Earlier this week at Valdosta State University in Georgia, a Black student, Eric Sheppard, participated in a protest on campus and at one point, walked on the American flag. Eric (who is now being labeled a terrorist smh) talks in depth to students who questioned his actions, explaining why he walked on the flag and what it represents, here: http://bit.ly/1OlshNc

Now today all these white folks show up at the school to protest Eric Sheppard and Black protesters. This is incredibly amazing, in the hypocritical way. I don’t recall any white people protesting these white frat boys as they spit on a wounded veteran and urinated on the flag during spring break this year (April, 2015) as reference here by Fox News (surprisingly): http://fxn.ws/1DHW33m

I also don’t remember hundreds of white people protesting Michelle Manhart in 2007 when she posed nude with the American flag dragging on the floor, as seen here: http://bit.ly/1DHWfzN

Murica, folks.


Disrespectful: Man Covers Up The American Flag With His Own Flag