I understand that she was angry at him and that he did do some stuff that was wrong. But damn she didn’t hold back at all. I know Tate is a psychopath but he can’t help it, he can’t control it, but at least he knows it, at least Tate knows that what he did was wrong where most people these days don’t. They blame other people for their mistakes where he actually admits that what he did was wrong. You’d think that if they loved each other as much as they say, if Violet loved Tate as much as she says then she would help and support him. He helped her when she died, he stayed with her and understood her when no one else did, but that’s just my view. 🙌🏼


I have no idea how one actress can play two completely different roles so well.

Sister Mary Eunice: an innocent soul consumed by the devil and forced to do what is considered ‘sinful’ things.

Misty Day: a swamp witch, who lives alone and helps those who pass into the next, free and loving.

Lily Rabe plays both roles effortlessly with precision and perfection 👌🏼

The talent this woman has is so under appreciated and it’s unfair. This woman can act, and she acts very well.



“I think, to me, what was so wonderful about the possession of Sister Mary Eunice was the metaphore of when something takes you over, that is that dark.

If she [Mary Eunice] had survived, what really would be left of her. I think the fact that it’s an insisted suicide, really. She wants to go and I think that it’s kind of an amazing metaphor for life of when something so horrible happens in such a long period of time, what really is left of that person, how much strengh does it take to still be intact and she, at the end of the day, there was nothing really for her to hope for except to just end it.

And i think that it’s really devistating but it’s very beautiful to go through that and not to have some glourious ending of another exorcism and then she’s back to herself. She was totally destroyed.”

-Lily Rabe,The actress of Mary Eunice. (x)