Gotta Get Out : Kit Walker x Reader

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“Kit?” You whisper throughout solitary confinement. There’s some rustling in one of the cells and you see Kit sitting in the corner. 

 “Kit!” You whisper loudly. His head perks up once he realises it’s you and he rushes to the little window. 

 “(Y/N)? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in the common room,” Kit says harshly. Yeah, you’re supposed to be in the common room but you had found a way out and had to get your plan rolling as soon as possible.

“So what? I found out how to get out of this hell hole,” you smile, dangling a set of keys in front of his eyes. “Took a little bit of work, but it was worth it.” 

“You are a godsend, sweetheart,” Kit beams. You quickly unlock the cell and Kit pulls you into a tight hug. “We have to go before the guards make their rounds and notice that the both of us are gone.” 

You lead the way with Kit close behind. You had found a tunnel leading out of Briarcliff when you were working with the kitchen and had done some snooping, silently praying that Sister Jude wouldn’t catch you. Both of you dart through the halls, careful not to make a sound until you found the tunnel. Kit pulls you in for a kiss, letting it linger a little. 

“Let’s go,” he smirks, pulling you with him. You look behind you out of habit and see that no one is following. You’re finally safe with the love of your life. As you make it to the end of the tunnel, you can finally see sunlight and feel the warmth radiating.

“I never thought we’d actually do it, Kit.” You climb out of the tunnel and feel the sun on your face after being in Briarcliff for what felt like ages. 

“I knew we’d get out and I knew we’d do it together.” Kit says, taking your hand in his. “Now, let’s go home.”

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