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I don’t understand how to deal with death appropriately.  This has been a pretty fucked up 2 weeks. I’m just gonna get drunk and try to deal with it like I do every other fucked up thing that happens in life.  Love you tons Amber Watson, and I can’t listen to this song without ever thinking of you.  Now I just cry. 

Wish you knew how much you were missed. 

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Chapter 16

Chapter 16.

Marceline’s P.O.V:

“Wait, hold on. Before you start your story. Can I have something to eat? I’m really hungry.” He laughed using his perfect pearl-white teeth. He was always good at everything, humour, grades, girls and even at looks. I was just there. He came back from the kitchen and said, “Here’s some leftover Nando’s for you. Sorry there isn’t anything else more eatable.” I smiled and said, “This will do. Okay, then continue.”

“So long ago, I had asked my parents if I could go on a road trip with my parents. Now you know I’ve never done anything that would disappoint them so I naturally, convinced by friends that I should tag along with them for a road trip over the summer. I asked them politely, giving them no reason to say no but they said no and then I tried convincing them in all sort of ways but they always turned me down. Until I lashed out and told them that I’ve only been a good son to them and they can’t be good parents for me. My dad slapped.”

My eyes widen. “You’re kidding.” I tell them finishing the last remains of the Nandos. “No, I was so angry that night, I got to my room and packed away few clothes and just left home.” “Wait, are you crazy? How could you leave home?” “I think I was. I just didn’t know what had gotten in me. And trust me there is nothing more I regret than that. After that I was too ashamed to go back. But later that night, while walking I don’t know where, someone from behind came and grabbed my bag and I ran behind them. When I got a hold of him, I started punching him violently lashing every anger I had in me until someone pulled me away. Thomas Crook. He pulled me away, grabbed my bag, handed £20 to him and dragged me until he pushed to a wall and said,

“Are you mad, bro? You could have killed him. Bloody hell.” I stood there looking at him. He was tall and wore a perfectly stitched suit while his hair were pulled back. I told him I didn’t know what I was doing and how I didn’t have anywhere to go. He then introduced himself as Thomas Crook and I introduced him as Sebastian Black. He then took me to his place which I might add was a big house, like a mansion. I’ve never seen a more beautiful place in my entire life. But there I was.

I stayed there or few days. I didn’t understand him or his business but later I heard a gunshot. I ran out of my room and saw that Thomas had murdered someone. The other person, trembling. Thomas turns to him and tells him, “One more week before I come for you and your precious family.” Thomas could not see me because I was standing upper level of the house while Thomas stood on the down one. I slowly walked into my room and started to pack. But it was too late. Thomas had knew I had seen that. He came to my room and saw me packing. “You think I’ll let you leave after what you have just seen. Sorry Sebastian but you 2 options join my gang or die. That is what happens to little boys who run away from home.”

I was trapped. I just knew it. I had to join Thomas. I learned everything about the gang. In one week I was going to attend some real business with Thomas. I was his left hand guy. I stepped out of the house and guess what I had seen, my dream car something I will never be able to afford. A Roll-Royce Phantom in shiny coal black. “This is for you” Thomas said patting my back. I was happy to be very honest. I opened the door and just what I expected to see. Expensive leather, charcoal- grey covered the seats. I sat inside with Thomas and the driver took us.

The car finally stops and Thomas rolls down his window and tells me to look. I see a terraced house in the worst place ever. Thomas then tells me, “The guy inside who I gave a week deadline if you remember, he didn’t bother about it and now he has to die along with his family. We both are going to do it.” I froze. I wasn’t ready for this. I then ask him if we can spare the family and he tells me no. We get out the car, wearing an expensive suit I walked with Thomas.

Thomas belled the door and it opened. The guy, shabby mocha hair. He was a mess. “I’m sorry Thomas I tried, you can’t do this please.” I looked at Thomas and Thomas said, “Sorry but your time is over.” Thomas took out his gun and shot the man straight on the forehead. He fell backwards. His wife screamed and Thomas shot her too. He walked inside and I followed him, I asked him if we could leave and he told me one more member was still left.

Now imagine, a boy, age 17, who ran away from home, mistakenly joined a gang and here he is waiting do to a murder. The Roll-Royce didn’t matter anymore. We heard shouts. Both of us stood up and walked to the door way. That is the first time when I saw Alec. Alec parents had died. He too was 17. “I’m going to kill you, b***ard.” “You make me feel pity on you. I’ll let you go.” That is the only words that came from Thomas’s mouth. After that we left.

A month later, I walked into a club and I saw Alec again. He was worse than anything else. His hair had gotten longer, his facial hair had grown. He wore a plain oyster shirt with a dark green hoodie, holding the long glass of beer with straw and dancing. He was drunk and I felt bad but I minded my own business. After few hours I walked outside and stood opposite to the club waiting for the driver to pick me up, I was drunk but not too drunk enough to not remember. Few minutes later, Alec steps out of the club, this time wearing a black raincoat with matching gloves chucking down a bottle of wine.

Until he noticed me. He dropped the bottle, the sound of the breaking glass and heart could be heard. “You were the one who killed them What did they do to you?” I ignored him. “I’m going to kill you the way you did to me.” The car arrived and I got away from him.

But that was not the last of him. The right hand of the gang, he had a girlfriend and a baby daughter but few months ago they got killed brutally and then he got killed. Both happened mysteriously. Thomas was obviously furious. How could someone mess with the top gang of Europe. The answer arrived in a basket of red wine and chocolates. It was Alec and he warned that it wasn’t over. I sent men to watch over my family, including you. And that’s when he tried to kidnap you. He wanted you to fall in love with him and then he would kill you and then kill me.”

It took me time to register what Sebastian had said. I was dying. Alec, Del, Mike and Lars played me along this whole time. Was I just a bait? Was the kiss nothing? A tear slipped away but I wiped it and asked, “Why me?” “Because he knew how much I loved you.”

Sebastian went upstairs while I snuggled into the warm sofa. All I could think of was how I was a big joke and meant nothing to them. I was used. “Hey.” I snapped out and saw that Sebastian had extended his hands, handing me a long, oversized black shirt. “Oh thank you. I’m going to go and get changed.” I ambled towards the nearest room and changed into the black shirt. I looked at myself in the window. I felt used and disgusted. The shirt loosely hang just above my dewy legs. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a glass, poured some water from the jug. I sipped it, while my body rested on the kitchen counter.

“I know this is very overwhelming for you and I’m sorry. It’s fault, you’re in this position.” Sebastian said as he walked inside. He stood in front of me. I wanted to lose every moment I had with Alec and I needed someone to help me. I grabbed his grey shirt, pulling him closer to me. “Kiss me like I’m yours.” I whispered. His strawberry lips pressed on my mine and they moved, I wanted to kiss him so hard that the kiss me and Alec shared would be forgotten. He grabbed me by the waist and put me on the counter.

I could hear his heartbeat beat just like mine. Everything happened way to fast. Was he going to be my first time? Was he ultimately my lover? These past months have made me go crazy, confused and corrupt. His hands slowly reached my shirt as mine did. He got a hold of the end of the shirt, pulling it up and away from my body. I felt cold, but that didn’t bother me. Alec did. I pulled his shirt off. His lips pressed over my neck. Somehow I could not snap out of Alec. He smile. His eyes. His charisma. Everything about Alec was new, unique but so hypnotising. I close my eyes trying to put Alec at the end of my head.

We stopped at the sound of something. I could now hear footsteps. Many of them. “Who’s there, Sebastian?” Sebastian got me off the counter and pulled me closer to him, placing his arms around me, protecting from whoever it was. This was kind of awkward. I was in my bra and underwear while he was shirtless.

The steps got louder, they were coming closer. What if it was Thomas? It could be him. I closed my eyes and placed my head on Sebastian’s chest not wanting to think about anything.

“I guess you have something of mine.” My eyes suddenly popped opened and I saw Alec standing in front of me. He was standing in front and behind him on his right stood, Mike and Lars, wearing a suit like they always did but they looked more fancy, holding their guns out pointing it towards us. On Alec’s left stood Delilah wearing her fitted sheer dress in nude that had patches of glitter covering her private parts while revealing the rest, even she held her gun towards us. Alec, he wore a plain white shirt, buttons opened, upon which he wore a browny glitter coat and wore black pants below them. He too was pointing his gun at us. Behind him, and his friends stood men, probably a lot of them, dressed finely holding their guns out.

Me and Sebastian stood on one side while Alec and his gang stood on the other.

“She’s not yours.” The words came out of Sebastian. Sebastian pulled my body away and tucked me behind him. I could Alec from Sebastian’s shoulder. His eyes sending only deathly vibes.

“Huh? You think you can protect her? You couldn’t before and still can’t” Alec pulled the trigger of his coal black grip, pure silver design on the rest of the gun, which is made it heavy. Yes, I’ve seen and held his gun once when he wasn’t around. “I’ll protect till my last breath.” My eyes flickered to him. It was true. I didn’t want to close to Alec, a monster, a body without a soul and 0% hero. I then heard the bullet being fired from the gun. I watched as it made it’s way to Sebastian’s chest, chest that contained a heart that I didn’t want to stop beating. I witnessed as Sebastian received the bullet. Everything happened too quick yet I experienced everything for slowly. His eyes popped and they slowly closed sinking towards the kitchen marble along with me. I winced with pain as my head hit the marble floor and my body landed on the floor, radiating coldness to my body.
My eyes slowly closed looking at the yellow dim light on the ceiling.

I hear Lana Del Rey singing “Blue” on the radio as I stared at Alec while he drove his vintage Ford Torino red in colour with no roof. I observed him carefully, he wore typical Ray-Bans with a plain white v-neck t-shirt and light blue jeans. His lips pressed firmly together while he had one hand on the stirring wheel. I looked outside and discovered that we were driving on a road in a middle of a desert. I closed my eyes and let myself feel the wind. I let my left hand out of the window and open my palms wide to feel everything around me. My other hand held Alec’s hand. I looked at him again and at the same time he looked at me and smiled. He lifted our intertwined hands and gently kissed my hand. Blue Jeans continued playing blocking every other sound. It was like we were in a music video.  He looked at me again and this time mouthed ‘I love you’ and just like that. I wanted to time to freeze because we were perfect in the moment.

I had entered my ‘dark paradise’ where everything was right but it wasn’t going to be same with him. Ever. Slowly everything was fading away from this Paradise like I waking up. But I didn’t want it to because I would be in arms of someone crueler than death.

Alec Ruler.


So what do you think will happen?

Who killed Alec’s parents?

What is going to happen between Mike and Nora?

Did you all like the chapter?

Favourite song?

Any questions leave them also.

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