neeeeeew videooooooooo :+)))))))))


I actually don’t know where to start but yes this post is about the shirt I wore. I have the shirt since I was second year high school but I didn’t like that before because it was too big on me. Now, I don’t know if I should be happy or nah. (HAHA). It felt like the shirt was really made for me. 

Now, off to my next topic. I only have one or two days left and I will be an official college student. To be honest,  I’m not that excited maybe because summer is officially over for me and I have a new environment (school) to adjust with. *High Five to every UST freshie out there!

What I’m Wearing: Polo Shirt (Burberry), Pants (Uni Qlo), Ankle Boat Shoes (American Eagle), Bag (Grocery), Sunnies (Sunnies by Charlie).


Uploaded a new haul! Czech it out cause it took forever to film and maybe “like” it if you like it