Ame Nochi Hare

Monday Is The New Sunday

Well, I apologize. This could have came out yesterday, but I fell asleep right after my shower >< Without further delay, here’s Ame Nochi Hare ch. 23!!! Be ready for a huge development in Hazuki’s and Asumi’s relationship and his surprise meeting with the dorm head!


I really like Ame Nochi Hare~

It’s a story where an event happened, and now every time it rains these five guys turn into girls.
But rather than using this plot device for comedy (or something pervy), it makes the characters question themselves, question their perspectives on life/women etc, and how it effects their familial/romantic/friendship relationships.

Also, the manga’s cover art is that lovely watercolour style.

^The male and female appearance of one character.

There’s about 20 chapters translated so far.