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Amigo The Devil-Hell and You

“And I’d rot in hell with you,

if you just asked me to..

i love the shitty things we do together

Live with me in this sin forever…”

(the most romantic music I’ve ever heard) 

Really though.

Last night was wicked.
Fuck a party, hardcore and some homies is all I need. 

New Deal set shit off and it was good to catch them one last time before they try and figure out a new line up with some of their members moving. 

Zero Progress is never disappointing and personally I think that they put on some of the best shows I’ve seen. If you ever have a chance to see them, and if you’re going to Destroy LA, you will, do not miss their set. They’re with out a doubt the champions of the west coast straight edge. 

Amigo The Devil did his own fucking thing, and I can respect that. His songs were really cool. Would recommend if you’re into folk punk type stuff. 

Nomads were hard and fast, I’d never listened to them, but I think I could get into them if I was in the right mood. If you’re into PV I’d say check them out, but you probably already know who they are. 

Sleepwalkers had me banging my fucking head. Short and sweet, they kicked ass and got everyone jamming. I wouldn’t miss the chance to see them again if they ever come though. 

Rotting Out brought it. It was so cool to see them with more of my friends around. There were stage divers everywhere, bodies were just flying. People were going crazy and Walter had some really cool things to say. What spoke to me the most was when he was talking about how you never really get old in these four walls (hardcore), everything just hurts a little bit more the next day. 

Also I get to meet a bunch of new people and become better friends with guys I’ve been seeing around for a while. So far, best birthday to date. 


Amigo the Devil - Perfect Wife

If you don’t listen to anything else I post up, please listen to Amigo the Devil…

There are a couple reasons I love him:
1. His bio says that he wanted to find music to make silence, not fill it, and his music does a perfect job of that. Listening to his music almost seems like listening to silence with a soundtrack of notes.
2. His entire persona is like the darker side of a dark man, and it’s perfectly acceptable to listen to someone else go insane, right?
3. His lyrics are so much darker than almost anything else you would listen too, yet obviously written by a genius. He’s a wordsmith in the way that most artists smith smith fences and decorations, and he smiths spears and swords, as if to kill your brain.
4. Musically, it’s amazing to listen too; it’s written with few instruments, yet they’re such a perfect mix that it sounds like an orchestra.

This video is very dark, and shows him killing girl after girl, then the final girl killing him. The visuals are well done for the quality that it is. I would honestly love much better quality for this, but it’s whatever