GPOYW - Remembering the good old days edition

Remember when I had Lakota in college? I got him when he was 3 years old out of a field.  He didn’t have a mane and was anemic.  I brought him home and took care of him, a month later he was a wild man because he had never felt good and finally did. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get him to the point where I could take him off the property and show him, and when we did he was amazing!  What a great little jumping bean.  His new owners (new HA… they have had him for 4 years now!) said that he continues to excel in the jumping arena which is so gratifying seeing as I spent such long hours with him as a baby desensitizing him to absolutely everything.

I keep this picture on my desk to remind me of him and how hard work really paid off.  One day I will have another horse(s), but for now I have to mooch off of friends who have them.  Oh memories… you make me weepy..


Let’s just gush about my man Maximus for a minute here :) (his registered name is Sonny Deebar Delight… But Max suits him better :)

First photo is his current Certificate of Registration (I’m just filling out the papers now to get my name on that paper!!). Next is a close up of the picture on his registration (him as a baby!! How dead cute is he?!?!). Third we have a most recent photo of him (last weekend!) And a couple photos of us together, riding and hanging out :)

Yep I love my horse :)