Hand painted greetings cards that I sold at Anime North this past weekend. Sailor Mars and Mercury are still up for grabs when I open my online shop (which will hopefully soon!)

Sailor Moon Desserts

So, my Sailor Moon dessert series is done! I wanted to gather them all in one place, so here’s a recap!

Usagi/Sailor Moon: Jam-filled chiffon cake with whipped cream, vanilla bean cream puffs and a white chocolate crescent moon. Recipe here.

Ami/Sailor Mercury: Creme de Menthe ice cream in a dark chocolate teacup. Recipe here.

Rei/Sailor Mars: Dark chocolate sphere with spicy cayenne chocolate mousse and cinnamon toffee for crunch. Recipe here.

Makoto/Sailor Jupiter: Pistachio sponge cake, strawberry jam and strawberry mousse. Topped with white chocolate and green apple pop rocks. Recipe here.

Minako/Sailor Venus: Passionfruit pastry cream napoleon with orange glaze, meringue bulbs and tuile cookie garnish. Recipe here.

Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon: Strawberry chiboust Gâteau Saint Honoré topped with homemade Cotton Candy and a white chocolate garnish. Recipe here.

Setsuna/Sailor Pluto: Blood orange mousse sphere with cardamom cremeux and toasted almonds. Recipe here.

Haruka/Sailor Uranus: White chocolate and yuzu opera cake with honey-ginger glaze and tuile and white chocolate garnish. Recipe here.

Michiru/Sailor Neptune: White chocolate and key lime opera cake with lime and sea salt macaron. Recipe here.

Hotaru/Sailor Saturn: Blackberry and crème de cassis mousse cake with candy garnish. Recipe here.