“You must believe
 that one day you’re bound to find
…A stronger suit.”

Here’s a small preview of my piece for “Her Royal Highness”, a princess themed zine! I jumped at the chance to illustrate Aida and Amneris from the musical version of Aida. Princesses being friends and passing the Bechdel Test aw yes!


Amneris from Takarazuka Revue " A song for Kingdoms"(アムネリス@宝塚星組王家に捧ぐ歌)

Finally…Finally this musical will re-performance in 2015!!

This musical is one of my favorite original Takarazuka show, although it is over 11 years, it’s clear like yesterday in my head><

In 2003, the actress who act Amneris, Miss Rei Dan, now is a very famous Japan TV drama actress even in Taiwan…O_O

“The song for kingdoms(王家に捧ぐ歌,Ouke ni sasagu uta)”, this story is based on Verdi’s opera “Aida”, Amneris is the Pharaoh’s daughter, the rival role of Aida, but Rei Dan was the heroine(Musumeyaku (female role)Top star/娘役トップスター) of star troupe, the role of Aida was played by the supporting male role Kei Aran, and the Star troupe Top star Wataru Kotsuki was Radames. This casting is very unusually in Takarazuka’s original performance, so I really wonder who will be Aida and Amneris in 2015!! lol

This dress is made in 2009, When Kei Aran was graduated from Takarazuka and re-performance Aida (not in Takarazuka), I was prepared this dress for almost 6 years, and finally finished in 2009^^;

Every beads,metal parts and sequins are hand sewed on the costume, especially the sequins on the corset are only one hole style, and I drill another hole on each sequin, and sew on the corset…This dress is the most difficult one of my cosplay!


Studio portrait of Barbara Conrad as Amneris in the Italian opera, Aida. An American operatic mezzo-soprano of international acclaimm, Conrad performed with the Metropolitan Opera, Vienna State Opera, Teatro Nacional in Venezuela, and many others.   Learn more about her at

Photo credit: Marc Raboy. Photo courtesy of Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

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“phoebe and sibella hate each other though.”

wrong. not every two females in a show hate each other. this shot is from the show, not from curtain call, not from anything else, but from the actual show. look at them. they are smiling at each other. they genuinely like each other. they do not hate each other.