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If That’s Not Love (Pre-Death Kyle x Reader)

Request: “How about a fit where you’re Kyle’s best friend and Fiona’s daughter” - Anon

Warnings: Fluff, slightly drunk!Kyle, witch!Reader, very very light kissing at the end

Word Count: 843

A/N: I love writing Kyle fics. Esp pre-death Kyle

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“Kyle! Hush, Delia doesn’t know you’re here!” You whispered in frustration. Your best friend, the good and honorable Kyle Spencer, was currently climbing through the living room window, completely drunk at almost two in the morning, much to your surprise. He had gotten drunk at some grimy college bar in the Quarter, and after a series of crytic texts, he was knocking on your door. After convincing Queen that it was just the wind, you found yourself opening the window and letting him in. What else were you supposed to do? Turn him away? 

“Why do I have to climb through this stupid window? Why can’t you just open the door like a normal person? I’m sleepy, Y/N. I don’t like secrets.” The blonde boy said. His loud voice echoed through the room, all of his words coming back to him.

“Just get in here.” 

Kyle was a stumbling and stuttering mess at the moment, saying whatever he pleased as loudly as he wanted to. That, obviously, was bad news for you. Your sister would have you by your neck if she found out you let him into the house without her permission, let alone him being in your bedroom with the door locked. And letting him sleep in your bed, half-naked? You were sure that even the neighbors would hear her sigh of disappointment, and the long lecture that would come after it, along with endless reminders of the incident.

Recently she had gotten big on that sort of thing, especially now that you were in college. Even more so that you, admittedly, had feelings for your best friend. Nan had been eavesdropping as usual, and next time she got mad at you… To Cordelia she went. God, you were still pissed at her for that.

You couldn’t blame her though. Better safe than sorry, right?

A few minutes later, you’d somehow managed to get him upstairs with a glass of water. He was currently sitting on your bed, rambling away about some architecture thing. Bridges, maybe? To be honest, you weren’t exactly listening. More focused on making as little noise as possible. He had probably woken up one of the girls already, and you didn’t need her to be suspicious. 

“Kyle, please be a little quieter…” You sighed, pulling the door shut with a soft thud. “You don’t want to deal with Delia at this hour, do you?” The boy shook his head as he sat on the bed. “She’s been on a kick about me not having you in here alone since Madison got caught with that guy.” 

“Yeah. She doesn’t want you to get the Kyle cooties.” He took the last sip of water in his glass, sitting it down on the nightstand. Both of you laughed at his half-hearted joke for a moment before going quiet again, the only sound in the room being the light hum of the New Orleans pop station on the radio. The room was lit only by your bedside lamp, creating shadows all around the two of you. It was nice, and maybe even a little romantic. 

You laid your head on his chest, deep in thought. Was now a good time to tell him how you feel? He had sobered up quite a bit since his arrival, and he was mostly back to normal. What would happen if he didn’t feel the same way? He was stuck in the house until morning, so it could make things painstakingly awkward if he rejected you. But would he? Would he even be able to remember it if you magic-ed it away? 

Never once had you used your magic on him. Not even when you were children, when it would’ve been most convenient. Hell, you’d barely ever used your magic on another human. And sure, you’d occasionally light a candle or close a cabinet from the other room for him, but never directly on him. He thought it was so cool though. He definitely wouldn’t still think that tomorrow morning when he wakes up with a headache because of the concilium. 

“Hey, Kyle?” You asked lightly. He turned his head to you in acknowledgement.  “I think I’m in love with you.”

He was quiet for a second, leaving you in utter confusion before he spoke up. “I know.” 

The two of you were silent again, but this time it was almost deafening. You could feel his heart racing in his chest as you laid there, waiting for something to happen. Eventually, though, you raised up.

“I’m going-”

Your sentence was cut off by the feeling of his lips pressed against yours, firmly. His hands reached down to your waist, allowing him to bring you closer. Your hands made their way to his messy blonde locks. The kiss was passionate and desperate, both of you heavily invested in it. 

He pulled you back down onto the bed, only pulling away from your lips when you were securely tucked away in his arms. 

“Y/N, you have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.”

Being the new witch

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A/N: This pretty rubbish oof but requests are open!

-You’re having fun with your friends one night when they pull out a Ouija board.
-You all decide to play, each of you having a go on the planchette, when you suddenly feel weird.
-Your mind goes fuzzy and your eyes go white, you can hear all your friends screaming when you begin speaking in a deeper voice.
-The ghost was speaking through you.
-That incident was reported in your local newspaper, and that’s how the coven found you.
-You’re only about 16, so you’re the youngest in the coven by a long shot. You’re terrified to say the least.
-Myrtle came and picked you up from your house, you barely had time to say goodbye to your family before they took you away.
-When you arrived at the coven you were greeted by Madison, she seemed like a bitch but you soon grew to be good friends.
-You met Queenie and Nan next, you got along well with both of them.
-You shared a room with Madison.
-Because you’re still 16, you still had to go to normal school on top of Miss Robichaux’s.
-You HATED that.
-Cordelia tutored you at night with controlling your powers, while you went to school in the day time.
-Madison was like an big sister who made sure you dressed “Right” for school, but you think it was just her way of looking after you.
-Queenie helped you with your math homework. Nan helped too sometimes.
-As your powers grew you realised you could become a vessel for spirits, you resented that.
-When Zoe arrived you decided to tag out of that prank, remembering how scared you were when you first came to the school. You and Zoe became friends quickly after that.
-After dinner that night Madison invites you and Zoe to a frat party. You’re obviously reluctant.
-”I’m 16, you really think i’d get into a frat party? Besides I have a chem test tomorrow.”
-”Relax nerd, I’ll have you home by 11… or 3 just come to the party!”
-You give up and end up going, borrowing one of Madison’s dresses.
-You sat on the stairs all night practically, occasionally guys would come up to you but would soon run away once you told them your age. 
-You were looking at your phone when a group of frat boys came racing down the stairs, Zoe and a stumbling Madison soon after.
-That’s when the bus incident happened. 
-You were worried for Madison, but she closed off from you and wouldn’t open up.
-Everything began to spiral after that.

The girls passed by Cordelia as Cordelia looked back at Fiona. Fiona gave a knowing smile, one that told Cordelia she knew her secret and would only keep it so long as it benefited her. It was really their secret, when Cordelia came to her in the middle of the night, calling her mommy and falling into bed with her.

Then Fiona’s smile softened into one more gentle, less threatening. This told her that Fiona loved their nights together just as much as Cordelia did. And Cordelia smiled back now. Just briefly, before turning away.

For (actually, I don’t know, I can’t seem to find the request anywhere, but someone requested it, I know that much for sure, so if it’s you, here you are. I loved this one, and was very proud of myself for coming up with the ship name Corona for them.)