Have you ever noticed that like every cartoon has White Jock Guy™ ?





Service Dog Appreciation Post 4/?

Not the most flattering picture of me but that’s not the point of this point so it’s fine.

I felt a seizure coming on and Daphne sat up and alerted me to let me know that I needed to sit or lay down in a better place. I walked to the front of the room with Daphne on my right and my cane on my left, and tapped my professor on the shoulder to let her know I was about to have a seizure and needed to step out.

I started to get really shaky and stumbled a bit so she opened and held the door for me. I managed to get down the hall to a couch with Daphne’s help and woke up about 20 minutes later with Daphne draped across my lap, only remembering the beginning of the seizure.

It’s not very often that I pass out or for that long but I’m so thankful that Daphne is my Service Dog and knows to watch over me when I’m vulnerable. I’m also incredibly lucky and thankful that she’s able to predict my major seizures before they occur because even a small heads up gives me time to get myself away from hard or sharp objects and off my feet.


The non-dominant hand is in a 1 hand shape, signifying the person that is being bullied. The dominant hand is in the Y hand shape describing the head of a bull with two horns. The dominant hand touches the non-dominant hand’s index finger in between the two horns and hits the index finger and twists at the wrist as if the finger is being head-butted by a bull.

American Sign Language: Advanced Vocabulary 1.A


I loved Iron Fist so much and I honestly do not have any issue with the casting as it was chosen; for once, the Execs made a good decision to actually stay true to the source material.

Hypothetically, though, would it have been cool to have an East Asian person cast as Iron Fist? Of course. I hands down would love to see more diversity in television and cinema as much as anyone else and I totally would have welcomed that if that had happened on this show

But on this particular casting, I feel there are too many people on this site and others projecting themselves and their desires onto everyone else to the point of bullying. And that is majorly uncool and unfair.

Seriously, give the show a chance. So many people poured their hearts, souls,time, and money into it. Judge it after you’ve seen it and formed your own opinions and if you still think Jones was poorly cast, THEN you can bitch.  But I doubt that anyone of you will be complaining much after….

Why School's ARE Terrible

My old high school has had a large bullying issue, what school hasn’t though? My freshman year a girl died from cancer, 4-5 kids died in a car accident. Sophmore year a freshman killed himself, another senior died (unknown). Senior year a few more students die.

So what is this AMAZING High School do???

“If you make a suicide attempt you are automatically expelled for a year” along with their Zero Tolerance Policy where “even if you’re fighting back to defend yourself you’re getting suspended or worse”.

So I don’t want to hear that there is no issue with the American School System.