a good friend and fellow musician of mine (whose music can be found here) and I created a collaborative album (and project) with me playing over a few of his unreleased tracks. I’m very proud of how this turned out and would love for you all to give it a listen and share it if you like it, there will definitely be more

Somewhere In The Sierras, by alone.
10 track album

I am ecstatic to finally present to you Somewhere in the Sierras in full. Thank you in advance to everyone who re-blogs / spreads the word today as that is the only way this album will be heard.

Available For Purchase Below
Physical: alone.merchnow.com
Digital: wearealone.bandcamp.com

Over the past couple months, I’ve shared a couple terrific remixes of UK duo Meadowlark’s gorgeous music. Add this new one of supple, entrancing beauty Fly to that growing list. Belgian production act The Walton Hoax craft an emotionally charged, gut wrenching remix out of the original, which was produced by Oh Wonder’s Ant West. It doesn’t get much more heart string tugging and tear jerking than this magnificent rendition. The Walton Hoax’s remix of  Fly is an amazing balance of delicate, tender vocals and atmospheric, downtempo electronic. It oscillates between hushed aching moments and cathartic swells. Meadowlark’s original will be released on July 10th via Believe Recordings.

zenéken dolgozunk, @whitenoisegirl meg én

én: hát ha ezt leviszem 80bpmre és elnyújtom, akkor lehet egy kurvahosszú szomorú párizsi elfogyottacroissant ambientet gyártani

finomabb nevén gluténbient

wng: :DDDDD

én: most tolom alá a martin luther king i have a dream speechet

wng: érdekes egy zene lesz ez

én: polam, csak így hívom a stílust
politikai ambient
also known as gyapotszedő ambient, rezsibient, demszkykarószedő drone

wng: röhögve nem bírok szintetizálni

A friend keyed me into this stunning debut, Blue, from a mysterious new producer signed to Bribery named Light Bodies. The haunting song lives up to its name with its mournful solemnity. Blue is steeped in textured, heady, and soulful mystique. It’s flooded with gossamer vocals and a droning, eerie quality that, combined with a slow marching hip hop beat, remind me of James Blake and Justin Vernon’s collaborative efforts. Blue is a captivating and intricately layered listen from start to finish, bringing on mountains of poignant emotion. 


Kasseo - Intro