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since we're talking about unconditional love on main and the appeal of faramir and eowyn in our private chat, I wanted to feed to the discourse the idea that part of their appeal is that it's very much a love letter to women- that a handsome, sincere and gentle captain-prince sees Eowyn at her utter worst- she's depressed and wishes for death, she's lashing out, she's mourning everything from the loss of her father figure to petty things such as valour, and he says /you are so beautiful/ (p1.)

(p2.) Eowyn gives Faramir little to no reason to be in love with her, yet he decides- /I love you with everything in my being./ To me, that is the ultimate wish fulfillment. To be seen at my worst, and still to be loved. To be seen at my worst, and still have someone see that that’s not really me, and then to have that someone set out to find that true, vulnerable person hidden behind layers of anger and pain. It’s wonderful because Faramir finally gets the family and validation he deserves too.




I feel like you just gave me a giant bouquet of beautiful thoughts I was not expecting or prepared for but I’m so glad!!

 Yes!! That’s exactly it!! I feel like I can’t add anything more to this complete, beautiful thought but it’s really important to me that, like you said, Faramir doesn’t love her because she’s broken but in spite of it. So it’s not about him feeling superior or liking having power over her because *oooh she’s so vulnerable*. It’s about him being able to see through that and to want her to be her strongest, most whole and beautiful self but still loving her when she’s not??!!


It’s also so great that it comes on the heels of Aragorn rejecting her, too. Even though it’s not so much rejection as Aragorn’s heart already being spoken for and even though he’s so gentle about it, it still stung her so badly. And she’s been so alone for so long- I always think about how there are no women in Eowyn’s life and how she’s always been surrounded by men and masculine virtues and so much war and death and pain when she was so young- and so it makes so much sense for her to fall for Aragorn but it’s better that it’s NOT him. Because he isn’t what she needs. She needs Faramir and his gentleness and the healing that he brings. And idk i just love when people end up with the right person even if it wasn’t the one they thought they wanted!!!!

And I’m very overwhelmed right now.