amika un.Done Texture Spray

This came in my July Birchbox.  “Styling spray that gives hair effortless, tousled volume, loads of shine, and a dreamy scent.”

Not gonna sugarcoat this folks, I ain’t digging this. As the directions insist I shook the can before spraying. I sprayed this over both of my slept on braids, undid them and flipped over my hair before spraying again. About 20 minutes later after noticing no difference to my hair I may have overdone it by spraying my hair a third time.

I don’t think this is meant for my naturally curly hair type. All that spraying did was give me textured hair I do not care for. My hair looks exactly the same as it always does. I suppose the spray does smell nice but it is far from dreamy. I’ll probably give this to my mom and sister to try since their hair is less curly than mine. I’d also like to see my friend Em (basicconformist) try this out with her very fine, straight hair.

If you have any questions about this product go ahead and send me an ask over at my blog.

-Hang loose, Mariah