Donald Glover in the movie is playing the Prowler who is the uncle of Miles Morales who is the new spider-man in the MCU Comics?! Donald Glover also voiced Miles Morales in the show also!!

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“We should go, like, get some….lunch…sometime…at the same time…together.” he says to you, his hands shoved in his pockets. 

You look up from your laptop, glancing at Peter who’s been sitting at the foot of your bed for the last hour. You guys have been talking, playing Uno, and eating whatever snacks Steve picked up at the store. 

“Yeah sounds good. Let’s see if anyone else wants to come.” you say absentmindedly, hopping off the bed and walking into the kitchen. 

“Well I was thinking that maybe uh just me and you can er go with just um us…” he tries, his voice trailing off. 

He’s been trying to ask you out for weeks. But every time he does, Tony or Wanda or Steve end up tagging along and it becomes a friend thing instead of a real date.

“Maybe later. I’m not really hungry and I’ve got a training session with Natasha.” you say, glancing at the digital clock on the microwave, “Actually, I gotta go right now. See ya later.“ 

You grab a water bottle from the fridge and give him a soft smile before bouncing off to the training gym.

"Dude.” someone says from behind Peter, “That was pitiful." 

He turns around sharply, heat rushing to his cheeks. Tony, Bucky, Steve, and Sam are sitting in the living room, look at him amused.

"What?” he asks in a small voice, trying to act like he didn’t just fail at asking you out…again. 

“What?” Tony mimics, making his voice high and girly, “You asking y/n to lunch, that’s what." 

The other guys laugh along with Tony, causing Peter’s cheeks to blush even darker. 

"First of all, I don’t sound like that.” Peter says, making his voice deeper, “And second, I wasn’t asking y/n out. We’re friends. That’s it." 

"Oh please. You’ve had a crush on y/n since she was first recruited.” Steve laughs, shaking his head, "And according to your phone, you haven’t stopped since.“ 

Peter’s eyes grow wide as he checks his pockets for the phone he knows is not there. He’s not the kind to keep a diary or journal or anything like that. But on his phone are texts he’s written but never sent, ones confessing the extreme crush he has on you. And others he’s sent to Aunt May, telling her about you.

“Y/n, I’ve been meaning to tell you something. We’ve known each other for a while now. And, I don’t know exactly how to say this, but…” Tony reads straight from your phone, making him cringe. 

The guys begin cracking up as Peter groans aloud, wishing he could melt into the floor. 

“And that’s not even the worst of it.” Bucky says, taking the phone from Tony to read it himself, “It’s the texts to his aunt that are the real gold.”

“Oh god…” Peter mutters under his breath, humiliation making his stomach queasy.

Before they can go any further, Peter shoots a web from his left wrist, aiming it right for his phone. 

Bucky’s metal arm shoots up, blocking the web.

“Nice try Parker.” Bucky smiles, tossing the phone to Sam.

“She’s great Aunt May.” Sam starts to read, “Her smile makes her eyes scrunch up at the corners. And her laugh is contagious. She’s really nice and pretty but she’s also super smart. And she’s so funny…”

“Aww Parker, why don’t you ever talk about me this way?” Steve asks teasingly.

Peter, unable to take it anymore, goes for another shot at the phone in Sam’s hands. Sam in turn throws it to Steve. 

“Come and get it!” Steve grins, waving the phone at him.

Anger and embarrassment rise in Peter’s chest as Steve continues to read. Without even thinking, he jumps over the kitchen counter and dives for the phone, only to be knocked to the side by Steve’s muscular forearm.

“But the greatest thing about her-” Steve continues, holding the phone away from Peter as he struggles to snatch it back.

He shoots yet another web that misses completely and Steve throws the phone back to Sam.

“-is the way she acts around me. It’s like we’ve known each other all our lives. I can tell her anything-” Sam reads with fake passion.

There’s a chorus of laughter from the rest of the guys that makes Peter wince. He rolls from under Steve’s grip and lunges at him, his fingers grazing the phone for a split second before Sam chucks it to Tony. 

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone…” Tony laughs.

“About who?” comes a questioning voice that makes everyone freeze.

Slowly, very slowly, everyone’s head turns to y/n who is standing in the doorway. 

“Y/n, I thought you were training with Nat…” Peter says shakily, wondering how much you’ve heard.

“She had an assignment…why are you guys all staring at me?” you ask with a smile, touching your hair self consciously.

All the guys look at Peter, waiting to see what his next move is. 

“Who were you talking about Tony?” you ask again, walking to the living room and sitting next to Tony. 

“Oh, I was just reading this lovely fiction story Peter wrote. You should really read it sometime y/n, he’s a gifted author. And you’re in it.” Tony answers, nodding in exaggeration.

“Hm, you never told me about this story Peter. Who am I in it?” you ask, taking a sip from your water bottle.

For a split second, all the guys are silent. Steve covers his face with his hands and Bucky seems to be suppressing a smile unsuccessfully. Peter quickly stands up from the couch and makes his way over to you, snatching his cell phone from Tony’s hands. 

“I’ll show you it later. Let’s go hang out in the gym.” he says rushingly, grabbing your wrist and leading you to the hallway.

You pull your arm out of his grip, looking back at the guys.

“Why are you guys acting so weird?” you ask all of them, the atmosphere secretive, like they know something you don’t.

“It was nothing.” Steve says, nodding at Peter, “We are gonna go pick up some lunch, why don’t you guys come?”

You look at Peter curiously, but he just shrugs.

“Yeah I guess.” you say, “Lemme change out of these workout clothes.” 

Peter waits until your bedroom door shuts before sighing in relief.

“Thanks for not telling her.” Peter says begrudgingly, crossing his arms.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t count on it for too much longer. You gotta tell her Peter.” Steve says, “She’s a good one, if you don’t make a move soon, someone else will.”

He gives Peter a clap on the back before walking off with the rest of the guys.

“Y/n is better than most gals, don’t lose her.” Bucky nods, giving him an understanding smile.

“Yeah,” Peter says to himself, “I know.”