Perks of Dating a Sim Tag

I was tagged by @simlisssa to do this for Amber! Tysm for tagging me! Even though she’s probably not going to be the heir I’m excited to do this for her. If anyone else does it and wants to tag me for another sim feel free.


She is actually really kind and sweet when you’re on her good side.

She’s very confident and it will probably run off on you!

Once she finds someone she truly loves, she will be faithful. (That doesn’t happen too much during high school though!)

She will shower you with compliments all the time!

She has the Party Animal Aspiration so prepare to be hosting and invited to a LOT of parties.


She’s got the mean trait and will snap at you sometimes. :(

She may only be using you to fuel her popularity.

She has to win at everything and doesn’t take losing well! Even date night is a competition.

If she doesn’t like your family on first meeting, she never will. She doesn’t change her mind on people she doesn’t like.

She will hold a grudge forever.

She can and will use what you say against you during an argument, so be careful.

Those parties may be a bad thing for your house, so be careful if she decides to host one at your place!

I hope you enjoyed that! I would love to do this for Brooke and Noah so if I tag you feel free to tag me back with one of those sims! Or another one of my sims if you’d like :) I tag: @simblragain for Amelia, @dropletofstardust for Vance, @windenburger for Jangmi, @cozyplant for River, and anyone else!