Amanda Manitach


“Plus One” at Roq La Rue.

Opening this Friday, June 12th at Seattle, Washington’s excellent Roq La Rue Gallery is the group show “Plus One” wherein several gallery artists get to choose a ‘plus one’ to show work alongside them.  Artists include (Above): Redd Walitzki, Amanda Manitach, Peter Ferguson and Meghan Howland plus many other incredible artists.  If you’re in the Seattle area I say definitely check this show out!


Amanda Manitach. from White Girl Wasted

“Having grown up a pastor’s daughter in a Charismatic church, my personal work deals with imagery of female bodies and women in ecstatic/altered states. Images rework and recontextualize the culture of related topics like 19th century hysteria, Charismatic glossolalia, eating disorders, the Vienna Actionists and 18th century libertinage. In part, this reworking of imagery attempts to locate the relationship, repetition and subconscious slippage that occurs between diverse phenomenon, pointing to a universality of intuited gesture and shared visual symbols. These relationships can be found, for example, between glossolalia, absurd/dada/asemic poetics and the echolalic babel of 19th century hysterics. Identical gestures are located in the arched back of the hysteric, historic caricatures of the demoniac, contemporary dance and the modern day Pentecostal worshipper. The politics and aesthetics of eating disorders are an echo of early religious ascetics as well as of 20th and 21st century performance/body art. The moral battleground of the human body—particularly the female body—is continually being reimagined and rewritten via visual culture and visual cliché to serve the politics of the era, and I am interested in tracing those connective tissues throughout my work. My interest in body politics as well as the overlap of life and art or life-as-art culminated in one of my most ambitious projects in May 2014: the collaboration (with D.K. Pan) called "BABY” at Walden 3. “BABY” consisted of the public conception and live birth of a work of art commissioned by undisclosed local art collectors.“ from her website

Lauren Marx

To the artists in Roq La Rue’s upcoming exhibition “Lush Life: Reverie”, the lushness of late summer means bright pops of color, surreal fertile gardens, sensual heroines, and luxurious depictions of nature. Opening July 30th, the Seattle gallery is bringing back their “Lush Life” exhibition series with a newfound sense of fantasy. The exhibit features artists that have always explored natural themes to varying degree; Adrian Cox, Amanda Manitach, Ashley Eliza Williams, Casey Curran, Casey Weldon Casey Weldon (HF Vol. 32), Christian Rex Van Minnen (HF Vol. 25), Eric Wert (HF Vol, 32), Erin Kendig, Esao Andrews (HF Vol. 8), Helen Bayly, Jeff Soto (HF Vol. 18), Jonathan Viner (HF Vol. 34), Kazuki Takamatsu (HF Vol. 33 cover artist), Lauren Marx, Laurie Lee Brom, Lowell Poisson, Marco Mazzoni (HF Vol. 20 cover artit), Peter Ferguson, Ryan Heshka, Sam Wolfe Connelly (HF Vol. 32), Scott Hove (HF Collected 3), and Tyna Ontko.

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