Victoria: *goes topless for magazine to raise breast cancer awareness*
Y'all: Whore

Luna: *wears ‘GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING’ panties on IG to promote a campaign that helps single mothers*
Y'all: Sulli is influencing her

Krystal: *goes topless for IDWLY because she wants to*
Y'all: Slut

Amber: *participates in like 20 charities*

Male Idols: *goes topless, humps the air, legit sings a song about sex for fame or just breathes*


Look who made a new Gem OC. 

I just had the idea for her and wanted to draw her. She’s Amber and she thinks she’s actually pretty cool and important but she knows herself that she’s not.

She got stuck in a cave after the war as she tried to hide and never came out of there. She got pretty lonely and a bit crazy after all the years and started to talk to animals who made their way trough the cave. She later get’s found and freed by the other gems (our other OCs).

The left one is drawn by @dadarismus
The ugly right one by me