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this isn't a request (at least I hope so) but do you have any tips on how to style skirts? i just can never figure out when i tuck in the shirt, when i dont, and just what to wear with a skirt

Oh, no you are totally fine! Hmmm, I don’t really wear skirts myself, so it is kind of hard for me to answer that, but I will try my best! :)

Okay, so I guess it really depends on the type of skirt you are wearing, but I am just going to be assuming you are talking about skater/tennis skirts! I found a few links that may help you out or give you inspiration on how to style them. You could also just search online on here or pintrest of some outfits with skirts! Or you could like look through my masterlist, but I don’t really use skirts that much in the outfits I create though! 

How to Style American Apparel Circle Skirts LOOKBOOK

STYLING: Circle Skater Skirts 

I would say as a general rule that if you are wearing a baggy sweater or tshirt, it would be best to tuck it in! I also think that just doing a front tuck with baggy sweaters looks really cute! :)

But honestly, I would just say, you should wear a skirt on however you think looks best on you and are comfortable with wearing! :) lol that probably didnt even answer your question sorry
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