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Amanda Abbington, a day later "You do know that some of the top business men and women around the world are classed as psychopaths. It's not a bad thing. #MaryRocks."

The very same Amanda answering the #AskSherlock question about “Mary”

The totally same Amanda in the ‘Unlocking Sherlock: Villains’ vid:

Also this:

They’re a bunch of lying liars who lie, please keep that in mind. Cheers.


Pictures of Sherlock filming at Trinity Church Square & Borough Market 26th April pt 1 - Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, plus baby & bloodhound! (x)

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I am a tougher person now than I was twenty years ago. I have become confident in my craft. If you hire me, you hire someone who is nice to work with, who doesn’t fuss or need too much attention, and tries to get the job done as best as I can. After my family, acting is my other great love. And through the rejection and the work, that is a constant.