So I met Amy’s hus one of Amy’s husbands. He’s a lot of fun. Found out he’s been training for paladin work, but I’m not allowed to mess with him (yet)
Val looks like shit too. He’s really really sick. I’m hoping that Elli is going to be able to help him. Sent him the rest of the soup I made and some more sandwiches to hopefully help him recover faster.
Should have gotten there last night… or this morning. Depends on mail I guess and if it wanted to work right.

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under deeper ground || an amavia/acrasia playlist

Her blis is all in pleasure and delight
[…] My liefest Lord she thus beguiled had […]
Whom when I heard to beene so ill bestad 
Weake wretch I wrapt my selfe in Palmers weed,
And cast to seek him forth through danger and great dreed.

(The Faerie Queene, Book II - Canto i)

eyes on fire - blue foundation

i’ll seek you out, flay you alive,
one more word and you won’t survive

concrete walls - fever ray

i live between concrete walls;
when i took her up, she was so warm

rid of me - pj harvey

i’ll tie your legs,
keep you against my chest,
oh, you’re not rid of me,
i’ll make you lick my injuries

moonsea - phildel

there are diamonds on the floor you can’t take back,
there’s an eyelash on the board, does she wear black?
all the violence that i swore you could have back,
there’s red varnish on the door, i don’t wear that

sing to the moon - laura mvula

need to lay your burden down;
hey there, you, drowning in a hopeless feeling
buried under deeper ground

wolf like me/intro song - tv on the radio ft. the xx

hey, hey, my playmate,
let me lay waste to thee