American Kestrel


Finished up this piece on Tara of an American kestrel, English roses and wild roses. Black healed, color in bird healed, color in botanicals fresh. Thanks so much, lady! 

We met at the tattoo convention in Nantes, France but we both live here! How about that for serendipity. So excited to complete this one.


American Kestrel Male by Lee Greengrass
Via Flickr:
Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont, CA

Good evening, I am a kestrel and I LIKE TO YELL AT THINGS.

In fairness to Felix, most things are potential predators when you only weigh 100 grams. 

Felix is an American Kestrel, an education ambassador at WildCare, Inc. in Bloomington, IN. He was unable to be released because he was raised by humans and imprinted on people, so he wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild. Although it’s sad that he can’t have a normal kestrel life, he is a fantastic education bird because of how much he really enjoys being around people! 


Crécerelle d'Amérique / American kestrel .

Falco sparverius (Linnaeus, 1758) :
- Crécerelle d'Amérique ;
- American kestrel ;
- Cernícalo americano - Halconcito colorado - Cuyaya ;
- Falcão-americano - Quiriquiri ;
- Gheppio americano ;
- Buntfalke ;
- Amerikaanse torenvalk ;
- Amerikantuulihaukka ;
- Sparvfalk ;
- Воробьиная пустельга - или американская пустельга ;
- Pustułka amerykańska ;
- Amerika kerkenezi ;
- アメリカチョウゲンボウ ;
- 美洲隼

Ordre : Falconiformes /
Famille : Falconidés - Falconidae /
Genre : Falco /
Espèce : sparverius - Sous-espèces : +17.

Image gratuite sur Pixabay : 188806 / Depaulus_Px

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