Iglomat - King Of The Sun

King Of the Sun is taken from Iglomat’s 3rd album ‘Iglomat III’ and features  haunting vocal performances from Rachel Sermanni and Jennifer Austin.

A couple of weeks back, lo-fi composer Morly shared “And Sooner Than We Know It…”, a stirring, wordless hymnal that utilized distant vocal coos, simple piano lines, and delicate percussion to convey an understated sense of optimism. “Drone Poem (In Defense of My Muse),” a new track which you can stream below, employs a similar palette (and a few choice words) to a much more disquieting effect. Both songs are featured on Morly’s debut EP, In Defense of My Muse, which is slated for an August 14 release via Cascine.


17 year old Liverpool chanteuse Tayá has me fully captivated with her beautiful voice and the dark production on her debut song Got Me Wondering. Tayá may be young, but she’s already worked in the studio with a long list of accomplished producers, including T-Minus (Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pools, Drake’s The Motto, etc), Snakehips, DJ Khalil, and Sango. Got Me Wondering, which saw a seductive debut music video treatment this week, is a hauntingly ethereal and sensually shimmering slow burner. Smooth R&B meets murky hip hop and chill electronic on the glamorous debut.

Through the Womb of the Moon
  • Through the Womb of the Moon
  • Leviathan
  • Verräter

Reopen the gaping wound!
Blind eyes wind their way through empty sockets,
Protect these horns that hide unseen within us all!
The strangler, the whore, the vamypre!
Castrated missing bride.
The vampyre cobalt ridden and exhausted
Furnace, furnace!
Death creates all past!
Hope dies again, castrated for missing bride.
Reopen the gaping wound!
Unseen within us all!
Hope dies again!
Descent through the womb of the moon!
Of this crystallized red moon!
Oh, this crescent that symbolises all unconciousness…

Star Trek Ambient Noise


Star Trek TNG Ambient Engine Noise (Idling for 24 hrs) 

Star Trek: The Original Series Engine Sound ( Idling for 2+ hours )

Star Trek: Voyager Engineering Warp Core Background Ambience 

Star Trek: TNG Bridge Background Ambience  

Star Trek: TOS USS-Enterprise Bridge Background Ambience

Star Trek: The Next Generation USS Enterprise D “Ten Forward” 

Star Trek: Voyager Bridge Background Ambience 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Quark’s Bar” 

Star Trek: TNG “Cargo Bay” Background Ambience

Nostromo Ambient Engine Noise ( Ship from Alien for 12 Hours )

Spaceship Noise Generator

Ambient Mixer - Enterprise Bridge

Ambient Mixer - Aboard the Enterprise

Ambient Scifi Sleep Sounds Playlist


Another one from my trip to Boston. An ambient improvisation by schrodingersdelaypedal. Turned out pretty cool. I didn’t shoot nearly enough stuff for it to look amazing and I’m very new to this, so for not having a follow focus and holding my Canon 7D in my hands I am happy with this. 

Check it out and like and subscribe. 

Some of John’s projects are linked in the description. 



Song: Grand Canyon
Album: Money Shot
Artist: Puscifer
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