Osomatsu-san T-Shirts (with Bonuses!) up for Pre-Order!

Cute chibis! There is a limited can badge bonus that comes with it! Shirt comes in XS, Small, Medium, and Large, but I just posted links to the medium size–there are links to others once you get to the page. ;3 (There are also exact measurements on AmiAmi so you don’t have to guess either!)

Material: 100% Cotton
Printing: Silk Print
Can badge: 56mm

AmiAmi: 2650¥ • Oso Kara Choro Ichi Jyushi Todo
Hobby Search: 2900¥ • Oso Kara Choro Ichi Jyushi Todo

Releases early October!


Prototypes Revealed for Kaito and Meiko  1/8 Scale Figures -Hanairogoromo- Version by Stronger

MSRP: 12,800 yen (including tax), Release Date: May 2017

These figures will be available for pre-order through AmiAmi, Snow Miku Skytown, and Synapse Mall on July 29th, 2016. Pre-orders through Snow Miku Skytown will include a pre-order bonus (currently not revealed) but the figure must be paid in full. For more info about ordering through Snow Miku Skytown, please visit the webpage linked above for more info. Pre-ordering through Snow Miku Skytown will require a proxy service since payment is immediately required and domestic shipping is only available within Japan.

Pre-orders close September 2016.

Guess what I preordered from AmiAmi last night?  It may not have the amount of accessories that Samus, Robocop, or many other previous Figma figures have, but that’s probably due to keeping the same price point in the face of the rising cost of plastic.  I would have preferred a Twilight Princess version to get more detail, but this sculpt is pretty killer, too.  That Master Sword and Hylian shield are absolutely stunning with the chrome paint apps!  It’s the first Link figure with high-level articulation ever made … Late October can’t come fast enough….


Product: Premium Bandai Sailor Moon Spiral Heart Moon Rod Proplica

Rating: 10/10

Product Review: I pre-ordered this from amiami the day it was announced.

The quality is still to die for, if not even better than the Cutie Moon Rod release. No paint errors or odd plastic spots. The thinnest part of the wand seems sturdier than the Cutie Moon Rod, which is an excellent improvement!