You know how tedious it was to get these two together? Very. Since Ami would rarely flirt back of her own accord, Zoicite was left twiddling his thumbs for a while. But once they were “lovebirds,” their relationship snowballed and now they’re pretty cute.

And quiet. So, so quiet. So chill. And oddly kind to each other. Zoicite is CONSTANTLY complimenting Ami or wanting to ask how her day went (as opposed to Mamoru and Usagi who just want to suck face or serenade each other).

Unfortunately for Ami, she’s always rolling “finish reading book,” but can’t seem to find the time between programming for her job and giving Zoicite hugs and affection.

So, Zoicite’s a big damn attention whore and Ami needs five seconds alone with a romance novel and a glass of wine. 


I just spent the last two weeks crocheting a Catan board as a birthday present for my friend. I’ve seen a lot of DIY Catan boards, but never a crocheted version that worked in the finer details of each resource tile.

I used this hexagon pattern from Tutsplus, doing only three rows of double crochet stitches. Then I did a cream border around each tile and handstitched each tile into the Catan island formation.

All the hills, roads, trees and other elements were crocheted freehand in basic amigurumi stitches. I have no pattern, but here’s the general gist of each element:

Forest: Pine trees are simple cones started with 4 scs into a magic circle. I varied the increases and rows to create each tree in a different size.

Pasture: Sheep were made with 4 scs in a magic ring. I then closed the ring and added 1 sc in black to create the head. The boulders were made with one bobble stitch crocheted into a chain stitch.

Hills: Each hill was created with a varied number of chain stitches. I then single crocheted around each chain length, varying in increases and rows to create different shapes.

Mountains: Each mountain was started with a varied number of scs in a magic loop. I freestyled a varying number of rows and increases. For the multiple peak mountains, I’d join several peaks together. Each snowy peak is just a few scs into a magic circle sewn over the top.

Field: Each wheat field is a small grouping of bobble stitches in short rows. On some fields I included boulders (see Pasture) and decidious trees, which were created with one bobble stitch sewn on top of one sc stitch.

Desert: The oasis is just a crocheted circle in a magic loop, varying in different stitches (sc, hdc, dc) to create a blob-type shape. I then crocheted around it in green to create the surrounding foliage.

After all the hexes were crocheted together, I then framed the island (2scs on edge, 2hdc, 4dc, 2tr on inside corner) and did two rounds of dcs. I also crocheted a large hex for the underside and sewed it to the island, which gave the board a nice solid finish.