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Plot/Basics of the story: You are the daughter of John Henry Moore (Cheyenne Jackson’s character), a Warlock Councilman. You live in Hawthorne boy’s school with your father. Being the only female at the school, you’re separated far away from the boys. You are a witch but your father taught you how to control your powers himself instead of sending to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, he detested the idea of sending you there. You spent most of your time by your father’s side (your mother died during your birth). You’re a loner, shy, reserved and you only open up to people you trust most. You are also trustworthy and loyal. You don’t really have any interest in boys. If any of the boys at the school would try to talk to you, you would politely reply and make it clear you’re not interested in continuing the conversation. You never felt like you belonged at Hawthorne nor did you ever truly feel connected to anyone, not even your own father. Well, that was true until you met him…

Your School Outfit:

Your Make-up:

Y/N’s P.O.V:

I walk down the halls of Hawthorne school, minding my own business. I notice a few of the boys staring and whispering to their friends about me. Being the only girl in a school full of boys is very annoying. They look at you like you’re the first girl they’ve ever laid eyes on. Some have tried to ask me out but I just usually politely decline and go back to reading or whatever I was doing at the time. I roll my eyes at them and continue walking, a few books from the library in hand.

I enter Behold’s office to find my father sat down, smoking a cigarette. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion and place my books on a nearby desk “Father, I thought you stopped smoking… You look distressed, what happened?” I question worried but before he could answer, Behold and Baldwin walked into the room. “John Henry Moore, something must be grotesquely important for you to be stanking up my office with that cancer stick… I thought you quit.” Behold sasses, looking quite pissed “I quit every week.” my father replies simply, shrugging slightly. I roll my eyes and sigh “Father…” I trail off and he just looks at me and mouths ‘what?’ “You might need one after seeing what I’ve just seen.” my father added, putting the cigarette back up to his lips, taking another puff. “Please, allow our colleagues to make their own unbiased evaluation.” I hear a familiar voice speak. I see Ariel turn the chair he was sat on. My eyes widen, surprised I didn’t notice him before. Behold faced Baldwin in surprise while Baldwin’s face held a look of joy “Ariel. Nobody told us you were coming. I’ll make arrangements for a celebration tonight. The students can meet their Grand Chancellor.” Baldwin greets happily. “No. There is something much more pressing.” Ariel refuses, getting up from the chair and walking towards a laptop “This was sent to me by a sympathetic member of the Los Angeles police department.” he explains. We gather around the laptop and he plays the video.

The video starts with an officer interrogating a boy, who was sat hunched ouer in chair “…with your memory.” the officer’s voice was harsh and demanding, I flinched just hearing it “I didn’t do anything.” the boy’s voice was strained from crying “Except stab him with five knives. You were the only one there. You sick little fuck.” the officer replied horribly to the boy, who you could tell was already frightened enough “I didn’t touch those knives. You won’t find my fingerprints anywhere.” The officer grabs the boy from the chair and throws him to the floor. The officer proceeded to kick the boy in the stomach. When suddenly the officer flew against the wall and up to ceiling, his limbs started to contort in different ways. He fell back to the floor, he got up on his knees. He showed no sign of injury after contorting in such a way. He turned to the camera and uttered the words “Save me.” before his head blew up, blood splattering everywhere.

I place my hand over my mouth in horror and disgust. Ariel pauses the video. I might not know the whole story but I kinda felt sorry for the boy. I take my eyes off the screen and see the faces of the others. Baldwin was doing the same as me and Behold’s held a shocked expression. I turn my attention back to the screen and took a closer look at the boy. He had messy locks and sharp facial features. He wore an armless black t-shirt with black torn jeans and black boots.

I look at my father who simply looked unfazed as did Ariel. “Need a smoke?” my father asks Behold and Behold just looks at him as if to say 'try me’ “Holy shit…” Baldwin mutters under his breath, taking his hands away from his mouth “It’s a classic case of demonic possession. Ariel, as much as you want him to be… The boy is not a Warlock. He’s not the provocateur- look at him-” my father tries to explain “I disagree. I think it was a manifestation of wild energy. It was out of control but… Full of potency and promise.” Ariel interrupts my father. My father puts the cigarette back up to his mouth and takes another drag and shugs his shoulders “Let’s just say that you’re right and he was responsible then his magic is dark and volital and we should leave him the fuck alone!” my father exclaims, emphasising the last part “Protection of our kind has became a matter of life and death.” Ariel explains “Warlock’s have always been secod class citizens” Behold chimes in “That doesn’t mean we have to open our doors to just anyone especially him.” I could hear the distaste in my father’s voice as he rolls his eyes, already looking done with conversation. I listen intently to their conversation, deciding not to interrupt “This school gave us direction. His power can be harnessed for good… He could be the one we’ve been waiting for. Remember the prophecy.” Ariel’s voice held such hope. My father averts his gaze to ground and sighs “You’re talking about the Alpha.” my eyes widen 'The Alpha… No man has ever passed the Supreme’ I thought “The Warlock who becomes the Alpha will have power beyond comprehension. His magic will succeed that of the witches.” Ariel smiles, trying so hard to convince my father “He could pass the test of the Seven Wonders.” Baldwin speaks up, smiling “And supplant their Supreme.” Ariel adds “The Alpha will allow us to take our rightful place at the top of the hierarchy.” Ariel finishes, smiling still. He looks at Behold “Behold, what do you think?” “I think you need to get a face to face with that boy.” Behold encourages. “Y/N? Your thoughts?” Ariel asks me, still smiling. I look at Ariel then at my father “Ughh…” I trail off unsure. My father looked at me as if to say 'no’. I let out a shaky breath and answer “It’s worth a shot…” I agree, turning back to the laptop. I felt memorised by the boy.

It has been a few hours since Ariel left to go speak with the boy. I was undecided about the situation. The boy seemed to not be in control of his powers so I’m unsure on whether or not I should make a judgement for the deaths he caused. I sigh, shaking my head slightly. I leave the library and make my way down the spiral staircase. I stop mid way down when I saw Ariel walk through the door with the boy following close behind.

All of the other boys were gathered around, waiting to see the new boy. My father stood in front of all of them, looking as serious as ever. Ariel gave everyone a smile and introduces the boy to everyone “I’d like you all to meet Michael. Like many of us when we first arrived, he is not sure that this is the place for him. But, in the days to come, we are going to show him that not only is the only place he belongs but that he has finally found his true home.” Ariel finished his speech, looking really proud with himself. The boys gather around Michael and greet him by giving him hand shakes and pats on the back.

Through the crowd, Michael was able to spot me and make eye contact with me. 'He has beautiful blue eyes.’ I thought, dazed slightly. I finally come back to my senses and realise that I felt some sort of connection when I made eye contact with him. I gave him a small smile and he gives one back. I finish walking down the spiral stairs and leave the room, I could feel his eyes on me as I left.

Tate is a literal puppy and ya’ll are just mean

People are saying that they don’t buy the ending with Tate. They say that you can’t use the fact that he was literally possessed by the evil in the house as an excuse to why he did these horrible things. It wasn’t Tate who did it. Or well he wasn’t the one who can be blamed for it.

It’s like saying. Well Sister Mary Eunice was possessed by the literal devil but she was the bad one who did all that jazz not the devil who made her do these things. You see where I’m coming from?

Tate didn’t do anything wrong. He was a sensible kid used to do evil. Used to create the ultimate bad being.

In conclusion ya’ll are just butt hurt that Tate is actually a good guy.

I know the whole fandom will hate this (and me) but I really like the idea of them take over the world together. So I just had to draw them. Cordelia the fucking supreme and Michael the antichrist! 🔥

PS CC & Cintiq

violate being canon is basically just excusing and disregarding tate being a rapist and a murderer because giving him a happy ending and violet forgetting all that he’s done is gross and it makes me so angry that Cordelia and misty most likely won’t get a happy ending even though both of the characters deserve the absolute world.

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bro what would the evan characters be like drunk??

the evans drunk…

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  • was SUPPOSED to be the designated driver
  • ^ violet had to drag their asses home instead
  • contributed to music selection, nirvana hella
  • he’s very emotional
  • he sits in the corner rocking back and forth mumbling about how death is inevitable
  • “aYe mmmnn BARTENDER! can i have lemonade”
  • sings shes a rainbow to his guinea pig
  • talks to everyone like they’re ben
  • “and today i felt sad, like a different sad”
  • “yaint your therapist, tate”


  • BIGGEST mood swings
  • crying in the corner and stripping on the table a minute later
  • will probably give anyone a lap dance
  • once downed 11 beers and cartwheeled out the window
  • can NEVER remember the night when he wakes up
  • “damn i hope i didn’t do anything too embarrassing!”
  • “wow im sO hor- is that a DOG?!”
  • gets drunk off of one shot
  • is suddenly in love with everyone in his sight
  • just like,, goes up to random people and sits in their lap or hugs them


  • oh boy. this bitch either wildin or sobbing no inbetween
  • is always carrying a solo cup even though they’re at a bar
  • “BRO do you have a juul?!”
  • “kyle you’re a frat boy not a 14 year old”
  • hes the human embodiment of the song “don’t threaten me with a good time” by patd
  • pours beer over his head and says hes showering
  • surprisingly doesn’t drink a lot
  • “can someone suck my dick pleeeease?”
  • follows people around and asks for hugs


  • well we’ve seen him drunk
  • angry drunk, punches things for fun
  • sits at the bar and sobs about his life sucks
  • “i have fuckin… CLAWS for HANDS, march”
  • “kitty come give me a huuuug”
  • talks about how he misses the freak show sometimes
  • snorts cocaine and bangs his head on the bar
  • forgets everyone’s name and has resorted to just calling everyone “you”
  • “hey uhhh YOU! with the blue hair”
  • drunk jimmy tries to console kyle


  • surprisingly quite calm
  • slurs his words a LOT
  • his accent gets so heavy you cant even understand him
  • very tolerant to alcohol
  • has to drink like 13 beers to get drunk
  • stands on the table and gives a toast to john lowe even though he aint there
  • he gets extremely intellectual
  • “GOD ISNT REAL!” *throws shot glass*
  • “mmnm the world is full of crude bastards”
  • a mess


  • kyle on steroids 2.0
  • “hey guys guess who brought COCAINE?!”
  • is literally going to die from alcohol poisoning
  • “have you met my friend kyle? hes great. there’s no one better than my friend kyle”
  • on the dance floor the entire night
  • knows the choreography to single ladies
  • recites all of his lines from roanoke nightmare and tries to kiss kyle and says “hes guiness”
  • “i am married to EVERYONE in this room”
  • his form of dancing is standing on the bar and screaming the lyrics to africa


  • basically walked in naked
  • “im ready to get fucked tonight”
  • lets kit give him a lap dance and makes sure to let him know the next day
  • humps the TV to the extreme
  • screams to communicate
  • “what do you mean this isn’t a strip club?”
  • leaves halfway through to go to the strip club
  • tries to start fights
  • gets in political arguments
  • dyes his hair uncontrollably


  • sings the words to time in a bottle whilst crying on the couch
  • has 3 moods: crying, laughing, and kinky
  • “am i catholic or protestant? god i just don’t know!”
  • ^ if you know where that’s from you’re going to straight to hell
  • spends his entire credit card
  • remembers everything the next morning
  • claims that he is actually peter maximoff
  • “i can run really fast, watch!” *falls over*
  • seduces everyone
  • dances very poorly in the middle of the floor

enjoy! these were fun to write