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hey do u have any recommendations for music similar to mcrs early stuff and franks solo stuff? thanks pal

I was keeping this in my inbox cuz I wanted to take the time to find you really similar recs but I don’t have the mental energy for that so I’m just gonna rec some stuff off the top of my head: against me! is an amazing punk band, fronted by the best woman in the world,, every single song is a banger,,, love them,,, cage the elephant is a great alternative band,,, really good energy live,,, will wood and the tapeworms is a band I discovered recently and it’s really weird in the best way,,, it definitely has theatrical elements similar to mcr,,,, if you don’t listen to mindless self indulgence already they’re great,,,, billy talent is a good emoish rock band,,, I saw them at riot fest and they were great,,, you probably listen to green day already but there’s them,,, modern baseball is good angsty alternative,,, worriers is an awesome punk band that deserves more recognition,,,, um that’s all I can think of for now whoever asked this I hope you see it and I’m sorry i took so long to respond


This high school band has only 8 members, but they’re making it work! Almost everyone plays at least 2 or 3 instruments. This is amazing.

Lipstick Covered Magnet
The Front Bottoms
Lipstick Covered Magnet

The Front Bottoms - Lipstick Covered Magnet 

And I’m gonna get on my knees
Would you kick me in the face please?
It’ll make whatever I say sound like poetry.
And as my gums begin to bleed
The words will fall like teeth
And whatever we have locked up now is free

Hello friends ! I’m glad to announce that my little Tumblr blog has hit 1000 followers ! To thank you for your very appreciated support, I’m launching a palette challenge.

> To request a drawing :

Pick a fictionnal character, an animal specie, a setting, or even a few keywords, and why not a song ! Then pick a palette you like, and you’re good to go ! Send everything via ASK :)

> Fictionnal characters ?

I’ll go with everything ( as long as it’s not offensive, but I trust you to be aware of that ! ). I like challenges frome time to time. If you’d like to pick characters I know about, tho, think about JJBA, Haikyuu!!, HxH, MP100, SU, YoI, BNHA, Ajin, Overwatch, LoL, Magi, Madoka.. whatever floats your goat, really. I’m an anime vore lately, and would like to train my human’s skills.

I’ll choose what inspire me to do as my morning doodles. I won’t be able to do all of them, but I’ll try my best. Hopefully you’ll like them ! Thank you again for your support.

people keep being like “they aren’t using instruments :(” when patrick literally said in the the zane lowe interview that most of what is being heard in the song is bass, guitar, and drums. it’s technology, you guys. fall out boy is really good at their instruments and they know how to use them and new technology to experiment and create something completely different and something that can only be considered “Fall Out Boy”.