How to have a binder without your parents knowing:

  1. Pick the binder you want online, add it to the website’s shopping cart and start to check out until you find how much it costs with shipping and tax.
  2. Save up enough money to buy the binder. Make sure you have a few dollars extra, to buy the card itself and just in case.
  3. Go into a store and buy a prepaid VISA card. They have them at lots of stores, even CVS. (You can also ask a friend to do this if you can’t get to a store on your own)
    1. Prepaid credit cards require you to be 18 to open an account, but you can purchase prepaid gift cards at a grocery or other store at any age and use them wherever Visa, MasterCard or AMEX are accepted. 
    2. These gift cards, which aren’t reloadable, usually carry an activation fee along the lines of $4.95 for every $50 increment. You usually find them in denominations of $25, $50 or $100.
  4. Buy the binder online. Put the name on the card as “Visa” in the payment section of the website. If you don’t have access to a computer at home, use one at the library. 
  5. Clear your internet history if you’re at home. Make sure the invoice is sent to an email that only you have access to.
  6. Ship it to a consenting friend’s house or an accepting relative, if you have one. Or ship it to your own house and say you bought a present for someone. You may have to go to a store in person and buy a physical present to then gift to cover up that it wasn’t in the package.
  7. Hide it when you get it.
  8. Handwash it when it gets dirty. Or start doing your laundry yourself. Wring it out and hang it to dry in the back of your closet.
  9. Bring it in a bag with you to change into it when you’re out of the house.

(Or ask a friend with a debit/credit/gift card to buy you a binder if you give them the cash.)

Sugar Update: I'm alive 💕

It had been 6 months since I quit sugaring. I had completely given that lifestyle up. I was looking forward to vanilla life with my vanilla lover. Then I had a relapse in the Centurion Lounge at MIA. I was in Insta-Baddie attire, and my winged liner was sharper than a knife. I literally walked in & immediately made a dash for drinks. I was exhausted from the previous night. (I was in Miami for a family event.) I looked around and felt out of place, it was packed with older men & women. I walked over to an empty seat Mimosa in hand, and I noticed a middle age looking gentleman (totally daddy material, who we’ll call Phoenix) staring at me from across the room. He looked at me for a good minute, and I couldn’t help but stare back at him while I occasionally took sips of my drink. Then I decided that it was too much and I started going through my phone and acting busy. The older-older gentleman who sat in the seat next to me had dispersed in a rush. [Thought to myself: oh, he must’ve been late for priority boarding.] At this point, Phoenix walks over and says “Thanks for saving me a seat.” I casually brushed it off like “haha yeah no worries”. I started trying to act super busy with my phone, but apparently I couldn’t convince him of how busy I was at the moment. So here’s how the conversation unfolded…

Him: Where you from? I need to find someone like you.
I: oh haha (I literally haha'ed I kid you not) I’m Indian, but I was raised here
Him: where are you flying?
I: Well my connection flight is to ATL, before I take another flight home
Him: I have a flight to Atlanta as well. You’re flying delta?
I: Yeah the 1 ish flight
Him: same as me… sit with me?
I: Oh haha I’m just sky priority but I’m not business or first class.
Him: I can change that.
I : [modest] Oh no, please don’t do that. I wouldn’t want you to go through that trouble for me.
Him: trust me it’s no trouble at all.

Phoenix was just about to get me into first or business next to him. I was overwhelmed over how quickly everything was moving. Soon it was time to get to the gate. Luckily, there were seats available in first class so he got me in, and he switched seats with an older lady so we could sit together. We spoke quite a lot and I was actually in the middle of telling him about how I was thankful for his kind gesture. As the plan took off he offered to buy an alcoholic beverage, but I refused because I started thinking of how I’d have to go pee during the flight. He ordered some beer for himself and he was like I need to ask you something…

I was like “Sure go ahead”. He then took out a pen and wrote on a paper towel"$1000 expenses covered". I looked at it baffled like [is he really trying to ask me what my price is?! The nerve!] I looked up at him & asked for his pen. I was thinking of an absurd amount and knew he’d flip his shit. So I crossed out the 1 & I put a 2 in its place. I folded the paper towel and placed it on his lap, getting a feel of his thigh during the process. So he looked at it & he said, “Sounds good”. Now I was even more confused on what that amount was for. Was he negotiating monthly or just a one night stand. I was under the impression it was for just a one night stand, but how the hell could he have agreed to 2K for a 1 night stand?! If this was an allowance figure I felt like I had cut myself short! So I was struggling internally as to whether it was monthly or per play. I was praying to the sugar gods that please let it be for a one night stand. We finally landed in Atlanta, and I mustered the courage to ask him what he meant by the figures on the paper towel. His response pissed me off even more and made matters worse. He said “it means what you want it to mean sweetheart” So I took a leap of faith and just vulnerably said “Per date”. He said “Okay” and smiled with a creepy wink.

Coming out the airplane he said he’s going to alter his itinerary to have a layover in Atlanta. He asked me if he could rebook my flight for home as well. I was really unsure and hesitant with my response. To assure me he said that I could stay in a different room if I’d like. This statement of his was enough to let me know that he has been a SD before. I agreed and I said I needed to use the bathroom before we left the airport.

I texted two of my girlfriends in Atlanta that I’d be with a guy I met off of Tinder and asked them to check in on me through texts. When I came back we headed to the sky train for the exit terminal or something. It was there that he made his first physical advance towards me. I was wearing a zip up jacket (unzipped at the time) with some black jeans. He proceeded to put his arms through my jacket and into my back pockets. He got a good squeeze, and he slipped ‘something’ in one of my back pockets. Obviously it was cash money. He whispered saying it’s half.

We stayed at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, and ate dinner at the Polaris. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t let him fuck my brains out that night. I cuddled my sore vag to sleep in his bed spooned up. I received the other half of my allowance on the way back to the airport the next morning. We exchanged numbers, and he said that he wants to meet me on Valentines weekend in Atlanta again. This time for a weekend trip. He booked my return flight on the next plane to my hometown. He pulled the same cheek squeeze when we hugged good bye.

So present day: Phoenix sends me $250/ week, which isn’t a glamorous amount. I know! Keep in mind that all I do is text him every other day or so send him suggestive pics. Not even nudes. He’s also booked spa appointments for me. Now I’m just focusing on getting to know him fully & understand how he thinks. His seasoned sugar daddy asf behavior has me drooling. The fact that I wasn’t even looking and I got myself a beautiful POT makes it even more perfect. The Centurion Lounge seems like a great place to freestyle tho, not going to lie.

If you had told Dex even a week ago that he would willingly be sharing a blanket with Derek Nurse on the floor of the Haus living room all afternoon, pressed together so close they’re practically in each other’s laps, he would’ve laughed in your face.

Now, he just bangs a fist against the side of the old space heater in front of them and subtly pulls Nursey a little closer into his side. Not that there’s all that much closer to pull him.

“I told them,” he mutters. “Draft fucking central.”

He not so much sees as senses Nursey roll his eyes. “Rans and Holtzy not letting you replace all the windowpanes last year is not why the heating went out, yo.”

Intellectually, Dex know this. But it’s easier to blame their former captains for their current predicament than it is to blame the fact that he’s let routine Haus maintenance slide so much this semester that they’ve ended up here. Because if Dex doesn’t keep a close eye on things like the barely functioning water heater, or the garbage disposal that’s missing two blades and is about to fall out of the sink entirely, who will?

Except, well, he’s been distracted this year. From the moment he got back from summer break and moved into the attic with Nursey, he’s been… distracted.

Nursey is distracting.

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American Express Card Art

Victo Ngai

I got to work on this really fun project with American Express to interpret their three cards. I want to tell a story while playing and interacting with the Amex motifs, not just decorating the surfaces of the card. Here’s my take:

Green - Card of Style. Visit a glamorous photo shoot. 

Gold - Card of Art. Take a tour in an Art Museum.

Platinum - Card of Creation. Get a glimpse at a sculptor at work in his studio.

Big thanks to #AmericanExpress and AD Taylor Tindall and the team at #alldayeveryday.