Laverne Cox has Amandla’s back over Kylie Jenner’s cornrows
The trans star talks cultural appropriation, bell hooks and Kylie Jenner in a new blog post.
By Dazed

Writing on Tumblr she said:

“Far too often culture is appropriated without an understanding of the history and hardships from which that culture emerges. How do we lovingly make people aware of that history and the potential affects of cultural appropriation that further marginalize and stigmatize those already the most adversely affected by systems that disadvantage certain experiences, bodies and identities over others? These are points Amandla makes beautifully in her video.”

“We live in a multi-cultural society where being influenced by cultures different from ours is inevitable. But when the traditions and practices of marginalized communities are used by those in power and the material conditions of those who are marginalized are not changed individually and systemically this is when cultural appropriation is deeply problematic and even potentially exploitative. Amandla talks in her video about how white people have appropriated black culture to look “cool” without publicly challenging the hardships that black people face and being ignorant of the history the culture was borne out of.”

As both Laverne Cox and Stenberg have said: “What would America be like if we loved black people as much as we love black culture?”