This Is the Problem With How Politicians Talk About Muslims

“When you tell me that I can solve violent extremism, you’re also telling me that I’m part of the problem.”

American Nazis, Right Wing extremists and the KKK are the biggest terror threats in the U.S. but yes this is not reflected proportionately in the media. 

I’m sorry that this woman has to go through this…no one should have to live their life scared but it is because of the actions of a slim few that has America in a uproar over terrorism. Their actions does not reflect the religion as a whole. They only speak for themselves not the group. Once people understand that without having so much hate in their heart then there can be change.

This election is no longer Republican vs Democrat.  This is Corruption vs America.

Donald Trump will clean out the Government Corruption and give the power back to the American people.  The government, media, and both political parties are panicking because their corruption will come to an end under a Trump presidency.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t give a damn about America or it’s people.  She’s already accepted over $100 millions from countries in the Middle East who treat women like cattle and garbage.  Hillary with sell the Presidency to the highest bidder just like she did her Secretary of State position.  If you think Hillary cares about America, you are a fool.

The problem with this whole “poor, frustrated rednecks vote for Trump because they’re angry, and shouldn’t we feel bad for them?” talking point:

To an extent, I have sympathy for these people.

But, then, no one’s life is easy, is it? Unless you’re rich, everyone has a shit time of it. Let’s be honest.  

But we still ain’t cool with electing a certified mad man and giving him nukes.

Those people think they’ve had it bad? Go talk to a Syrian refugee. Compared to them, you’ve been practically pampered

I understand being angry at the world. I truly do. But I don’t understand thinking voting Trump is a good idea. Talk about making a bad situation even fucking worse.

They’re selfish and stupid.