Amino Acid

Crystals after of an amino acid derivative

I made a proline derivative as a precusor of the CBS catalyst. Usually amino acids and related compounds crystallizes rarely, but this derivative gave beautiful crystals after the first attempt. This flask only contained the rest of the mother liquor, but beautiful crystals formed in it after a while.

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Knowing the 20 Amino Acids is definitely a MUST for the 2015 MCAT 

Amino acids that are usually negative (i.e. de-protonated) at physiological pH:

- Glutamate (E) Glu, and Aspartate (D) Asp

Amino acids that are usually positive (i.e. protonated) at physiological pH:

- Lysine (K) Lye, Arginine ® Arg 

Histidine is sometimes charged at physiological pH. 

physiological pH = 7, Neutral 


28 July 2016, 13:00 || it’s just me, myself, and i, solo ride until i die || did lots of bio today! finished the entire unit of biochem, but i’m still in the process of rewriting my protein notes. these amino acids are going to be impossible to memorize :(

biochemistry - amino acid metabolism

[these are my notes on amino acid metabolism, covering both essential and non-essential amino acids]

I generally will not be drawing out molecular structures because we’re not tested on them and it’s even more time consuming, although I do realize it can help with understanding. I will try to draw pathways, though. And from the looks of it… there are many.

I really tried to dumb this down for myself, how successful I was remains to be seen. There’s a chart at the end (grafted from someone else’s study guide) that condenses things well if you’re into rote memorization. May revisit this and modify it over the next few weeks.

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Amino Acid Mnemonics

How to memorize amino acids in an organized way.I learned this during my biochemistry class as an undergraduate.  Categorizing amino acids based on their chemical characteristics will help memorize them better.  You still need to write, re-write, and re-write again (..then repeat).  Or make flashcards…whatever you do to memorize.  Basically you put in some kind of work.

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