From Civil War: Choosing Sides #3

A short, but very heartwarming Kate story, where she feels down because of what Bendis did to Clint, so the Young Avengers come for help. It is pretty good, even if it doesn’t dwell much on it, it shows how the issues of being judged just by association with Clint and people being overall pricks, can get to her in a situation like this. Of course, as long as she has her friends, it’s all going to be fine.

Also, Tommy and Noh couldn’t make it, because they’re in space. Apparently, they remembered how bad the first Civi War was and decided to fuck off the planet.

Unexplained lack of Eli however really bothers me.

Freshly Shipped Thoughts: America Chavez

America Chavez is everyone’s favorite Lesbian character.  She is more or less if Wonder Woman was done right. America Chavez represents what comics are lacking despite her creation by a pervy dude in Vengeance. When Kireon Gillian took the character he turned it from teenage latina fantasy to original multilayered lesbian powerhouse. America Chavez was the only character teased for Marvel Now not to get a solo series in Marvel Now but as whispers around the net still seem to say “big things might be coming.”  I won’t hold my breath on that and even if they did it wouldn’t fix Marvel’s problem with queer characters and the LGBT+ community. Still every now and again I like to pretend comics aren’t awful. So I am starting this series to talk about what ships with a particular character can mean and what other things like that. If I insult your ship, my bad sorry, but if not enjoy my rambly thoughts.

AmeriKate: AmeriKate is the classic ship and the biggest ship for America. Kate Bishop is her “princess” and in many ways Kate is as close to one as you could be for an American. Hell 1602 Kate is a princess after all. Kate Bishop and America Chavez are really similar at least after Kate’s arc in fractions Hawkeye where she gave up on her fortune for her morals. Similarly America Chavez chose to protect the multiverse over her own ascension to the throne. Their time together in the Young Avengers has made them the couple everyone wants to see most and that includes me. They represent totally different levels of power but the same goals. Save the world at whatever personal cost. They are really good for each other and the dynamic would be like if Steve Trevor and Diana Prince was a good couple. It’s pretty basic so I won’t ramble on but America and Kate is top shelf shipping.

AmerIsa: America and Lisa as a couple is the canon relationship right now. Lisa is a character made up for the sole reason of dating America Chavez. She has no powers, she has no real defining personality other than being what America Chavez needs when she needs it. Lisa is a nurse, Lisa is a good person we assume, she is a cookie cutter kind of white girl design. Lisa really seems to exist really because Ewing wanted to make sure we further pushed the canon status of America Chavez being queer. I wouldn’t doubt if he asked for some super pairing and was denied. Super heroes with OC normal human is just not a great thing, in particular when that character doesn’t have a solo book. Lisa will just never get a chance to be fleshed out, she will always just be a piece of America Chavez that exists. Can you define Lisa really, I can’t for sure. More or less this is a waste of what could be far more fun cool relationships. Maybe if America Chavez eventually does get a solo and all that then we can see her fleshed out properly.

LoMerica: Loki and America Chavez was a short lasting ship between a feminine presenting Loki and America. It started with A-force number 1 where we think we see Loki caring very deeply about America Chavez but HA THE QUEER WOMAN WAS EVIL THE WHOLE TIME! Nobody saw that coming if they never read a comic before. Loki being the baddie the whole time obviously was sort of a death door to the relationship. However, I really like the idea of exploring a gender fluid person’s relationship with a lesbian. Loki and they are very different people but I think that after the development in Agent of Asgard her and America building relationships would be really awesome to see. We don’t get enough real deep dives into what it means to be non binary and operate in relationships. It’s always very hard unless the person is attracted to multiple genders. I think it be a fun story to tell that would mean more than just a comic relationship.

AmiCo: Sister Grimm, Nico Minoru and America Chavez is a ship that started in A-force similar to LoMerica. Nether relationship got to be fleshed out further to the degree that we don’t really know the nature of their relationship other then they were very close. Nico and America Chavez are from different worlds and not just in the sense that they are from different worlds. Nico is the daughter to some evil people and America is the daughter to massive heroes (and is also a princess). They are morally connected but in life they have very different experiences. This is a dynamic that could be a lot of fun to explore.   

That’s all the ships that wouldn’t be some kind of crack ship or something. I hope you enjoyed this little chat, if you did let me know and I’ll do this with another character. Also if you want to read more of my thoughts about America Chavez I write about her all the time just check out the tag on my blog. Hope you have a lovely day, stay fresh friends.

*cue amerikate shippers squeals*
I mean I’m pissed as hell that Tommy and Noh weren’t there or even Cassie mentioned but super happy we got to see David alive and got to hear that the nerds are on an adventure in space. And hey marvel, you got the, back together once, what’s saying you keep it this way? Just let teddy and Billy finish their aim thingy and inevitably meet the caviar robot😂

America Chavez: Civil War

So, now that we are halfway through the event, and America guest starred in a number of related comic books, I think we have enough information to boil down what her “deal” is in this event. The fact that she’s been semi-present in this event makes me feel she will have a role to play on it by the end —whether bit or small, or un-related to the main conflict, we are yet to see. 

Either way, I’ve put together some of my thoughts + canon evidence supporting them here, so here we go!

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