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Two Poems, by Amanda Valdez

Signal Fire

In midday I watched the children play
outside my classroom window
on the west side of town.
I thought how bright the paper is inside
with blues and limes and how proud 
the colors stand within its skin— 
a pioneer for the small and tender. 

With the last of the spiders wiped 
with pencil textiles I could hear
 tiny howls, a gathering of five boys 
throwing around a football, 
invisible behind thumb-greased glass.
Surely children’s beady-eyes, bright with hopes 
for gutted knees and grass-filled mouths
are a life lesson of their own.
But, outside is a war and I am watching
against a patchy globe rondure, the blur
of a boy beaten down around the ball; 
the white lace blazing,  
a sunlit fire pit of loss.

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Drinking coffee and looking at my zine that just arrived, “Women Artists:Interviews Volume 2” . Honored to be included with so many great ladies! Really great interview of Rochelle Goldberg by Nicole Will, and an interesting interview with Kim Westfall by Caroline Knowles.  The zine will be at PS1’s NY Art Book Fair this weekend at Ed Varie’s booth. @edvarie @thunderloves @carolineknowles @nicmicwil

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Amanda Valdez on Flickr by icatchfoxes (melissa olson)

This girl is literally one of the great ones, one I’m proud, honored and humbled to know and call a friend. Yesterday was her birthday and I’m glad I got to spend some of it with her, even if I wasn’t feeling that well. It was worth it to bring her joy on her special day. She deserves it and I want to be there to remind her of how awesome she is whenever she needs it.