Not quite ‘in action’, but maybe on saturday when I (finally) get a game of Bolt Action in I’ll get some proper in-game pics. For now, here’s my Yanks advancing across a pretty nice-looking field in Normandy, searching for the remnants of a German advance party (you can just see the two Germans - the only ones I have painted thus far) at the bottom left in the first picture.

Picture 1: An Overview of the table!

Picture 2: A Regular unit advances past the ruins.

Picture 3: The Veterans halt behind the hedgerows.

Picture 4: Sniper Team on the bluff

Picture 5: Major Malfunction and his entourage lend some much-needed leadership!

Now all I need is a name for the Army - I have the name 'The Fighting Mongooses’ in my head, but I’m pretty sure that that is awful.

A young British officer of the 62nd Regiment of Foot , as he would have appeared during the Saratoga Campaign of 1777. His arms consist of a short light fusil (fuzee) with a bayonet, no sword. The objects associated with being an officer - swords, gorgets, lace and sashes, were frequently abandoned by officers in the field for more practical equipment. Art by Don Troiani.

A few things, since you can’t do anything without at least one person hating on it.

-It’s an IR signature American flag IN COLOR. It’s not even eligible to be worn on your shoulder per regulation.

-I’m wearing fucking DCUs. Not only is that not a current service uniform but it doesn’t have Velcro on the shoulders.

-I’m currently running an OpFor mission for a unit who I will not mention, hence fucking DCUs.

-Stop being a sharpshooter, it’s just a picture with a caption that’s a fairly common phrase passed around the service.




The Bicycle Corps: America's Black Army on Wheels [VHS]

The Bicycle Corps: America’s Black Army on Wheels [VHS]
The Bicycle Corps tells the story of the 25th Infantry’s bicycle trip from Missoula, Montana, to St. Louis, Missouri in 1897. The African American infantry took the trip to test a theory that the bicycle would replace the horse in transporting men for the army. With archival film, photographs and interviews with historians, this program also examines the life of the African American soldier at the turn of the century, in particular First Sergeant Mingo Sanders, the main motivator of the enlisted men.

“Last Crusader”

Music by Eldrig
(This song is called Death to Unwilling, taken from their second full-length album Everlasting War Divinity, which was released on September, 2007).
Artwork has been taken from

Secretary of the Navy Names Littoral Combat Ship

Secretary of the Navy Names Littoral Combat Ship

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced today that the next Independence variant littoral combat ship will be named USS Cincinnati (LCS 20). LCS 20 will be the fifth ship in naval history to be named Cincinnati with the first playing an integral part in the Civil War; the second enforcing neutrality laws during the Cuban Revolution and seeing service during the Spanish-American War; the third…

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