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A Doll A Week Photo Challenge 2k16

Just a list of prompts for those of you who wanted to do this with me! Not limited to one type of doll over the other, this is open to all dolls :) Here’s the list of prompts (sorry I’m a week late!)

52 Week Challenge

1. Free Choice
2. White
3. Candy
4. Snow
5. Flowers
6. Black and White
7. Shadows
8. Love
9. Necklace
10. Hands
11. Close-Up
12. Red
13. Spring
14. Shoes
15. Sillhouette
16. Celebration
17. Orange
18. Heaven
19. Metal
20. Blue
21. Clouds
22. Water
23. Sweet
24. Comfort
25. Toys
26. Fabric
27. Exploring
28. Yellow
29. Portrait
30. Frame
31. Music
32. Rain
33. Shine
34. Soft
35. Green
36. Numbers
37. Autumn
38. Spooky
39. Morning
40. Writing
41. Unwraveled
42. Dinner
43. Playtime
44. Nature
45. Favorite
46. Alphabet
47. Treasure
48. Moon
49. Reading
50. Seeing Double
51. Family
52. Reflection


After a two years hiatus from the doll hobby, this one doll has inspired me again, and I am so very grateful, because fun size is fun!

Here is my 41cm Iman (Dollshe Erica Snow Fashion 26F in Pale Tan). She is inspired, of course, by the living goddess Iman Abdulmajid, who I’ve adored all my life. My little Iman is also quite a fashionista, and this is only the first of her many future looks.

Since these mini beauties are still relatively new, and finding fitting clothes and accessories is a bit of a guesswork, here is what I’ve used for her so far: faceup and mohair wig by me, glass eyes are Dollmore 8mm flatbacks ( had to file off the edges to make them a better fit), top by me, jeans are TTYA slim MSD fit, shoes are from ebay - a Tonner American Model size.

Don’t be scared to join the bjd community.

There are more positive bloggers out there than negative ones. The negative ones may speak louder at first, but once you block those and move along, you’ll meet some awesome people in the community who are more than willing to give you advice and help.

Don’t believe there are certain rules you have to follow in the bjd community.

Your first doll doesn’t have to be from Bobobie or Resinsoul, It could be from Any company you fall in love with. You don’t have to buy certain clothes, wigs, or eyes, or get a faceup from a certain artist. You don’t have to post pictures all the time, or blog, or vlog on youtube. You don’t have to attend meets or join DoA. You don’t have to have a certain amount of dolls. You choose what you want to do. Nothing is mandatory. 

Keep your chin up.

The waits are long, your faceups might not be great at first, you may accidentally break a doll’s finger off, you might even end up like some of us who have been wrongly harassed for no reason, but that is no reason to give up. You’re in this because you love your dolls. Keep trying and stay determined. 

Popularity isn’t everything

The amount of views on your videos, likes or reblogs on your pictures, or how many subscribers or followers you have does not reflect the quality of your content. 

Don’t believe people if they say recasts are harmless

 Unlike most american fashion dolls, BJDs are not mass produced. They are hand made by the artists, and take time and dedication and creativity to create. An artist’s heart and soul are put into each of their dolls. It hits artists really hard when their work is stolen and badly remade. Many companies, including stand-alone-artists and “larger” bjd companies have fallen victim to this, and some have been forced to either close down, or discontinue, or go on a hiatus. They can ruin people’s lives.

Stay true to you

It doesn’t matter if your doll/character follows a trend, is expensive or inexpensive, has lots of clothes or only one outfit. What matters is that it is an expression of you, and something you took time to create. Its all you, and nobody has the right to tell you otherwise.


If you need advice or someone to talk to, i’m here :) Time zones and work schedule permitting, i will get back to you.

I don’t get why it’s so acceptable to hate on American collectors. Look, I readily agree that there are a lot of ignorant pricks in America and that the country has very, very serious problems, but as a half-American/dual citizen who’s lived in 4 countries in 4 different continents (actually in the community, not on a base or something) in her life, let me tell you, you can easily find ignorant, racist, ethnocentric pigs wherever you go. Can you tell me that in all honesty, that you’ve never in your life met a person you’d be embarrassed to have represent your entire country, or a collector who you wouldn’t want to represent the entirety of the hobby? Because let me tell you, a large amount of Americans are heartbroken (maybe even fearing for their lives/livelihoods/families) over the treatment of our own citizens and the image our country as a whole puts out to the world. Being judged based on this image in the space of the goddamn hobby (escape place) is just like salt, mixed with lemon juice, and a dash of chili, in the fucking wound.

If someone dared to make a broad sweeping confession about all Chinese collectors just because the majority of recasters are from China, people would be jumping down their throats in a second.

When someone complains about the way Volks does limiteds, there are hoards of white knights coming out of the woodwork to defend Japanese business practices and remind them that not every country is the same.

When people dis Danny Choo, they’re talking specifically about what they dislike about HIS personality and HIS business. Not people from the UK in general.

“I don’t buy dolls from Russian collectors because they obviously all hate gays”, “All Dutch collectors are horrible people - I know this is true because Clockwork Angel bashes Muslims” said no one ever.

If someone looked at the problem transaction boards on DoA or buyer beware groups on Facebook and asked, “Why are there so many European scammers?” many would remind them (probably pretty angrily) that these cases are just the exception, not the rule, and you shouldn’t judge inhabitants of an entire continent based on a few examples.

Like, really? Insult all collectors from country X all you want, but just realize that that prejudiced view and spiteful words don’t make you look any better than the group of people you’re looking down your nose at without ever getting to know them. There are at least 2 people here with a similar taste in dolls to mine that I thought I’d like to be friends with until I saw their repeated American BJD collector bashing. One of these people I’ve even hung out with at a meet (so I’m sorry for any distress I caused you based on my birthplace and having the gall to stand 4 feet away from you). It’s not that I was angry or even offended. Just really sad. I thought we could be great friends, but if they are disgusted by me because of where I was born, without even getting to know me, I guess I should keep looking. Of course I’d avoid anyone who talks shit about all collectors of whatever country, but as I said, I just haven’t seen that. When it’s not America, people seem to do a much better job of separating individual from country. If you really think it’s cool or edgy to use someone’s nationality as an insult or means of exclusion, please check yourself or at the very least, take a creative writing class or something to come up with some better material ffs.

tl;dr - Directed at everyone, including Americans: Don’t blame individual collectors for the shitty governments of their countries, or for the shining examples of stupid from their fellow citizens in the hobby. You look just as ignorant when you do that. 


anonymous asked:

what are recasts and why are you and the doll community so against them? sorry im a newbie

Hi there anon! no need to apologize for being new, we have all been there.

Recasts are counterfeit dolls. 

Legitimate dolls from companies are taken, and put into molds to copy the doll (which usually makes the dolls slightly smaller and less detailed), and then the dolls are remade using those molds and inferior resin (the stuff the dolls are made out of). The dolls are then sold for a cheaper price.

Its like taking someone’s piece of music they have created, badly covering it, and then selling it as their own song. Its just plain theft.

Why we are so against it? Well, unlike most american fashion dolls, BJDs are not mass produced. They are hand made by the artists, and take time and dedication and creativity to create. An artist’s heart and soul are put into each of their dolls. It hits artists really hard when their work is stolen and badly remade. Many companies, including stand-alone-artists and “larger” bjd companies have fallen victim to this, and some have been forced to either close down, or discontinue, or go on a hiatus. It is heart breaking.

A lot of people also don’t understand that dolls are not a necessity, and that you don’t need to own a doll that was discontinued, no matter how perfect it may be. Also, there are dolls that are beautiful that are cheaper than most recasts anyway. 

Any human with morals would see how this is a really bad issue that needs to stop, and that’s why many of us in the bjd hobby want to support the artists who create our beloved dolls instead of allow recasts to become a “common” or “okay” thing. 

I hope that answered your question anon. I know many people have worded it more eloquently than i did, but i hope this helps you a little.


As requested, comparison photos of all the colors of fur in my shop, and maybe some that aren’t. I tried my best to adjust the colors so they were accurate, but I had some trouble and’t it isn’t perfect. Also, they still may not display correctly on all screens. I make wigs from these furs to fit a variety of BJDs, Monster High, and American Girl dolls (must be bald).

I get a lot of questions about carrot colored faux fur, and I haven’t found a good carrot for sale ever. I promise I’ll buy it when I do. 

Also, I’ve found most colors/types are discontinued by the manufacturer by the time I get them, so consider every color I have limited. 

Thanks for looking!

Big Etsy Sale for Zornon 2.0

^^ This is the original Zornon, maybe you recognize him? The new version will be in the Silver Grey honey resin.

I’m having a big sale to bring home Zornon 2.0. Zornon the first had an accident that messed up his face and dye job, it broke my heart. I can write a huge post, but I feel like a stupid sad sap about it. Anyway, I fucked up one of my favorite dolls and my first OC for the sake of a photo shoot because I’m a dummy. I invented his character when I was a little kid and it means a lot to me to have a physical representation of Zornon. A perfect already grey one (rather than the dyed one that I ruined) would make my year. (I wish they had the grey when I first ordered him in 2010! I asked if they’d consider it, but they said no at the time.)

So, I’m having a big ass sale to cover the purchase of his replacement. 


  • FREE USA SHIPPING and HALF OFF INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING to most countries from now through the end of September. No coupon needed, this is already live in my shop.
  • If you spend over $100 after the coupon I will refund all shipping costs.
  • Use coupon code ZORNON to get $10 off of your order with $50 minimum purchase. (expires Sept. 30th)
  • Use coupon code BEAMMEUP for 30% off of your order with $100 minimum purchase. This is great for group orders. (expires Sept. 30th)

As with all coupons, you must use the coupon during checkout, I cannot refund for unused coupons after the fact. Etsy only allows one coupon per order.

I make wigs for many BJD sizes, Monster High, and American Girl dolls. If you want a faux fur wig for the new Frightfully Tall Monster High, I do have a pattern I’ve made specifically for Gooliope. Just check out like normal for a made to order 8/9 faux fur wig in the color of your choice and put in the order comments that you want it in Gooliope size. Her head must be shaved. I’m not sure if it fits the other girls. (Please do not do this to get other off menu custom sizes or color combos unless I’ve already said it is okay. I can’t make wigs I don’t have patterns for, and my mohair wigs are pre-made and fit what they fit.)

At $10 each, I need to sell 83 regular wigs to pay off Orijean and the extra hand and feet parts I will get from Dollshe. This isn’t an impossible goal for me. The countdown until he’s discontinued again is on, I just couldn’t let this opportunity slip away. Again. My incentive is your incentive. 

I admitted defeat and dressed the Serenadedoll body up cause srsly, I have her since April 2015, she got ONE picture in like July 2015 and since then her body is with Nezu for clothes* AND I MISS MY LEAD BITCH.

(*don’t get me wrong, this is absolutely and totally worth it but I am an impatient little shit sometimes)

The ‘what is what’
Iplehouse JID Violet on Serenadedoll body, face-up by Pearls of Danube, eyes from DollBakery, wig from Crobidoll, edwardian blouse by Dezi, hotpant from Iplehouse
Piano is from American Girl