megademencia  asked:

Hey, I know you're not changing it, but if you were going to, what name would you pick for your amedot fusion since there's already a canon fluorite?

Well I’ve messed around with her colours before and these are the palette’s that I somewhat like or think could work for them


and Vauxite

But Fluorite’s still the palette I like the most. Sooo just pick your favourite I guess and go with that version?

Habitat For Humanity

After a hurricane ravages the east coast, the Crystal Gems join other volunteers to help rebuild Ocean Town. When Amethyst and Peridot are assigned to rebuild a house, the two soon run into a problem. Amethyst has very little architectural knowledge, while Peridot knows nothing about what makes a house livable. The two must put their heads together to build a cozy house that stands the test of time, and avoid building an uninhabitable deathtrap.