I bet more than half of those human beings don’t understand why I am putting on make up as a man and don’t understand this fun we’re having every single evening.
But still, yours and mine…
This point of view that is shaped by prejudices and that is full of judgemental opinions and random judgements… it’s necessary to find our own happiness.
—  Aki (Arlequin)
There was a dream I had the night before the departure announcement [of KAZI]. In my dream KAZI and me were talking. I don’t remember anymore what it was about. Neither do I remember if there were more people, apart from KAZI and me. But the one thing I remember clearly is that I laughed together with KAZI. We talked while laughing. When I opened my eyes, I was crying. The amount of tears that were falling was so surprising - even to me. And after that… I cried forever.

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fics where taes boyfriend/s are super whipped for him?

people whipped for taehyung?? you mean my favourite concept?? here are a few (and by a few i mean lots, long post ahead!!)

Dare, Future Boyfriend by shirogami (SlLHOETTE)

Vmin | NR | complete 1/1 | 1.7k | college au, fluff, smut, they’re both whipped, top jimin

I’ll say yes to anything you ask (your happiness is most important); by kissjhs 

 Vmin | G | complete 1/1 | 565 | puppies, domestic fluff, vmin are roommates

Dancing on Thin Ice by AmeBae

Vmin, side namjin | M | complete 19/19 | 19k | ice skater au, fluff, eventual smut, taejin are brothers, ice skater jimin, gymnast tae, friends to lovers

The Old You by Hyunnie

Taekook, Vmin | NR | incomplete 1/? | 787 | cops and robbers au, police officer jungkook, criminals vmin, baby boy tae, dom jimin, whipped jimin, dom jimin 

my ghost ( where’d you go? ) by dormant_bender

Vmin, Taekook | M | complete 1/1 | 8k | college au, ghosts, implied sexual content/ non explicit sex, voyeurism, unresolved sexual tension, one-sided taekook, fwb taekook, enemies to friends to lovers, angst, humour

Whipped by kaikumon

Taekook, side namgi, side 2seok | G | incomplete 2/? | 2.5k | college au, a/b/o au, omega tae, alpha jungkook, domestic fluff

chong! jojun! balsa! (point! aim! shoot!) by nutaella

Taekook, side yoonmin, side namjin | T | incomplete 24/? | 43k | texting au, college au, social media, fluff, humour, taegi are brothers, taejin are cousins, everyone loves tae, jungkook is older than tae, slow build

An Apple A Day… by officialkth

Taekook | G | complete 1/1 | 2k | sick tae, smitten jungkook, fluff

At your mercy by AnonymousXJWIFE

Taekook | E | complete 2/2 | 9k | fluff and smut, top jungkook, bottom tae, light daddy kink, muscle kink 

I love you everyday (don’t get away) by rooxynroll

Taekook | E | incomplete 2/4 | 27k | model Taehyung, bodygaurd Jungkook, slow build, fluff, smut, switching

Eat Less Sugar (you’re sweet enough already) by j_v_tae

Taekook | NR | complete 1/1 | 1.6k | fluff, halloween

Pretty in Pink by AmeBae

Taekook | M | complete 45/45 | 31k | highschool au, soft tae, taehyung wears panties 

I Do (Your smile could rival the Sun) by cafelatae9597

Taekook, side namjin, side yoonmin | NR | complete 6/6 | 10k | innocent tae, fluff, wedding au, taejin are cousins

Unwilling witnesses by Syneepsis

Taekook | T | incomplete 5/? | 6.4k | drabble collection, fluff, humour

anything for you by coffeetxe

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 3k | fluff, smut, bottom tae, top jungkook, jk is so soft for tae

earned it (cause you’re worth it) by hoeneytea

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 3k | pwp, smut, praise kink, daddy kink, baby boy tae

happy meal serenade by bambitaek

Taekook | NR | complete 1/1 | 2.2k | lazy dates, mcdonalds, domestic fluff, relationship goals

you remind me of a few of my famous friends(well that all depends what you qualify as friends) by tattooedjungkook (howlterx)

Taekook, side yoonmin | G | complete 1/1 | 4.5k | high school au, athletes, vmin are brothers, jikook hate each other

find circumference of the sun by tattooedjungkook (howlterx)

Taekook side yoonmin, side namjin | G | complete 1/1 | 4.3k | high school au, popular tae, social media au

before the night is over (I want you in my arms) by missallsunday (sharingdenimjackets)

Taekook | NR | complete 1/1 | 1.7k | friends to lovers, college au, fluff

pizza boy (i’m speeding for ya) by lovetaehyungies

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 3.2k | pizza boy jungkook, humour, fluff, smut, non-idol au, pwp

come over here and overwhelm me by locks

Taekook | T | incomplete 2/? | college au, friends to lovers, age swap, pining, sexual tension, oblivious tae

My Boyfriend’s Kids and I by Doeeyedmisfit

Taekook | NR | complete 1/1 | 4.7k | domestic fluff, actor jungkook, cafe owner tae, the rest of bts minus jin are kids

I Won’t Fall (in love with you) by taeharem

Taekook | E | complete 10/10 | 52k | smut, romance, falling in love, science nerd tae, walk to remember au, mild angst

Christmas Angel by taetrash

Taekook | T | complete 1/1 | 1.4k | chrsitmas fic, bad boy jungkook, fluff, sexual thoughts

Deep in my bones by hoeneytea

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 3k | smut, pwp, exhibitionism, public sex

Accidentally addicted to you by AnonymousXJWIFE

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 12k | fluff, smut, nipple piercings, pwp, praise kink

Forget Me by taeharem

Taekook | E | complete 8/8 | 21k | high school au, fluff, smut, memory loss

Home Base by kookbui

Taekook | M | complete 1/1 | college au, baseball player jungkook, fluff, established relationship, fluff, humour

Sexy Bitch by miyukitsune

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 4.8k | supernatural au, vampire tae, werewolf jungkook, smut, blood play, lots of kinks read the tags!!

you look so good (in my t-shirt) by sorrybae (pansius)

Taekook | T | complete 1/1 | 2.8k | morning after au, fluff, domestic fluff, tae in jk’s clothes 

Head Over Heels by byeolguk

Vhope | G | complete 1/1 | 1k | high school au, fluff, smitten hobi

only you kim taehyung by selfproclaimed_princess

Vmon | E | complete 1/1 | 2.6k | smut, pwp, teacher-student relationship, bottom tae, top namjoon, daddy kink, sex toys

Crows, Flowers, and Apples by PancakeTaetae

Taegi | E | complete 1/1 | 4.5k | boxing au, boxer yoongi, ring boy tae, smut, shower sex, bottom tae, fluff, piercings

for the love of all that is holey by my_hope

Taegi | T | complete 1/1 | 2.6k | Hybrid tae, cute tae, fluff

bask in the glow by kaikumon

Taegi, side namjin | M | complete 1/1 (says it’s complete and hasn’t updated in a few months but lots of the tags are missing from the story???) | 1.8k | punk rock band au, under ground rappers namgi, taejin are brothers, tae seems innocent but is actually a punk, college au

pull me closer by mintyoongee

Taegi, side junghope | T | complete 1/1 | 8k | college au, friends to lovers, fluff, sexual frustration, no smut tho, insomnia, comfort

I’ll Kill You by mintaehyung

Taegi | G | complete 1/1 | 7.6k | age difference, yoongi is older than tae, and whipped for him, cute tae

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There’s always a difference between ideals and reality. Things don’t always go well. Things don’t always end with nice words. But rather than feeling the pain we have to start off. Our feelings.. nobody can take them away from us and even if the end comes I think there is something that continues on. I will keep on believing in a never ending story. Facing the end I want to be a person that lives every single day. Isn’t that the most important thing?
—  Subaru (Royz)