Umar is not happy with the DS trailer  (and neither am I)

Oh Anna, I have so many feelings about the patchwork movie, that’s what I’ve gotten to calling DrS, and most of it is disappointment and exasperation.

Let me start with giving some advice to marvel which they would no doubt ignore if they ever saw it. If you want the Asian and Latin markets… Don’t write them out of films! You want China’s business? Here’s a wild idea… Hire Chinese actors! Hire Chinese writers! Hire Chinese filmmakers! Hire Chinese people! Stop giving all the roles and all the work to Caucasian American actors who can trace their background to Plymouth Rock. And why did I phrase it that way? Because you’re washing away the backgrounds of other interesting characters. Just because a character looks like he could pass for a white American doesn’t mean they are. Stop ignoring the fact that this country is a boilerplate and hire actors of the actual background of the characters. Just because they’re light skinned doesn’t mean you can rub their identity away. If the character is Romani then hire a Romani actor. If the character is Jewish then hire a Jewish actor. Wild marketing scheme don’t you think.

On to the trailer… Let me say, I have been waiting for years for the possibility of these comics being made into movies. While my favorite character is not in this one, I was excitedly waiting for the eventuality she would be in one of the next as Marvel rarely leaves it at one movie. And I would get an exciting origin story or so I thought. Is there a movie they did not “sample” from? Portal? Check. Matrix? Check. Inception? Check. Batman Begins? Check. Has all originality died? Let me reiterate an earlier point. Hire some other writers. Hire writers from other countries. Hire writers with different backgrounds. Hire writers of color. Hire women writers. I bet you a million dollars you will finally get some original ideas. Which you most desperately need.

The villain? My favorite characters are villains, don’t throw such a pathetic shot at me. If that was the most intriguing piece of footage you could find to entice me into watching this battle between good and evil then you need to redo the whole movie, and this time hire a Chinese Ancient One? What about him is supposed to be different than every other villain you’ve ever introduced me to. “You will die protecting this world”. Come on, is that something that would not come out of every other villain in the last 40 years? I hope for your sake, your villain has much more depth than that line shows.

Then there is the most grating thing. You know, you know how much backlash you are getting for whitewashing this movie. And still, still you have Swinton narrarating the trailer. The audacity is outstanding, but not as outstanding as the stupidity.

Last, but not least. How am I supposed to trust you have such a huge belief in BC as DrS when Swinton has more lines than him. He is barely in the trailer. I mean he’s in the trailer but I can’t even gauge if he works as DrS because I didn’t even get to see him act. A quarter of the time his face was obscured, another quarter of the times he was facing away from the camera, and another quarter of the time the camera switched over so quickly I almost got whiplash. And the lines you chose to display, they were so short and common… He could have been having an exasperated and confused discussion about why the train is running late again.

Overall, the short trailer left me wondering why Marvel hates this movie.



I’ll just press “post” and step away quietly.

“His beauty was shattering. It made you happy and embarrassed and awkward all at the same time. It was just too much. And then he could act! And so brilliantly. He was not like anyone–male or female–I had ever seen before. He was Dresden or bisque china. He was slighter then, not so muscular, and beautifully mannered. I have never gotten over those first encounters, and now he calls me and he’s sad and feels he doesn’t have a life, and it kills me. He changed my life in so many ways. Doesn’t he know this?”–Marian Seldes on meeting Marlon Brando in the 1940s/Interview with James Grissom/Photograph of Brando when he appeared in “I Remember Mama,” in 1944.

The Great Wall and Matt Damon: Do We Really Need Another White Savior?

Since the trailer for The Great Wall dropped, there have been polarizing reactions to this latest Matt Damon project. The film, which has been reported as the most expensive Chinese production ever, stars Matt Damon as part of an “elite force making a valiant stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure”. The film also stars Andy Lau, Lu Han, Wang Junkai, Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe and is directed by Chinese megastar Zhang Yimou.

There have been swift criticism regarding Matt Damon’s role in the film, particularly in reference to the white savior trope. One thing is certain, the trailer makes it clear that Damon is the main star, despite the predominantly Asian cast. Social media maestros such as @NoTotally, @theLLAG, @ReignOfApril, @jontsuei and @angryasianman have all remarked on this film.

Actress Constance Wu also made a strong statement regarding the hero-bias perpetuated in Hollywood in response to The Great Wall trailer release. 

Wu wrote, “We have to stop perpetuating the racist myth that only a white man can save the world — Our heroes don’t look like Matt Damon. They look like Malala. Ghandi. Mandela ”.   We shall let Wu explain further with her powerful post below.
The First Reviews of Harry Styles’s Acting Abilities Have Arrived
And from Mark Rylance, no less.
By Richard Lawson

If I were to ask you how you feel about Harry Styles—singer of songs, boat of dreams—would you perhaps say, “He is one handsome fella with an incredible smile and eyes”? If you did say that, you would, perhaps surprisingly, have that exactly in common with Tony- and Oscar-winning British-American actor Mark Rylance. Because that’s what Mark Rylance just said about Harry Styles. Plus, he said he’s a good actor and stuff.

In a red-carpet interview with the Evening Standard, the Rylance was asked about Styles’s acting ability, as the two are co-stars in Styles’s first film, the W.W. II action epic, Dunkirk. (Directed by Christopher Nolan, no less.) Rylance answered the reporter’s question about the heartthrob with some real heart of his own, saying that Styles has that certain je ne sais quoi (we are in Dunkirk, after all), a rare star quality that Rylance—very lauded Mark Rylance!—is in awe of:

“He seems remarkable … one of those people—Sean Penn has it, too—a kind of panache. I look at them and think, ‘How did you get that? How do you get so that life is easy?’ But he has got a lovely, lovely character. It’s a gift.”

Whoaaa. Someone has a crush! And can you blame him? It’s Harry freakin’ Styles. Rylance also called Harry “witty”—which, duh. But most important, he said that Harry Styles “is one handsome fella with an incredible smile and eyes.” It’s unclear if Rylance was saying that Harry Styles has an incredible smile, and that he also has eyes, simply pointing out that Harry has eyes in his skull. Or if he was calling Harry’s eyes incredible, too. Either way, he’s not wrong. Harry Styles DOES have eyeballs, and they ARE incredible.

Did you ever think you’d have so much in common with Mark Rylance? Sure, you both like hats, a lot. And you, too, have recited strange poems at the Tony Awards. And of course we all were great in Bridge of Spies. But beyond that? It probably never seemed likely that you and Mark Rylance—despite the fact that you’ve both starred in lavish movie adaptations of The BFG—would share so many similarities in your lives. But there you have it. Mark Rylance is a Harry Styles fan too.

I’d have to imagine that, for Styles, the feeling is mutual. I’m sure he read the Evening Standard quote (which we found on Vogue U.K.’s Web site, running alongside a slide show called “50 Fittest Boys” (which Mark Rylance is sadly not in), and said, “Awww,” and texted Rylance, writing, “Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Rylance.” And then another text message, from “L,” popped up on Harry’s phone, reading, “Agree w everything Mark said, but u knew that. Home soon.” And Harry smiled that incredible smile, and then Tuesday continued on like normal.