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Hey! Thank you for your most excellent tumblr, I've just discovered it and I love it. I wondered if you could help... I'm looking for some non fiction writing on queer femme identities, do you know of any books I could look up around this? Thanks so much x

The only non-fiction book with writing on femme identity that I’ve read myself is How Poetry Saved My Life by Amber Dawn, which I highly, highly recommend. I’m also looking forward to reading Dirty River: A Queer Femme of Color Dreaming Her Way Home by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha when it comes out later this year - she’s wonderful!

Here are some other titles that may be of interest:

Happy reading!

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Officer Bello was invited to have a table at the San Diego Comic Con. Is that a TD flag? I mean, she was BARELY seen on TWD YEARS ago with NO lines & the San Diego one is one of the biggest cons there is & she's got her table for 2 days & when The Walking Dead will have their panel. Isn't it a pretty big deal to have your table at the san diego one? Has TWD EXTRAS EVER been invited to have a table on the San Diego Comic Con YEARS after being on the show? What if we will see her in the trailer!

Holy shit. This is huge. San Diego Comic Con is one of the biggest events in the entertainment industry. Even though SDCC started out for comic fans, it grew to the point that non-comic projects started to attend for the promotion. Amber herself described San Diego as being the Super Bowl equivalent of her profession (X).

Source (X).

The Walking Dead will be releasing the trailer on the 21st (X), so she definitely will be there when hype will be at its peak. If @bethgreenewarriorprincess and I are right about the other shooter theory (X), then it would elevate Officer Bello’s status as a character. She would be huge, as she would be essential to the Beth Conspiracy. And come on - TPTB have to be footing this. A table at SDCC is a coveted position, and while ADF is a great actress, she doesn’t have the level that other SDCC actors do. You don’t see small indie projects at San Diego typically. And I can’t recall any background characters there. I don’t even think Andrew J. West, who played a starring role as a villain, was ever at San Diego.

By going to San Diego, Amber would be reconnecting with her TWD role in a big way. It will remind viewers of her character and of Grady, prepping the audience for the eventual reveal. I don’t think she’ll be in the trailer - Beth’s return is going to be a complete surprise. We won’t see anything related to Grady until after the return.



Life is Strange may be over, but the theories keep on coming.

Nathan Joshua Prescott: a boy with daddy issues, mental issues, and anger issues.

Rachel  Dawn Amber: a girl that I legit know little about.

What do these two characters have in common? Well, Nathan killed Rachel. Atleast, that’s what Jefferson says. I’m not buying it, bro.

During my research,  I found two interesting things:


Rachel and Mark had a thing


Nathan had a thing for Rachel

The Mark one was kind of a given, but Nathan? Not so much.

Nathan liked Rachel. They were probably friends. She was–is–very popular amongst Blackwell. She might’ve even been friends with Victoria (although, Vic does vandalize her posters). The fact is: Why would Nathan kill someone he cared about?

Easy: He didn’t.

Let’s rewind to the night she died.

Look at Nathan. Does he honestly seem capable of killing someone? He looks paralyzed. Like he’s too out of it to move.

Jefferson clearly drugged him.

After that, everything is blank. Nathan most likely remembers nothing from that night. He woke up to Jefferson telling him he killed Rachel. He used her death to manipulative Nathan. Nathan can’t tell anyone about Jefferson’s activities or he would also go to jail for the death of Rachel. Rachel was a pawn.

Now, this doesn’t mean Nathan didn’t try to warn anyone.

After that night, he stopped taking medication because why would he want to feel good after what he did? He didn’t deserve it. This was blamed for his drawing:

He tried to tell people, but they just passed it off as him being “crazy”.

He even tried to warn Max:

Yes, his way of expressing it came off wrong, but again, he wasn’t taking his medication. He also couldn’t go: “Hey, Max. I killed Rachel. Okay, bye!” Or “Ay, Jefferson is a psycho who lies to drug girls and take picturesof them!”

To put it simply:

Mark used Nathan’s feelings for Rachel to manipulate him into not telling anyone about the dark room or what he does. Mark did this by killing Rachel and blaming it on Nathan. 

Logical, amiright?