American Bullies


I came across this on youtube and this guy gives a nice on point rant about exotic bullies, the cruelty behind their breeding and numerous health issues and even explains his first hand experience as to how he saw the exotic movement come forth by people originally entering cropped french bulldogs and english bulldogs into American Bully shows and misrepping their dogs. 

He does talk about some short experiences watching exotics die at shows in 50 degree weather, suffocation, and die from mating.
The American Bully, Money Ruined A Promising Breed
The American Bully, Money Ruined A Promising Breed Yet again, the love of money has proven itself to be a deal breaker. I remember when the old school American Pitbull Terriers were beginning to be called American Bullies, almost no one had a problem. It’s as though the world was ready for something new to derive from the breed. Fortunately, something really good, the American Bully, arrived on the scene. There also weren’t any problems because the new American Bully bore many traits of the APBT and most of them were reasonably correct in confirmation. This was only because someone knew what they were doing. As it stands presently, I have seen the biggest influx if disproportionate and unhealthy dogs that I have ever seen in my more than 35 years of seriously owning dogs. Something has gone terribly wrong with our Bulldogs. Exotic Bullies Are Dragging The Breeds Down Some people may be too blind to see it, or their eyes and mind are to clouded by money to ever admit it. But when you…

An article about how the drive for big cash is ruining the health of bull breeds. There’s also a video on here of the article author ranting about this topic.


American bullies of a different breeder. This litter is mentioned as a “Direct Inbred” - I assume daughter X father mating.  

Look what resulted. A very tiny, scrawny pup the breeder has laboured on trying to save and it’s got this gimpy twisted hindleg and smashed in paws that… look to be curling backwards. Horrendous! 

Oh and he calls them “pitbulls”

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A video of an Exotic or American Bully going into heat stroke during a dog show from a couple days ago. I warn you, the animal is in incredible distress, so this is quite graphic. 

The dog did recover though! According to the owner anyways, the dog is home recovering well. 

Bullies have horrific heat tolerance. Even in mild heat, they have been known to die.