F(x) Reaction to: Hickeys & Butt Grabbing

Anon: Hi I saw your rv reaction to hickeys and butt grabbing. Could you do one for f(x) please? Thank you. ♡


Victoria: Leaves light hickey on you, in somewhat visible yet easily hid ares. So for example, she’ll leave one just behind your ear, that’s only visible up close or if your hair is pushed back. As for receiving, she doesn’t mind how heavy you go. Just so long as they’re not visible. The odd time you get carried away on her neck isn’t that big a deal, as long as she has no schedule. Those days she just wears a turtleneck.

Amber: If you have no where to go, she’ll be super bratty and litter you in dark hickeys that are still there, days later. But she’s not a fan of visible hickeys on herself. Except on her thighs. Dark hickeys and teeth marks are welcomed there (esp. on her inner thighs) since she’s so sensitive there.

Luna: Is in love with your chest. And loves even more to mark your chest up, mostly with light marks. Unless she gets carried away. Hickeys from her are generally a sensual, loving experience so she doesn’t often use teeth or suck harshly. Also prefers light, loving hickeys on herself. There are times, of course, when the passion is too high to control yourselves. But for the most part, you’re very gentle with each other. So light hickeys for her too, please.

Sulli: At this point in her life, she’s comfortable with herself and her sexuality. And doesn’t care who knows. So she’ll leave hickeys on you where and how she pleases, not caring how “scandalous” it is. The same would apply for her but her manager has strictly warned against it. So instead you leave light hickeys on her, in visible areas, that leave the media wondering if they were just a trick of the light or something more … there’s even online discussions about it haha.

Krystal: Like Luna, hickeys are a sensual experience (mostly). So she leaves light, feathery hickeys on you. The kind that are not enough, that leave you craving more. And as she models so much and posts so many aesthetic photos online, she can’t afford any visible hickeys … sadly.

Butt grabbing:

Victoria: Her butt touches are usually encouraging. They’re signs of “you can do this” or “go get ‘em.” And your butt grabbing is playful too. It’s not a serious thing either. If the girls smack your butt or you do likewise to them, she isn’t jealous or angry. It’s just a harmless act, after all.

Amber: She’s also very playful with butt touching. Except it happens more often than with Victoria. At least twenty times a day, she’ll spank you when you bend to pick something up. Or during play fights. She’s also prone to slipping her hand into your back pocket and squeezing your cheeks as you walk around.

Luna: Once or twice she’ll playfully smack your backside. But not very often. She likes your butt and doesn’t want to hurt it. Doesn’t mind if you smack her more often, though. Even enjoys some light spanking in the bedroom.

Sulli: Play fights with butt spanking always turn into something more so … when one of you touches the others butt, it’s a sign of wanting something more.

Krystal: “Why are you always trying to touch my butt? You’re so weird.” Acts like it’s so childish but you know damn well she’s just playing, to trick you into letting your guard down. So she can lay a full force smack on your butt that stings for hours >:)


[I Live Alone] 나 혼자 산다 -Décalcomanie Henry & Amber 20170526


[I Live Alone] 나 혼자 산다 -2D friend Amber, finally In person! 20170526

PSA: Girl Groups are amazing.

I was scrolling thought instagram today and I saw a comment on how essentially girl groups are shit, and while I can respect someone’s opinion I’d just like to give mine as well. (Original comment below) I don’t know where this comment came from, but I’d like to address it anyway, even if it was somehow fake because I’ve seen comments and statements like these before.

I’d just like to open everyone’s eyes to the amazingness girl groups have. (Also, this is just a few of the amazing performances from girl groups, there are a lot more.)

Some amazing and powerful dances performed by girl groups: 

Black Widow, Performed by Pristin

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Boombayah, Performed by BlackPink 

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Fingertip, Performed by GFriend

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Crazy, Performed by 4Minute 

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Some Amazing Female Rappers: 

Amber (f(x))

an amazing and beautiful singer as well

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CL (formerly 2ne1)

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Hwasa (Mamamoo) 

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Some girl groups who have branched out into different and cooler concepts:

Red Velvet Happiness

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Twice Like OOH-AHH

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They have zombies for crying out loud.


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f(x) Red Light

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Some BOMB vocalists:

Taeyeon (snsd)

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Luna (f(x))

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Minzy (Recently debuted as a soloist, former member of 2ne1)

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Wendy (Red Velvet)

(Hasn’t had a solo yet but the girl can sing like damn. as well as the rest of RV)

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Hyolyn (Sistar) 

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I could go on forever but this is getting too long

And now I present to you: girl groups being awesome and themselves.

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I could go on and on for ever but my basic message is: It’s fine if you don’t like girl groups. Everyone has their thing. But calling girl groups untalented?? Nuh uh. Totally completely untrue. And besides, there’s nothing wrong with cute and sexy concepts, I actually like them most of the time. If you didn’t like girl groups before, I hope you can and will now. Girl groups work just as hard as boy groups and can be extremely creative. There’s soooooOOOooOOo many groups and singers that are so super talented, way more that just this small list.

I’ll end it here. Hope everyone can stop hating on girl groups now.

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Allow me to preface this by saying I do not get angry easily.

I don’t care if people dislike kpop artists, I care that they disrespect them.

These boys and girls have gone through more crap to get to where they are, and have put up with so much. If anything, even if you don’t like them, you will respect them.

Allow me to just point to one example, that of Min Yoongi. (There are many I can pull out of my hat. Amber, Jackson, Namjoon, most of EXO, I could go on. But Yoongi’s story is one of my favorites.)

His parents didn’t approve of his dream to become a musician, and if you don’t know about Asian culture, parental approval is a huge thing. They burned his music, and wouldn’t pay for his lessons.

Min Yoongi worked part time jobs delivering so he could get music lessons. He injured his shoulder in the process, and heaven only knows how his parents reacted.

Oh, he has depression and social anxiety as well. His parents took him to a psychiatrist and then told him they didn’t know who he was anymore. He didn’t even know who he was. He hid himself away to make his family happy and tried to do what they wanted, but he was dying on the inside. He would hide in the bathroom and cry.

Did this stop when he became a trainee? No. His depression and social anxiety were still there, and his parents still didn’t approve. He doesn’t speak a lot on what happened during the trainee days, but there were a lot of people that said he wouldn’t make it, and a lot of people that betrayed him.

Min Yoongi went through hell.

Min Yoongi had no one that believed in him.

Min Yoongi started out rapping in front of two people.

Min Yoongi is a person just like us.

Min Yoongi made his dream a reality.

Min Yoongi may not have changed the whole world, but he has changed mine and so many other’s.

And dammit you will respect him for that.

They’re not “pretty boys” or “hot girls.” They’re human beings. They’re people just like us that had the strength to fight for what they wanted. To go through hell and unimaginable pain for what they wanted. People that teach others to believe in themselves, and remind us that the world isn’t all bad.

They have changed my life.

They have saved my life.

They have been there for me when no one else was.

Just because you can’t look past language barrier or the fact that they’re all in a group, you disrespect them? You don’t understand why we love them so much?

Learn to listen to the music with your heart instead of your ears, and then maybe you’ll understand.