the serums and many experiments. The pain you experienced was traumatic.

You were there for Steve when he woke up- heck you were the only one that could talk some sense into him. The reunion was a mess of tears, hugs and questions. One question made your heart ache more than others.

“Bucky, what about Bucky?”

“Buck’s dead Steve, the train remember

Steve says it was like waking up with amnesia. He didn’t remember much from the days before his death. Heck he thought it was still the 1940’s and that’s probably why he raised a brow at your choice of outfit which had been something a little more exposing than what the woman wore in the 40’s

It was years later that you found out the man you’d been grieving for 70 years was still alive.

When you found out you smiled a genuine smile because you kept the promise, you had waited.

“They found him, but we have to go now” Clint had instructed

Your eyes had widened and your palms began to sweat, you swore your heart rate even picked up slightly. That was the effect Bucky Barnes had on you. Even 70 years later.

Your first thoughts were that he looked worn out, exhausted and as if the life had been sucked out of him, which it most likely had been. The second thought was the arm. Where his right arm use to be, was now a metal one. You found yourself not becoming phased by the prosthetic.

“Buck” You take a step towards him slowly, though part of you wanted to run and jump into his arms. “Do you remember me?” You ask, unsure.

How could I forget my best girl?” Bucky looks up slowly, his dark locks covering his eyes for a moment.

 You let out a breathe you didn’t realise you were holding in and go to step towards him again, only to be stopped by Sam, who was then stopped by Steve.

“He’s okay. She’ll be okay” Steve tells him.

The bags under Bucky’s eyes are worse than anything you’d ever seen. You could only imagine the mess of bruises, scars and wounds hidden underneath his clothing. “What did they do to you…” You ask, not actually wanting to know the answer.

“You know, Just smacked me around a bit. The usual” He replies. You can’t help but smile, seeing Bucky already back to his snarky self. Though you could still hear the pain and exhausted in his voice.

You give Steve a nod and him and Sam head out, leaving you two alone.

The room is silent for a moment, the both of you unsure as to what exactly to say. Although you know exactly what you want to say, just not if it was the right time.

“I waited for you, I waited just like I promised” You get down to eye level with Bucky. The words were spoken to softly but he could hear all the emotion that you’d been holding in. “I love you too, I never said it then and I’ve regretted it every day since but I love you, Buck”

“I’m a killer” He says, hanging his head. “I’m a monster now, you can’t love a monster”

“I know that’s what you think, but it’s not true. HYDRA did the same to me, how do you think I’m here today? We’re not killers Bucky, or monsters. We’re victims” You say “Look at us, we’re both here now. Do you really think that’s a coincidence?”

Bucky’s eyes met yours and you purse your lips, waiting for him to say something.

“That day I fell of the train, when HYDRA dragged me back to their base, when they were experimenting on me it was always you that got me through it…“

He moves closer slowly, you gently place a hand on his flesh arm, allowing your fingertips to make there way up and down the clothed skin. “I’d remember the day we went to the carnival together when we were teens and I won you that Bear, the one with the blue bow. Or the time when we-we caught that guy beating up Steve in the ally and you kicked him in the shins”

“You were so shocked” You laugh lightly, remembering the moment perfectly.

“And right before I left- When you told me to come home” He nods. “I came home”

“I waited 70 years Barnes, how much later are you going to keep a girl waiting?” You wipe a stray tear, raising an eyebrow.

“Who says you’re going to be waiting any longer?” With that he closes the gap that’d somehow been growing smaller and smaller by pressing his lips to yours. You don’t mind the fact that his lips were partially chapped, or that leaning down the way you were was hurting your back because right then you were on cloud nine.
This was the type of kiss that left your mouth agape and mind trying to process what had just happened for moments after.

You were both back where you belonged, to the places you’d been drawn to since the beginning. Each other.

“Looks like we both kept our promises, doll.”

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If you're still taking prompts. What if Neil gets a concussion and starts mixing up his languages? I love your writing!

(thank you so much! I had so much fun writing this honestly also HEY apparently language based confusion post head trauma like.. doesn’t happen lmao but lets suspend our disbelief y'all)

It’s USC’s new “problem player” who does it.

There’s a scrimmage for the ball in the last quarter, and Neil ends up bodychecked into plexiglass head-first. His helmet goes loose and bounces away before he hits the floor.

Neil’s 5’3” against the backliner’s 6’5” is like pitting an axe against the base of a tree. Neil’s legs quiver like wind through leaves, and then he’s cut down.

Andrew watches the whole thing unravel, the wind-up and the swing and the bounce. Neil topples onto his back with the brutality of a drop from a moving car, and he doesn’t get back up. There’s an awkward minute of shouting and buzzers and repetitive shrugging from the backliner. Andrew leaves goal just as Jeremy crosses the court to jab a finger in his teammate’s chest.

“We do not fight dirty like that! Jesus Christ Trent, If we’d taken that point from them the win would mean what?”

“Nothing,” the backliner replies glumly, eyes down. Andrew takes it as a prime opportunity to punch him across the jaw with his whole weight behind it.

The guy goes reeling, holding his face and looking down at Andrew with slack jawed disbelief — doubtless surprised to find someone half his size had just loosened a few teeth.

Andrew feels Kevin at his back, and Jeremy steadies Trent by the shoulder as he levels eyes at him. “Can’t we be civil for one game?”

Kevin shrugs, sickeningly sheepish. “You’re in fox territory.”

“How could I forget,” Jeremy says, eyes rolling. He says something else but Andrew’s already turning to find Neil, his unchecked injury like an oven left on - the niggling, panicking doubt of it.

Jean’s crouched at Neil’s side, speaking quietly and firmly with his eyebrows yanked together like pursestrings.

“Get away from him,” Andrew says, dizzy with anger. All the times Neil has defended Jean and the things he’d let Riko do surface and clash in Andrew’s head.

Jean looks up, unconcerned with Andrew’s warning. “Something is wrong.”

Andrew puts himself between Jean and Neil, stepping right where Jean’s hands are splayed out on the floor so that he recoils. He leans over Neil and watches his open eyes, the frost of confusion on them.

“Get up.”

Neil finds him, like he’s squinting through smoke. “Je ne peux pas.”

Andrew grabs his shoulders, unamused. “Try again.”

“It was something else a minute ago. Something slavic?” Jean says. Andrew ignores him.

“Andrew,” Neil says urgently, eyes bloodshot and unfixed. “Je suis fatigué.”

“Don’t sleep,” Andrew warns. He pulls Neil to his chest and drags him upright by his armpits.

“Look, I’m sorry,” Trent calls from a few feet away, his team congregating behind him like disappointed parents.

“We’re benching him for the next couple of games,” Jeremy adds seriously. “You deserve better.”

“You touch what’s mine again and you lose a hand,” Andrew says airily.

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Memories (D.S)

Request: Can you make an imagine for me about your hanging out with all the guys..having a great time in the pool. Eventually, you end up slipping on the concrete.You end up hitting your head really bad, causing a concussion.Therefore you forgot alot. You forget that your best friends with the boys and most importantly you forget that you’re in a relationship with Daniel. So the boys help you remember everything…leading up to Daniel proposing to you once you remember everything. Haha sorry it’s a bit long.

A/N: i changed a few things about it, i’m sorry, but you’ve requested this a while ago and i hope you like it

Warnings: not too sure there are any

M/N - Movie Title

Word Count: 4.2k

“Last one in has to pay for pizza!”

The second you heard those words being shouted out of Daniel’s mouth, you held your breath and threw yourself into the deep side of the pool, feeling the others around you join in on the parade.

By the time you’ve swum up to take a breath, you see that Eben was the last to jump into the pool. A laugh leaves yours and the other’s throats at his belly flop.

“Eben buys the pizza!” Jack yells just as he resurfaced.

“Oh, come on,” Eben complained.

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[Podfic] Closed Book - quietnight - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/10
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: James “Bucky” Barnes, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Tony Stark
Additional Tags: Natasha Is a Good Bro, Amnesia, How many times can Bucky get amnesia, At least one more, This fic is not compliant with anything, Tony Stark has a lot of feelings, Supersoldier sex can break things, A lot of things, Arguing, Podfic, Audio Format: MP3, Podfic Length: 20-30 Minutes, Podfic Length: 3-3.5 Hours, eventually

Bucky woke up with a headache, a mouth that tasted like something had died in it, and hands-down, swear-to-god, the most beautiful man he had ever seen asleep in his lap.

Bucky was also, he realized after a moment, strapped down to a hospital bed with about six different monitors making unsynced, equally piercing, beeps. Beyond that he couldn’t quite see—there was a hideous floral curtain pulled around the bed, and while he could just make out figures moving in the room beyond it, the pattern made his head pound even worse the longer he looked at it.

So. That was concerning.

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Hey! I wanna ask if there are some Klance fanfics with one of them having amnesia?? Cuz I'm in need of some klance amnesia angst TT

sure thing love <3 - Karri

amnesia tag

so much more than space dust by ad_asterism (7/9 | 27,262 | Teen And Up)


“-get him out of there-”

“It’s too soon, it’s not-”

“Look at him!”

Lance wasn’t sure where he ended and the stars began. Maybe he was the stars, maybe he’d always just been the pain and the stars and the voices.


When a cryopod malfunctions, Lance is left with amnesia. As he struggles to figure out where he fits in the new formation of the team, the rest of Voltron is racing against the clock to figure out where Lotor will strike next- and their only clue is hidden somewhere in Lance’s lost memories. Lance will have to find a way to remember what he’s missing- or come to terms with what he’s forgotten.

//injury //amnesia //implied torture //violence

i found love (in a space lion) by alphathorinrock (10/10 | 17,169 | Not Rated)

He was awake. He didn’t quite remember where he was, why he was in a glass egg, or what happened to his shoes, but he could remember the pain, sharp and clear and everywhere, and a voice, desperate and thin, telling him to stay.


He looked at the boy to his right, squinting at his unfamiliar face and losing himself in his lilac eyes. He cleared his throat.
‘What in the quiznack is a Lance?’


Pride and Paladins by ZenzaNightwing (16/16 | 38,692 | Teen And Up)

Keith is about as far from human as it gets. Issue is, he doesn’t remember that, or anything, really, not since he was somewhere between ten and eleven and all of his memories left with his mother in a car crash. And then comes the voices and Garrison and things that he feels he should know, and things really start to go downhill very fast.

Or: Amnesia’s a bitch, and Keith’s life is a rotating carousel of bad choices and he’s pretty much done with it anyway.

//child abuse //miscarriage //amnesia

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hi chash! this is for your holiday prompts! I'd like to request a bellarke angsty au where one of them gets into an accident and suffers from memory loss, in whichever universe you want and you can make it go however you want it to, thanks, can't wait to read it!

If anyone had asked, Bellamy would have said he’d love a second chance with Clarke Griffin, but no one ever really thinks about what a second chance means. What he wanted wasn’t a second chance, not really. He wanted Clarke to change her mind about him, but that’s not really a second chance.

A second chance, in its purest form, least desirable form, is when Clarke has a skiing accident over winter break and comes back to school with no memory of the last six months.

No memories of him at all.

Campus is small and he and Clarke have a decent number of friends in common, so he finds out about the accident from Raven, before he actually sees Clarke, and it sounds like, if not a joke, at least a hoax.

“Does that really happen?”

Raven shrugs. “Amnesia. It’s a thing. I guess the head trauma knocked the last few months out of her brain. She’s got a doctor’s note and everything.”

“Fuck. Is she okay? Have you seen her?”

“Not even pretending you don’t care, huh?”

“Seriously, Raven.”

She sobers. “I saw her, yeah. Not like she forgot me, but she’s pretty freaked out. The whole last semester is just–gone.”

“So, uh–what should I be doing? She won’t remember me, right?”

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Hetalia Fanfictions:

Alrighty. So there’s 84 of y’all here now and, since I am still a weeb, I assume that a majority of y’all like Hetalia. SOOOooo, have some fanfictions that need love. (Please check them out. I know irl is more important, but i think they still deserve some lovin’)

Twinsanity by WitchOfDarkness13 Shenanigans with the NA Bros

Not Your Average Fairy Tale by PurplePatchwork RusAme based on the Princess and the Frog. Fluffy and funny for a wonderful, lighthearted read.

Edge of the World by Vaecordia Dark!America. Dark!Russia. Dark!RusAme. Obviously, darker with mentions to war, MAD, etc.

American Sleepover by SkittleBarf Lighthearted, fluffy RusAme

Star Spangled Border by EgyptianRatScrew (Don’t think it’s finished but…) Statetalia, murder mystery, angst

Russian Cursive is Bullshit by Mizuni-no-neko Fluffy and domestic for all RusAme shippers*

Pillowtalk by fengbi USUK fluff + President. No mention of current events though

Words Left Unsaid by Shepherd-of-the-stars GerAme getting together story + neko!Germany

The Real Me by United States of Awesomness Very Dark!America. TW for violence and manipulation

Promised to Me by Daughter Of The Revolution Historical RusAme, GerAme. From beginning to end (of the world)

All of Our Sins by Terminally Introverted Spamano. The Italy Bros’ adventure with a corrupt church

Flowers of Red, White, and Blue by EgyptianRatScrew America has gone missing due to a case of amnesia. Much more interesting than what this little blurb makes it seem.

The New America by PurpleLuna98 America in the future. unfortunately unfinished.

A Taste of Payback by TomatoAmor Mexico”s story as Spain’s colony. Either ends on the worst cliffhanger or (more probable) unfinished. Regardless, still wonderfully executed

Saddle Bum by hoshiko2kokoro USUK reviving their breaking relationship

Deadly Double by addie-cake Russia’s placement of the world as a chessboard

Manifest Destiny by Phoenix-Fire Power nations decide to give America the cold shoulder until he gets his act together.

Issues by Monamourz Romerica. America has abandonment issues that Romano must learn to deal with

Brothers Under the Sun by Audinale55 WWII veteran’s adventures to reunite with America. USUK

Isolation by Well Groomed Goldfish Dystopian future based in America

The Burdens We Bear by Salmagundi Mpreg. US Civil War. Angst

That was long. I’m sorry. Bolded fics are the ones that I think are the best of this bunch. Please reblog so others can see. Maybe the other cornchips in this fandom can give these SO talented authors some love.

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Any tips to write amnesia? My character starts having "flashbacks" as the story progresses, and ends up recovering his memory by the end. Should these flashbacks happen in dreams? A certain situation that triggers a memory?

You need to actually understand what amnesia is and what it means, and based on your question you may not like part of my answer.

This article explains the basics:

There are two main types of amnesia: “anterograde”, when new memories are affected, and “retrograde”, when old memories are affected. “Anterograde” would be like if someone couldn’t remember what they did after the accident that caused their amnesia, whereas “retrograde” would be if they couldn’t remember what they were doing before the accident. 

Both of them usually require something to be wrong with a character for it to happen. We’re talking comas, concussions, strokes, serious mental trauma– true amnesia isn’t pretty nor as clean as “flashbacks” to get memory back.

@scriptmedic‘s amnesia tag is actually a better resource for you than my blog, so I’ve linked it there. Depending on how the amnesia occurred in the first place (like mental trauma), you might need to check out @scriptshrink too. 

Now, if you’re writing fantasy or any special situation where “magic” or “advanced memory science” are involved, then you’re going beyond reality (which isn’t inherently bad, but then the rules are for you make up instead of for me to give). Or, your entire story is breaking reality and you’re rolling with it (that can work… sometimes). Amnesia as a plot point is generally misunderstood and poorly written.

I have a few tips, but because I don’t know the type or cause of amnesia, I have to stay super general:

  • Research. Seriously, research. For all I know you’re writing a story where it may actually work, but most people have such a poor understanding of amnesia that I feel the need to partially lecture you about it. Depending on what caused the amnesia,”recovery” may look very different or maybe not ever happen. 
  • Set your rules and stick to them. This is true for any reality-breaking idea, because when you throw science out the window you’re kind of on your own. But, part of setting your rules requires knowing more about amnesia in general so you can weave just enough science to make it seem “realistic”. 
  • It’s my understanding that certain situations (as you mentioned) can trigger memories, but those are typically things like repressed memories as opposed to what’s lost due to true amnesia. I think ScriptShrink would be a good resource for how that would work. 
  • Amnesia is pretty much never a singular issue. If someone has it, they have another problem (like brain damage or mental health trouble). Obviously, with reality-breaking then this could be different, but you still need to think about the effects that forgetting can have on a person. Having your brain be messed up isn’t fun.

Good luck with your work!

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A scenario (or hc) please~~ bakugou's s/o just recovered from a 5 month coma and they got amnesia so doesn't remember much about him, what will he do?

ohoho! I changed the request slightly, such that his s/o forgot him completely, so I hope it’s alright!


Bakugou stands at the entrance of your ward, heart heavy as always. He didn’t want to go in. Five months. It’s been five months since you fell into coma, but each visit hadn’t eased the heaviness in his heart any further than it had been on the day you were admitted.

“God fucking damn it,” he grunts under his breath, willing himself to enter the room. The sight of you always made the afterimages of you getting hurt flash through his mind. Your screams, the sudden deafening silence in his ears, and the sound of his heartbeat, those would not quit hounding him.

Bakugou, watch out!


He shakes his head, harshly plopping down onto the seat right by your bedside. “It’s been five months, Y/N,” he starts, staring at your sleeping face. “Five fucking months. How long do you intend to sleep for? Five fucking years? It’s time to wake up, god damn it, you damn well know it is.” Huffing, he grips your hand tightly, hoping for a reaction. There was nothing, as per usual. Or at least he thought so.

The slightest wiggle of your fingers caused shock to jolt through him, and instantaneously, he was up. “…Y/N, oi, you fucking awake? You better fucking be, I’m gonna call the doctor, I’ll be right back.” He rushes to the door, swinging it open and ready to run out, only to be stopped in his tracks by your voice.

“Uh, excuse me? Where am I…and who are you?” you croaked, voice shaking slightly.

What the fuck?

“Oi, oi, oi,” he breathes, backtracking into the room, inching closer and closer towards you. “You’re fucking joking, aren’t you?” Tiny shivers wracked your body, and you pushed yourself against the wall, attempting to get away from Bakugou. But he wouldn’t have it. His hands shot out, clenching your shoulders tightly and shaking them. Hysterical laughter slipped out of him in bouts, and to say you were scared was an understatement. “Hey, let go of-” “Fucking hell, tell me you’re joking! Five fucking months, I waited for you for five god damn months, and you’re telling me you don’t remember me? Bullshit!”

“Ah, uh, are you sure I know you? I don’t…I don’t remember you.”

Anger surged through him, and the slightest hint of pain seeped into his voice, causing you to wince.

“You’re fucking unbelievable,” he states.

“Fucking unbelievable,” he repeats, kicking the chair he just sat on. “You can’t fucking do this to me, you shitty woman!” He growls, tugging at his ash blonde hair furiously. All sense of logic seemed to have flown out of the window - he didn’t know what to do. But he knew he had to leave, before he did anything he would regret.

And it wasn’t until he was out of your ward, did he feel a tear roll down the apple of his cheek. The first tear. Storming out of hospital grounds, he swiped his tears away with fury. A flurry of emotions coursed through him, but there was just one that stood out greatly, despite its faint presence. Fear.

“You stupid woman…” he mumbles, turning back to look at your window. “What the fuck am I supposed to do now?”

Is the “707 is in love with MC in every route” theory still a thing? Because when I read it all I could think was Amnesia, so…here it is. 

(This took longer than expected… It was supposed to be a sketch, I don’t know what happened)

EDIT: Since I’ve read many comments about this…
Warning: Spoilers for Toma’s route in Amnesia: Memories ahead (and a bit for Jumin and Unknown? idk)

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do you have a ghibli film that you think suits sheith well???

spirited away: keith as chihiro, shiro as haku, haggar as yubaba, where shiro has worked for her for as long as he can remember. keith tries to get back what he’s lost and shiro tries to remember how he got there.

i think it would work just as well with their roles reversed! the sense of loss and trying to get something back even though it’s almost hopeless seems to fit them really well. also i love amnesia fic so much.

Katsugeki Rant#6

First of all I gotta say as a person who also plays the game and is currently heavily fatiqued by the Osaka Hell Grind Fest event this episode “cured my cancer” just right. 


-Told you to get your help tokens and resorces ready. How’s that 40+ hours repairs doing huh?

-Katsugeki’s Honmaru is HUGE! Not only that it’s also very pretty. There’s advanced technology but blends in so well with the traditional Japanese vibe.

-Kane-san is RIPPED.

-Oh so the mission is sucessful? That’s a relief.

-You deserve that slap Tsurumaru.

-There are… more than one Konnosuke?? Now do each one have a name, or are they all called Konnosuke? Well each of them are pretty distinctly different so I guess there wouldn’t be much of a confusion.

-Foxes, you’re supposed to be concerned about the enemies changing history, not fired tofu.

-There goes “The first team is the ellite and the best of all” cliche.

-Konnosuke is like the soccer mom who goes “my kids can beat up your kids!” kinda.

-Let’s play “Spot the Cameo”! I’m so glad they let us see the others too.
(Tower)- I think the person hitting the bell was Yamabushi? He’s very hard to see.
(Hallway)- Kasen, Aizen, Hotaru, Ookurikara, Kousetsu, Souza, Sayo, Nakigitsune, and Atsushi
(Cafeteria)- Nihongou, Otegine, Doudanuki, Tarou, Jirou, Hachisuka, Urashima, Ichigo, Hirano, Maeda, Midare, Hasebe, Shokudaikiri, Namazuo, Akita, Gokotai, Ishipapa, Nikkari, Iwatooshi, ImaTsuRu, and Shishiou(my son)
An of course, Kogitsunemaru!

-It’s okay Kane-san, missions aren’t always sucessful and you can’t protect everyone at the same time. It’s okay to be stressed about it, but don’t blame yourself too much.

-Yagen calling Honebami “Honebami-nii”

-Honebami’s voice is so soft?? And he’s smiling??

-Wait I think Tsurumaru was originally a member of the 1st Unit, but then assigned to the 2nd. That explains why Honebami is the newest member to join the 1st.

-So everyone has gone on missions together, but not everyone is part of a full 6-member unit huh?

-Our 6 main boys are becoming more attached to each other. That’s the team spirit.

-Tsurumaru you’re being so cool and reliable.

-Now everyone what did we learn from this episode? When it doubt, consult the elders, although they might not give you the answer you wanted.

-The saniwa seems to be pretty new to all of this but manages to have Oodenta and the Genji bros? Props to them.

-Mikazuki having trouble getting dressed thus he’s never on time when there’s a meeting. I love it.

-Hizamaru’s voice is also so soft?? 

-I know game logic doesn’t apply but man I’m glad Higekiri and Hizamaru aren’t Toku-ed yet. I mean, Hiza’s pants….

-Who taught Jijii those slangs? The tantous? I bet Midare did.

-I’m gonna start using the phrase Babe Magnet.

-Oh Team 1 isn’t any better. let’s see
Mikazuki- Airhead, a huge tease, but can be serious when needed.
Oodenta- Emo, I should be in the warehouse, actually a huge fluffball, very akward.
Higekiri- Airhead, a huge tease, can be quite scary, doesn’t remember his brother’s name.
Hizamaru- Seems all serious and stuff but is actually a man-child brocon, Cries when his brother doesn’t remember his name.
Honebami- Doesn’t talk much, has amnesia. He’s the new member so still doesn’t the ropes yet.
Yamanbagiri- Self-esteem problem. You’re gonna be a good captain, I know it.

I really like the fact that they gave us a closer look at the citadel. Will they change the OP for the next episode? Can’t wait to see Hizamaru babysit his brother on live tv. Looking forward to next week!

title: yesterday’s just a memory, tomorrow is never what it’s supposed to be

rating: t

word count: 2k1

summary: It’s not every day someone you know gets kicked in the head and forgets a couple of years of their life or modern AU amnesia fic.

a/n: I was checking my dash the other day and @hurricanedancer​ reblogged  this amazing post and mentioned in the tags wanting a fic. I was already planning to write something for Cassian Andor Appreciation Week (Favourite Relationship(s)) and this inspired me so I combined both. No such thing as too many RebelCaptain fics, right? Anyway hope you enjoy it :)

(I wrote the fic, but Bob Dylan wrote the title.)

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anonymous asked:

Oh! Here's an idea! Alpha Shinsou with an omega who's quirk is they can summon any NPC from a game the want but if they lose concentration it will go rogue. They normally only show him the cute ones because they are afraid he might think they are weird and leave them if they show him that the ones they love (and have stronger control over) are the creepy and bizarre kind. Like a tank from L4D or something from any Dark Souls game.

Ok but what a cool quirk? REAL, LIFE, POKEMON.

 First off, Shinsou is beyond impressed with this. How amazing that they can summon video game characters?? Like, the possibilities are endless, and could prove incredibly useful in battle.

Enjoys seeing the cute characters like Yoshi, the Koroks, and the Prince from Katamari.

Would totally ask if they can summon characters like Laura Croft, Bayonetta or any of the girls from Dead or Alive.

Is confused when they only want to summon the cute characters, after all, the Chao from Sonic are cool and all, but pretty useless in battle.

When he finally learns they actually really love the freaky characters, well, if he wasn’t in love with them before, he is now.

Wants to know if they can show him characters like the Deathclaw, Pyramid Head or basically anything from Amnesia.

Spends so much time talking about obscure and rare monsters from long forgotten games. Gets super into helping them research the best creatures to summon.

Has them summon characters from fighting games to help him train as well.